Trenbolone – 2019 Step-by-Step Guide- Dosage, Cycling & Results


What is Trenbolone?

Weight disks and syringe on wooden backgroundTrenbolone is a type of anabolic steroid that was originally manufactured to increase the muscle growth and appetite levels in many types of cattle. In fact, it is still sometimes used for this purpose. However, it has mostly been supplanted by other types of less problematic substances for this purpose.


When a dose of trenbolone goes into effect in these beasts, they feel a great need to eat and will have a lot of excessive energy. These changes will cause them to eat more often and increase their bulk. These changes make them easier to sell and also increases their available meat when butchered. However, trenbolone can also be used by people who want to increase their muscle bulk.


In fact, it was once approved as a clinical way of helping those individuals who suffered from muscle-wasting diseases. Like other types of steroids, it works by supplementing your natural doses of testosterone and different kinds of hormones. These hormones are necessary for giving you the strength you need to finish exercises.


They also increase the ways that your muscles synthesize protein to improve their mass and boost their overall tone. That latter effect is why they were so beneficial for those with muscle diseases. They would increase their muscle mass quickly and with minimal effort.


However, steroids such as trenbolone also create an artificially-enhanced level of protein synthesis that increases the effectiveness of your exercise. This increased synthesis lets you digest protein more quickly and boost your overall health without a struggle.


In fact, this significant increase enables you to blow past your natural muscle-building limitations and get the kind of bulk you couldn’t have on your own. That’s one reason why these types of supplements were banned for competitive use. They give users an edge that cannot be overcome by those who workout naturally. However, many athletic organizations also consider them dangerous for reasons I’ll discuss in more depth in a later section.


That said, the intensity of trenbolone is, perhaps, its most noticeable trait. Some experts have declared it to be the fast-acting and most potent steroid available. People who use it find that their hormone levels skyrocket incredibly fast. This increase provides them with the energy they need to work out for extended periods. These individuals also notice their muscles getting larger and more toned than they would with other types of steroids.


That intensity is due to the way that this steroid works in your body. That sounds like a good transition to the way it works in your body. In the next section, I will discuss how it operates in your body. This section will give you an insight into why trenbolone and its legal alternatives work so well when building muscles.


Trenbolone bottle


How Does It Work?

Testolone molecular exampleTrenbolone is an anabolic androgenic steroid that works on your body in a variety of different ways. For example, it beats other types of steroids because it has a double-bond at carbons 9 and 11 in your body. Don’t worry! I’m not going to draw a map of the genetic structure of trenbolone here. I’m just mentioning this fact because it is critical to why this steroid is so powerful for so many people.


When trenbolone bonds to these carbons, it helps to slow the metabolism of your testosterone and increases its potency. That’s because it keeps testosterone in your system longer and makes it more useful. In fact, this particular bond makes it the most potent of all anabolic steroids. For example, it currently carries anabolic and androgenic ratings of 500 from the FDA. This rating is the highest of all steroids and is far above most of the competing products on the market.


Once you inject trenbolone into your body, it immediately goes into effect. Typically, this means that you need to start exercising immediately to start getting results. However, some types of trenbolone have a slower half-life that provides you with longer-lasting benefits. Therefore, you can take these types and exercise whenever you want throughout the day. Later on, I will discuss these types in more detail. Just know for now that there are three different kinds that you can utilize to differing effects.


Just as importantly, trenbolone will also promote the production of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 or IGF-1.This substance helps to increase your ability to recover from serious injuries. However, it is also regularly used to heal damaged muscles and to promote overall better health. Even better, trenbolone encourages the production of this item on a much higher level than other types of steroids. As a result, your body will synthesize protein at a much higher rate than it would typically have.


In this way, your muscles will become stronger and sustain that extra strength over a more extended period. That’s because it will push your production of IGF-1 past the normal levels that your body can create. Even better, it will increase the strength of your muscles, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. In this way, your skeletal and muscular structure will be stronger. Therefore, you will have more balance and overall strength for your exercise routines.


However, using trenbolone can also promote a stronger central system and boost your overall health. That’s because it increases your red blood cell count by promoting stronger bone marrow production. When this happens, your body will be more fully oxygenated and will run more efficiently. Just as importantly, you will be able to exercise heavily for more sustained periods. While it shares this trait with other steroids, it is still worth understanding its benefits.


