Useful Habits to Acquire During Quarantine

Here, learn about the development of healthy habits to stay happy during quarantine! The habits will also come in handy if they want to feel well after quarantine is over.

5 Healthy Habits to Develop During Quarantine

This spring has become one of the most terrible periods the world has faced for such a long time. However, such a thing as quarantine due to COVID-19 has taught mankind a lot. Now, we know that human beings are extremely adaptable and resilient. Despite the adaptability, people shouldn’t stop cherishing healthy habits not only to cope with various viruses but to stay happy and full of energy forever.

Stay Active

Regular physical activity at home brings bonuses to our mind as well as the body. Let’s consider a few useful tips on how to stay physically active during quarantine:

·   Write down in your planner exact time for physical activity for a week;

·   In case you are working remotely and have to sit much at the laptop, take short but regular breaks from sitting. Just stretch, stand up, or go for a quick walk;

·   On weekends, it is a great option to follow an online exercise class. During quarantine, many celebrities (like an actor Chris Hemsworth) offer free virtual workouts for their followers. You may also attend Zoom classes as Indoorphins suggests;

·   Note that physical activity is not only standard gym exercises. Cleaning the flat/house, playing with your kids, dancing, or playing active videogames is physical activity.

Development of Healthy Habits: About Mindful Eating

During quarantine, doctors advise establishing mindful eating. Planning our mealtimes help us to control hunger and to “be friends with” food. Lifehacks how to practice mindful eating are as follows:

·   Try not to eat while walking because it is hard to be aware of the food quantity you are eating. Go to the kitchen and have a seat at the table;

·   Don’t eat right from the box. Always serve your food. It helps to evaluate how much you are eating at the moment;

·   While eating, get rid of such distractions as TV, smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.;

·   Focus on the taste and smell of the food. To do that, take small bites and chew well. Health experts advise to get at least twenty-five chews out of a bite;

·   Forget about trying to cope with the whole plate. In case you feel full, pack the leftovers in the fridge.

A few words about preparing food at home should be mentioned. Make sure to wash vegetables and fruits before eating them. It is a must to disinfect cooking utensils before/after use. You should always keep cooked and raw foods separate because it prevents harmful microbes to migrate from raw foods to ready-to-eat products. Additionally, you should take different chopping boards for cooked and raw products for the reason identified above.

In case you are an extra busy person and don’t have enough time to cook yourself (or buy products at food markets), you may get everything online! Find the ideal healthy food delivery service in this article!

Hygiene at Home

Just don’t forget that if you are not going outside, it doesn’t mean your hygiene practices should get forgotten. The key of them are as follows (let’s not look at them in detail because you’ve heard of them many times, thanks WHO):

·   Wash your hands before meals;

·   Sanitize touched surfaces frequently;

·   Take a bath every time you get home from outdoors;

·   Implement safety measures when picking up deliveries.

Sleep Enough

It is not a secret that a lack of sleep negatively influences mental as well as physical health. Below, there are a few pieces of advice to optimize your sleep:

·   Establish a sleeping schedule (go to bed/get up at a fixed time). You should follow that when working remotely and on weekends;

·   Forget about coffee or green tea before bedtime (such drinks contain caffeine);

·   Don’t smoke and avoid alcohol;

·   Keep your bedroom dark and quiet. Air the room to get the comfiest temperature for a sleep;

·   Don’t use a smartphone in your bed;

·   Use bed linen of organic fabrics.

Drink Water

Water is essential for human health.

Despite the water in bottles, its quantity we normally require comes from the food we eat, i.e. vegetables, fruits, soups, etc. Such drinks as coffee/tea without sugar water are also a good option for hydration. Mind that!

So, among the best 5 recommendations for staying healthy during quarantine, they accentuate on being physically active, following hygiene at home, practicing mindful eating, getting enough night sleep, and drinking enough water. We badly need following those principles of a healthy lifestyle during quarantine as well as when life comes back to the former definition of “being normal.”

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