What Is a Protein Sparing Modified Fast Meal Plan?

protein sparing modified fast meal plan

The protein-sparing modified fast meal plan was designed by physicians to help people that use the plan lose weight at a quicker rate. Over the years, it has gained popularity with dieters that are looking to drop pounds without doing all of the hard work.

In this article, we are going to answer all of the questions that you may have when it comes to this specific PSMF meal plan . We will also provide you with all of the information that you need to decide if this is the right meal plan for you.

Protein Sparing Modified Fast Meal Plan: What Is It?

A protein-sparing modified meal plan or PSMF is a low-calorie diet that helps the person using it to lose weight without sacrificing muscle mass that they’ve gained. The purpose of the diet is to increase the ingestion of foods rich in protein while lowering the consumption of extra calories.

The diet also limits the consumption of carbohydrates and excess fats. When the diet was first introduced, it was supposed to help people that were considered overweight lose weight with the help of their primary care physicians.

How Does the Fast Work?

There are 2 separate phases of the diet. The first is the intensive phase, and the second is the refeeding phase. The first phase can last close to 6 months, and the dieter can only consume 800 calories a day.

The protein-rich foods that dieters may consume are things like eggs and fish. The second phase of the diet lasts from 6-8 weeks.

Does the Diet Help You Lose Weight?

If the diet is done correctly, it has been shown to help dieters lose weight quickly. The diet sees that the dieter keeps the consumption of calories low, but the calories that are consumed are high in protein, which helps to create weight loss.

Extra Benefits of The Diet

Another benefit of using the diet is that it can help to decrease your cholesterol levels. While the diet helps to decrease the bad cholesterol within the body, it does help to increase the right levels of cholesterol that are in your body.

Also, the diet helps to promote the body’s control over its sugar levels. This is especially helpful in people that have type 2 diabetes and can help them to control their sugar levels.

PSMF promotes the reduction of the dieter’s blood pressure. When your blood pressure is lowered, it will improve the overall health of your heart. Everybody could use some improvement with their ticker, it could be life-saving.

You should also consider taking a supplement in addition to the diet.

To Diet or Not To Diet?

We have given you all of the answers when it comes to the protein-sparing modified fast meal plan, and it’s time for you to decide if you’re going to try the diet or not. We recommend giving the diet a try. It has shown to be more helpful than harmful to those that attempt it.

And it also has many other benefits than just weight loss. For more PSMF tips and any information that you need about health and fitness, check out our website.

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