Beyond that, however, trenbolone can also increase your nutrient efficiency and make it easier for your body to digest the foods you eat. It will not only enhance your digestive abilities but also make it simpler for your body to synthesize nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals. In this way, you can create a healthier body that resists a variety of diseases quickly and efficiently.


All of these working methods create a very beneficial steroid that a growing number of people are turning to for their workout needs. However, it is also essential to know about the many benefits and side effects of this substance before trying it out. After all, there’s a reason that its legal status is so complicated and why so many people struggle to find a safe and reliable source.


What are the Benefits of Trenbolone?

trenbolone benefitsThose who are taking trenbolone are probably more concerned about the benefits than they are the side effects. Thankfully, there are many benefits associated with taking this supplement. Each of them has been carefully tested and confirmed by multiple sources. These benefits include the following:




  • Increased Fat Burn – The metabolic benefits of trenbolone means that your body will burn fat at a higher rate and improve your overall health.


  • Metabolic Gains – By increasing the efficiency of your metabolism, trenbolone allows you to digest food more effectively and avoid serious weight gain.


  • Boosted Muscle Mass – Increased protein synthesis means that your muscles will get bigger than ever and look incredible.


  • No Water Retention – Trenbolone does not promote water retention and actually helps to prevent it, meaning weight gained during its use is strictly muscle.


  • Improved Pain Recovery – Working out can be an exhausting experience, but you will recover more quickly if you take this supplement.


  • Eliminated Stress – The production of hormones like cortisol worsens stress. However, trenbolone naturally suppresses these hormones in a variety of ways.


  • Stronger Cell Health – An improved red blood cell count helps to move oxygenated blood through your body, which increases your cell health.


  • Increased Nutrient Levels – All of these benefits are critical for those who take trenbolone because they can increase the levels of nutrients that your body synthesizes. In this way, you can increase your overall health and become a happier person.



As you can see, the benefits of trenbolone are quite potent. You may be interested in making a purchase or getting started with this steroid right away. However, you need to make sure that you understand the many types that are available on the market. Failure to do so could cause complications that make trenbolone a serious health issue.


What are the Types of Trenbolone?

trenbolone types of steroidThere are three types of trenbolone available. While the variations between them are quite small, they are important to understand before making a purchase.


These include:




  • Trenbolone-Acetate


  • Trenbolone-Enanthate


  • Trenbolone-Hexhydrobenzylcarbonate


These substances all work in the body using the same method and differ only in their half-lives. For example, acetate lasts about 48 hours in your body while enanthate lasts about 5-7 days. The third type lasts for 8-10 days. Most cycles of trenbolone use acetate and enanthate, though some users may be able to use the third type. Typically, only advanced users will be skilled enough to use this kind.


The half-life of these substances matters because it indicates how long the benefits of this steroid will be in your body. It also shows how long it will take you to recover once you stop using it. The effects of acetate will wear off around the third day while enanthate will be out of your system after 8-10 days. This information makes it easier for you to plan your cycles more efficiently.


Is Trenbolone Legal?


judge showing book asking if sarms are legalWhile trenbolone was once considered safe for human consumption, that is no longer the case. In fact, it is illegal to purchase in America and is considered a Schedule III controlled substance.

This classification means it has a strong chance of being abused and may be dangerous if misused.


In other countries, such as Canada, it is also controlled. This country classifies it as a Schedule 4 drug, meaning that you cannot get it with a prescription. However, the United Kingdom has classified it as a Class C drug that can be used and possessed without penalty. By contrast, Australia considers the use of possession of it without a license or prescription to be a crime. However, in this country, you can get a prescription for it for legitimate medical reasons.


This legal status has changed over the years due to its use in the beef industry. Its ability to bulk up cows made it a useful investment for many in that industry. However, other substances for this purpose have come along that have fewer side effects. And at one point, trenbolone was considered a potentially helpful way of helping people with muscle wasting diseases. In fact, it used to be available with a prescription for people with these diseases.


However, further studies have showcased potential problems that make it more problematic to use than other types of muscle-wasting treatments. And just as problematically, the athletic and medical industry has come down hard on performance-enhancing substances. In fact, these groups have gotten a majority of these substances banned and considered dangerous drugs.


Therefore, anybody who wants to take this product needs to be very careful. That’s because these individuals may be putting themselves at legal risk for merely buying it. However, they also need to take care when taking a dosage of it. The intensity of this supplement is legendary and can be overpowering if you overdose. Therefore, it is critical to follow the dosing guidelines I have outlined below.


The History of Trenbolone

Vintage magnifying glass, compass, telescope and a pocket watch lying on an old map.Trenbolone was created in the late 1960s, specifically the acetate variety. It was sold under the names Finajet and Finaject for years. Originally, it was designed strictly for use with cattle, as mentioned before. However, other types started getting developed and released by various companies, including Negma Laboratories. This French company produced Parabolan, a brand-name for acetate trenbolone.


This type of trenbolone was the only type produced strictly for human use. It used the hexahydrobenzylcarbonate design to help people with severe wasting diseases. Unfortunately, it was discontinued from use in 1997. That said, other companies have stepped in to produce this type of product in other parts of the world, including in Australia.


However, increasing pressure from various medical groups started to limit its usefulness for veterinary purposes. In fact, the original manufacturer of these products stopped its veterinarian line in the 1980s. However, they continued to manufacture various pellets (known as Finaplix) that provided cattle with this supplement.


In fact, these pellets are still being produced in many parts of the world. That said, the legal status of trenbolone is very questionable in most parts of the world. That’s because many different countries have either banned this substance entirely or severely control its use. Therefore, it is critical to understand its legal status before you make a purchase.


What are the Correct Doses?

Blue Latex Glove with Disposible Shot

The incredible strength of trenbolone makes it difficult to take without issue. For example, it is five times more powerful than normal testosterone. As a result, it is important to take it at a fairly low level, even when you are working out regularly. Most people start out at about 200-300 milligrams per week. This level is worth about 1,000-1,500 milligrams of normal testosterone.


Once you have expanded your use a little bit more and had at least two cycles down, you may be able to boost up to 400-600 milligrams per week. This level is worth 2,000-3,500 milligrams of normal testosterone. You should only use this level of this steroid if you are doing moderate to severe exercise. Failure to work off these steroids with training is problematic because it can start causing some severe side effects.


More advanced users are likely taking anywhere from 800-1,000 milligrams of trenbolone every week. That equates to 4,000-5,000 milligrams of normal testosterone. Only professional athletes who work out for 4-6 hours every day should even consider that kind of dosage. In fact, the average person is likely never to need to go above 500 milligrams every week.


It is also essential that note that people who have never tried steroids before should not jump into trenbolone use. Beginning doses of this substance are designed for people who have already gone through a few different steroid cycles. Trenbolone is too intense for true beginners and should be avoided until you have some more experience under your belt.


Injection times will also vary, depending on the kind that you are using. Those who are using acetate should inject at least once every two days. The other two types of trenbolone should be injected evenly apart and twice a week. However, if you are using oral types (common with legal alternatives), you are likely to take a dose every day to keep your levels high.


What are the Side Effects?

chalkboard showing side effects of sarmsUnfortunately, trenbolone is by no means a perfect supplement. In fact, its side effects and potential for abuse are why it was banned by the FDA. Whether that ban is fair or not is up to the individual to decide. However, you might have a better idea of why you can’t buy it legally when you take a look at these side effects:


  • Feminization – Some males may experience a feminization of the body while using this product. While it typically doesn’t promote a lot of extra estrogen in the body, it may still happen and can be embarrassing. Thankfully, it can be reversed. Conversely, masculation can also occur in women who take this supplement.


  • Accelerated Hair Loss – Those who are losing hair will notice it falling out more quickly when taking this supplement. It may even trigger hair loss in those who weren’t losing any. Conversely, it may also cause excessive body hair growth.


  • Acne – Those who take this supplement typically suffer from high levels of acne. Thankfully, this problem usually goes away quite quickly.


  • Cholesterol Issues – Unfortunately, those who have issues with cholesterol may want to avoid this steroid. That’s because it suppresses your good cholesterol and promotes the production of the bad type.


  • Blood Pressure Issues – An increase in blood pressure is common for those who take this steroid. It is usually temporary and reversible.


  • Suppressed Natural Testosterone Production – The suppression of testosterone production is common with all steroids. Unfortunately, it can be very harsh with this type.


  • Mental Health Problems – Some individuals who take this steroid suffer from increased levels of anxiety and have trouble controlling their anger. They may even develop depression.


While these side effects are common with other types of steroids, they may be worse with trenbolone. That said, you are more likely to suffer from them if you take high doses of this supplement. Try to keep your levels at a reasonable dose to keep your risk as low as possible.


The Types of Trenbolone Cycles

trenbolone cyclingWhen you start taking trenbolone, you have to set up a cycle that gets you into the groove of the routine. After all, you can’t just start injecting your muscles with it or taking a legal alternative orally and expect great results. This approach will result in some pretty problematic side effects. Instead, you have to follow a specific dosing level over a certain number of weeks to ensure that you get the best results without causing adverse reactions.


That’s why I’ve broken down the dosing and cycling of this steroid down into three different sections. The first covers the beginning cycle and helps people who are new to this routine. The second cycle is available for intermediate users who already have experience with trenbolone or who have been exercising for some period with success. The last is for advanced users who already have plenty of muscles and who have already taken trenbolone in the past.


Each cycle on this list has been carefully researched and is a guaranteed way to build muscles while taking this steroid. But don’t be afraid to adjust your routine a little if you find it isn’t working for you. While you shouldn’t tweak these routines too much (as this can be problematic for your recovery), you do some have flexibility when it comes to creating a cycle that works for your unique exercise needs.


Beginning Cycle

If you are new to this steroid, you should limit your cycle to just eight weeks or about two months. You should limit your trenbolone to the acetate variety and take it at a dosage of about 300 milligrams per week. That is about 40-42 milligrams per day. However, you also need to take testosterone propionate at 400 milligrams per week to avoid issues.


This dose level helps to replace the lost testosterone in your body and increases the effectiveness of your workouts. Beyond that, it also helps decrease your recovery period by several days or even more. The short utilization period of this beginning cycle is essential to consider because acetate leaves the body so quickly. That quick metabolic time is perfect for a beginner who doesn’t want to cycle for an extended period.


However, you can also use trenbolone enanthate on a 12-week cycle as a beginner. You take the same amount of trenbolone but decrease your testosterone dose to 100 milligrams per week. However, you also receive a slightly different type of replacement medicine, known as testosterone enanthate. You take this supplement because its half-life matches that of trenbolone enanthate. In this way, your body is ready to come off of your cycle when you are done with it.


Intermediate Cycle

Like a beginner cycle, an intermediate trenbolone cycle should last for about eight weeks. However, it has a slightly complex dosage schedule that requires a more careful approach than a beginning cycle. For example, you take Dianabol at a dosage level of 25-50 milligrams per day during the first four weeks. This extra supplement helps to stimulate a more successful usage of this steroid. After the fourth week, you stop taking this product.


Beyond that, the other dosing schedules are at a higher rate than they would be for a beginning cycle. For example, you will take testosterone propionate at a rate of 100 milligrams per week. This lower level is appropriate for intermediate exercisers and those who have experience with trenbolone. It can also be increased if you find the side effects are becoming more severe or problematic. Never raise your overall dose by more than 50 milligrams, though, or you can complicate this procedure.


Lastly, your trenbolone acetate dosage should be at about 400 milligrams per week. This higher dose will get your muscles working more heavily than ever. However, you need to make sure that you get into exercise very quickly after you take your supplement. Failure to do so could negate many of the positive effects of this cycle. You may also have to scatter your injections through the day for maximum impact.


Advanced Cycle

Those who have more experience with trenbolone, steroids, and working out to increase muscle mass can use this more advanced and difficult cycle to get incredible results very quickly. This cycle lasts for a total of 12 weeks and requires the use of three different supplements for its full duration. The first is testosterone enanthate. Like with the beginning enanthate cycle, you are going to take 100 milligrams per week.


You’ll also be taking trenbolone enanthate, like in the beginning cycle. However, you’ll be taking it at a rate of 800 milligrams per week. That is over 100 milligrams of this supplement every day, so make sure that you are prepared for this high of a dose. It can be very challenging to adjust to this routine, so make sure that you start out with a beginning or intermediate one if you have never used a steroid before.


Lastly, you’ll be taking drostanolone enanthate or Masteron at a dose of about 400 milligrams per week. This dose is designed to help stimulate the natural production of testosterone in your body. In this way, the side effects of this supplement will be decreased. However, you are probably going to have to go on a post-therapy routine to ensure that your body gets back to normal before cycling again. This therapy cycle includes a variety of supplements that help keep your testosterone production at a high level.


Where to Buy Trenbolone?

dollar banks note money backgroundThe delicate legal status of trenbolone makes it very hard to purchase. While it is still legal in some European countries, it has become a highly-restricted drug in America and Canada. However, it is legal to use in the UK and can be obtained with a prescription in Australia. There are other countries, too, that allow you to buy it for use with cattle or testing purposes. However, the price is usually quite high and may be out of the price range for many individuals.


As a result, you are going to have to search online for a source and find somebody who you think that you can trust. This process can be much harder than it seems. After all, a large number of people may try to sell you questionable trenbolone. Even worse, they may be selling it to you illegally or through channels that are hard to manage. Weak or laced trenbolone is going to cause adverse reactions that go far beyond what you would get from real trenbolone.


In fact, I honestly think that it is best to avoid raw trenbolone and to invest in legal alternatives. After all, there’s no reason to flirt with breaking the law when you can do something completely legal instead. Even better, many products simulate the effects of trenbolone and are nearly as effective. In fact, these items are usually available without a prescription and have a decreased chance of causing problematic side effects if they are used or even abused too heavily.


Therefore, I am going to discuss some of the legal alternatives and the best place where you can buy these products. Let it be known when making any suggestions in the following section that I am in no way affiliated with any manufacturers and base my conclusion on research and product effectiveness. With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s take a look at the best legal alternatives for trenbolone.


What are the Legal Alternatives?

Trenbolone bottle

The best legal alternative for trenbolone is trenorol. In fact, a majority of products designed to simulate trenbolone use this item. It creates many of the same results as trenbolone without being illegal to purchase. However, it is also less severe on your body. As a result, it is possible to take larger doses for more extended periods without causing serious or adverse side effects.


Even better, trenorol helps your body retain more nitrogen in your muscles. As a result, your muscles will synthesize more protein and get even more toned than they were before you started taking this supplement. Nitrogen also helps to stimulate extra fat burning and decreases your chance of water retention, creating stronger and more reliable muscles that will look great in the mirror.


There are many products of this type available on the market. As a result, it is essential to know that I did a lot of research to find the best possible legal alternative for trenbolone on the market. My choice for the best trenbolone alternative is Crazy Bulks. Their trenorol is designed to create real

results within 30 days and will burn fat off of your body and increase your muscle mass. However, it can also help to improve your overall stamina and physical health in a variety of ways.


Even better, you can take it without having to use needles to inject it directly into your muscles. Instead, you take three capsules of it with water about 45 minutes before you start a workout. Typically, a cycle with this product usually lasts two months with a week and a half off for recovery. The less severe design of this product makes it easier to integrate into your diet without causing the kind of severe side effects that are so common with other steroids.


And now, it is essential to talk about a few of the stacking methods you can utilize to increase the effectiveness of this routine. The next section will discuss this in greater detail, but I want to make a quick disclaimer before moving on to it. When I talk about any other supplements, it is essential to make sure that you buy them from Crazy Bulk. That’s because this company balances all of their supplements’ ingredients to work together for maximum success.


The same is true of any supplement company that produces these products. Therefore, if you go against my advice and buy another type of trenorol (perish the thought!), you should also stick to the same manufacturer when purchasing these stacking products. However, I genuinely believe that Crazy Bulks are the best choice or your trenorol needs. That said, feel free to make your decision based on your own needs.

Trenorol Before and After Results



Preferred Stacking Choices for Trenorol

trenbolone stackingNow that you know about the benefits of trenorol, here are a few supplements you can use to stack with it. Legal alternatives of each of these items are typically available from many shops and health providers. Each has a slightly different benefit that makes them worth consideration.


In each bullet point, I will briefly discuss the benefits of the item and how much you should add to your diet. Generally, you’re going to cut a little bit of trenorol out of your intake to avoid adding too many steroids to your routine. The amount you cut out should be no more than the amount you add. However, it doesn’t have to be that high, either.


A good rule of thumb is to cut out no more than half of the extra supplement from your trenorol. So if you take 100 milligrams of Winstrol, cut out about 50 milligrams of trenorol. While you don’t have to take this extra step, it can help to minimize the risk of adverse side effects. So without further ado, here’s a look at the best stacking choices for trenbolone:


  • Winstrol – This steroid can be ingested orally to add an extra boost to your overall strength. I suggest it for people who are trying to bulk up quickly and efficiently. It isn’t that great for toning, however. At least 100 milligrams per week is a good start.


  • Masteron – Masteron is designed for experienced people who have had a lot of time with trenbolone. It is a great choice if you are trying to suppress estrogen production. As a result, those who have suffered from feminization in the past should try this stack. I’d say adding about 100 milligrams to your week should do the trick.


  • Dianabol – Dianabol is, like trenbolone, a very potent steroid. Combining the two must, therefore, be done fairly carefully. I suggest no more than 50-75 milligrams per week added to a typical cycle. Any more and you’re going to start suffering from serious side effects.


  • Testosterone – You may already be taking some testosterone with your trenorol. If so, you should try to take no more than 100-150 milligrams per week. This supplement helps to prepare you for a post-cycle routine that keeps you from adverse effects.


Trenbolone Results

Like anybody who is seriously considering taking a steroid, you are very concerned about the results. That is very understandable. After all, you don’t want to risk serious side effects if the benefits will be minimal. That’s why I’ve included a few links to before and after pictures in this section. I will also briefly discuss each case to give you an idea of how much muscle each person gained when taking this supplement.


In some cases I found, people actually used trenbolone, not trenorol, to get these results. However, the effectiveness of this legal alternative is said to be very similar. As a result, I urge you to invest in the legal type instead of breaking the law with illegal substances. However, the purchasing choice is ultimately up to you and your needs. Be prepared, though, for legal ramifications if you get caught breaking the law.


If you are curious about the before and after pictures, click this link. The studies discussed on this site also found that the average person gains at least 15-20 pounds of muscle in their first 30 days of use. The gains will decrease slightly after that, but they will remain significant as long as you continue to exercise and work your muscles.


Jaco De Bruyn

In another look at the effectiveness of trenbolone, a man known as Jaco De Bruyn was examined. His before shots show a man who took good care of his body every day. However, De Bruyn was by no means a massive individual. However, he transformed his body with trenbolone after eight weeks and gained 30 pounds of muscle with hard and challenging exercise.


He also lost about 15 pounds of fat to become an incredibly toned and bulky individual. Click this link to check out his pictures. De Bruyn actually did take trenorol instead of trenbolone to get his results. His incredible change should give you a good idea of how compelling and beneficial this legal alternative can be for people like you who are trying to get into shape and gain the huge muscles they want.


Trenbolone FAQ

frequently asked questions about dianabol

Q: Is trenbolone a harsh compound?

Answer: The harshness of steroids depends on the kind of side effects that they generate when they are used properly. Harshness is gauged in this way because misusing any supplement will cause adverse effects, and judging harshness in this way is unfair and inaccurate. As a result, knowing what to expect from a compound when it is used properly gives you an idea of how you will react to it when you are using it.


Trenbolone is considered a harsh compound by most in the steroid and muscle-building supplement world. That’s because its side effects are among the most potent and challenging to manage. These adverse results include insomnia, difficulties sleeping, body heat issues, and decreased cardiovascular activity. Thankfully, these issues are most common in people who use massive doses of this supplement, rather than the suggested amounts listed above.


As a result, it is possible to decrease your dose to lower the severity of the side effects associated with this supplement. That said, your benefits and muscle-building results are also going to drop if you reduce your dose. Therefore, it is critical to find a happy medium that minimizes the harshness of this supplement without devastating its effectiveness. If you cannot find this balanced level, it may be time to search for a new supplement for your needs.


Q: Is trenbolone dangerous?

Answer: Like any steroid supplement, trenbolone has side effects that must be watched to ensure you don’t get hurt while taking it. However, it is safe to say that it is no more dangerous than any other steroid when it is taken in a safe and controlled manner. Please note that this does not mean it is safe. Instead, it means that has many of the same issues that plague other steroids.


The biggest problems come if you try to use too much of it at once. Some users will increase their doses to unsafe levels and boost their chances of more severe side effects. One of these problems that I’ve studied is the ways that it decreases your cardiovascular effectiveness. Many people find that they cough heavily after taking this supplement and get winded more quickly when exercising.


This issue is more noticeable in those who use high doses of this supplement in an unsafe way than in those who do not. It is also more noticeable in people who perform cardiovascular routines than those who do not. Those who are into muscle-building anaerobic exercises are less likely to experience cardiovascular issues.


Other potentially problematic issues include feminization of the body after male users stop taking it. Larger breasts and shrinking testicles are all common for men who take this supplement. As a result, it is essential to follow your cycle dosing very closely. In this way, you can decrease the chances of suffering from this issue and increase the effectiveness of trenbolone.


Q: Can women use this supplement?

Answer: Women who want to build large muscles need to be very careful when using trenbolone or other types of steroids. While their bodies will accept them and use them to get larger muscles, steroids have a very potent effect on their testosterone levels. In fact, many women who use trenbolone and other types of steroids are likely to go through a masculation process if they use too high of a dose.


For example, they are likely to have a slightly deeper voice, more facial hair, decreased breast size, and even increased clitoris length and thickness. These changes are opposite to the ones that occur to men after they stop taking steroids. Like those side effects, these results are more potent based on the strength of your dose and are reversible if you cycle through your testosterone correctly.


As a result, it is imperative to talk to your doctor if you are a woman who wants to take this supplement. I suggest a dosage at least 10-30 milligrams smaller than that for men. This change should help you avoid these side effects. However, even decreases as large as 50-75 milligrams may be necessary for individual women, particularly those who are sensitive to testosterone.


Q: Which type should I use for my first cycle?

Answer: The choice between the various kinds of trenbolone can be a difficult one for many to make. After all, the three types are only different depending on their half-life. The results will be the same, but the severity of the side effects will be different. Personally, I suggest starting out with acetate when you are new to trenbolone. It cycles out of your body the quickest and helps your body adapt to it more easily on your first cycle.


However, it may be difficult for some people to adapt to the unique demands of acetate. That’s because the fast cycling speed could cause more severe side effects that pass out of the body in a matter of days. As a result, some prefer enanthate for their first cycle. It takes a full two weeks to leave your system. This slower rate can decrease the severity of your side effects. Unfortunately, those adverse effects are also likely to stick around a bit longer than they would with acetate. Some people may experience adverse reactions for a week or two after stopping enanthate.


When it comes right down to it, the choice all depends on how your body reacts to trenbolone. Some people will experience very severe reactions that are hard to manage. Others may experience less problematic ones that aren’t as difficult. Make sure that you adjust the type you use and your dose correctly to get the best results. And don’t be afraid to change the kind you use if you aren’t getting the results that you want.


Q: Will trenbolone damage my liver?

Answer: Trenbolone is not a dangerous supplement for your liver. People who inject it typically avoid most of the dangers of this supplement because it does not go immediately through the liver. However, those who are using legal alternatives are likely taking trenbolone orally. As a result, there is a small chance that it could be slightly toxic to your liver.


That’s because trenbolone resists breakdown more efficiently than other types of steroids. Unfortunately, this means that the liver is going to work excessively hard trying to break it down in your body. When this happens, your liver might work itself too hard and get damaged slightly. That said, trenbolone is not considered severely toxic to the liver. The danger is only severe if you overdose on it or take it long past a safe cycling period.


However, you may notice that your urine is a darker color while you are using trenbolone. This color change causes many to assume that it is dangerous to the liver and kidneys. However, my research found no evidence that trenbolone is hazardous to the kidneys. That said, it is best to talk to your doctor about this issue if it is one that concerns you too heavily. After all, there is a chance that new research could come out indicating that trenbolone is dangerous to the kidneys.


Q: Will trenbolone cause hair loss?

Answer: Hair loss while taking steroids is a common concern on which specialists have many different opinions. Some say that all steroids increase your risk of hair loss while others believe that hair loss while taking steroids only occurs in those with a predisposition for it. For example, some say that only men with the gene for male pattern baldness will lose hair while taking steroids for muscle-building.


Whatever the case, it is clear that steroids can cause hair loss in many different men. Unfortunately, the intensity of trenbolone means that you are more likely to lose hair with this supplement than you are with other types of steroids. In fact, your hair loss is expected to be more severe than it would be if you used different kinds of supplements. Therefore, it is critical to take steps to either prevent this problem or to avoid using trenbolone if hair loss concerns you.


Some users will tell you that you can use minoxidil shampoos to help decrease your hair loss and even promote hair growth. However, the effectiveness of this treatment will vary depending on a person’s reaction to the drug and their trenbolone dosing. As with all negative effects, the severity of the situation is increased depending on how much you use.


Q: If I use trenbolone and get caught in a competition, what will happen?

Answer: Muscle-building competitions typically use a variety of testing methods to ensure that competitors aren’t abusing steroids and other performance-enhancing substances. While there are no known cases of trenbolone being used in a competition, it’s fair to say that there have been instances of its use and abuse in these situations. And if you are caught using it, there will be consequences.


Currently, trenbolone is a banned substance by the FDA for human consumption. Therefore, it is also forbidden by a majority of, if not all, competitive sports leagues. That’s because it falls under the generalized heading of controlled substances and steroids. As a result, those who are caught using it are going to be penalized according to the rules of the competitive league that catches them.


For example, some leagues may kick the person out of that competition and ban them from competing or a short period. Repeat offenders may then be prohibited from competing permanently or have their records erased from scoreboards. However, some leagues may be harsher on people who try to get away with this abuse. In fact, they may kick somebody out after one violation and blacklist them forever. So please be careful when using substances like these and avoid them entirely if you are competing.


Final Thoughts

Like any kind of steroid, trenbolone and the legal alternatives must be used very carefully by those who are trying to build muscles. The side effects of any steroid can be very staggering if you don’t carefully balance the way you take them and stop using them after your cycle is finished.


That’s why it is so important to give your body a recovery period after your initial cycle. This resting period lets your body get back into the normal production of testosterone and other hormones. It also gives you the chance to cycle back onto these steroids later.


Those who plan on competing in muscle-building competitions should also be careful when using any type of steroid, legal or otherwise. While there are no known cases of bodybuilders being caught using this substance, there is a good chance that those who wanted a competitive edge have used it.


Its effectiveness, combined with a heavy-duty workout, will bulk you up quickly but may get you blacklisted if you are ever caught using it in a competition. Amateurs who don’t plan on competing have less to worry about but should still make sure they fully understand the side effects before starting.


If trenbolone sounds interesting to you, in spite of these concerns, then give it a shot for your muscle-building routine. It is one of the most effective and efficient ways to quickly build muscles and get into great shape. Make sure, however, that you talk to your doctor about this change to ensure that you are healthy enough for it. While your doctor obviously cannot prescribe you steroids, they can gauge your health and any risks that they might cause if you were to use them.


And make sure that you adjust your diet and exercise routine to maximize your muscle gains while taking trenbolone. Steroids are not a miracle drug that automatically builds huge muscles. Instead, they help to increase your exercise effectiveness and your hormone production. You still have to put in the work to boost your muscle mass. Increase your exercise intensity to watch muscles all over your body increase in mass and tone.


Just as importantly, you need to increase your protein intake to ensure that your body has enough nutrients to build muscle mass and tone. I suggest adding at least two or three more servings of protein into your daily diet to get the best results. You can get this either throw a protein shake or by eating more massive helpings of protein-rich foods, such as chicken and beans, at each meal. Maximize your gains by focusing on lean protein with minimal fat.


And don’t forget to hydrate yourself regularly while taking this supplement. All the exercise you’ll be doing will push your body and your muscles to the limit. As a result, it is critical to drink two or three glasses of water before you exercise and at least two afterward.


Try to avoid dehydrating drinks, such as alcohol, while taking these steroids. Consider investing in electrolyte-rich water to ensure you stay hydrated while building muscles with trenbolone. And quit taking this supplement if you feel light-headed, confused, or notice an increase in side effect severity.

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