Sustanon – Step-By-Step Complete Guide | Benefits, Dosage, Cycling


Building powerful muscles is a difficult and challenging process that often requires a little help.

What can help you with this challenge?

The answer would be sustanon.

Many amateur and professional bodybuilders turn to steroids such as sustanon. These substances are designed to boost your production of testosterone and help create large and sustainable muscle mass.

If you are interested in trying sustanon, it is essential to take a look at its nature, how it operates, and to understand its many benefits and side effects.

You also need to understand its legality and get a feel for any alternatives that may be better for you.

Let’s take a deeper look at sustanon, the many benefits, how to stack it, cycling, and whether or not it is right for you.


Table of Contents

What is Sustanon?

sustanon tablet picSustanon is an anabolic steroid that was developed by a company known as Organon Pharmaceuticals.

This Netherlands-based company has produced a variety of compounds over the years and has been in operation since 1913.

Sustanon is one of their most well-known steroids and, for a time, was easily their most popular. While other types have been released over the years that have eclipsed it in popularity, sustanon remains one of the best known and most utilized by bodybuilders.


Like many types of anabolic steroids, sustanon was initially developed for medical uses.

For example, it has been shown to help with skeletal structures and the muscle strength of those with various types of wasting diseases. Currently, there are three types available from Organon. These variations will be discussed in more depth later.

For now, it is worth knowing that they contain:


  • Testosterone Propionate


  • Testosterone Phenylpropionate


  • Testosterone Isocarpoate


  • Testosterone Decanoate


These ingredients are known as esters and help to stimulate various types of testosterone production in your body.

They vary mostly based on their half-lives, a rating which indicates how long they stay in the body. Like many types of steroids, sustanon in its varying types must be injected directly into the muscles to have any effect.


And while sustanon is still used in some medical situations, it is usually done so at a lower rate than those who take it for muscle building.

However, sustanon has been found to have many side effects and is no longer used as often for medical purposes. Therefore, it is safe to say that it is primarily a muscle-building formula for bodybuilders.

Use Around the World

Sustanon Sustanon Sustanon text background wordcloud concept

While sustanon is no longer heavily used for medical reasons in the United States, the UK has chosen it as its preferred method of testosterone replacement.

In fact, the demand for this product was so high in 2011 and 2012 that shortages affected the market and drove up prices to higher levels. These shortages were also fueled by licensing and manufacturing problems that made it difficult to produce a high volume of sustanon.


Other countries, such as Germany and Ireland, not only allow the legal sale of sustanon but manufacture it in various facilities.

Its use is only strictly controlled in a handful of countries, including the United States. That said, other areas don’t allow it to be used for bodybuilding or even medical purposes, making it essential to research the various laws that dictate the use of these substances in your home country or state.


Therefore, the legality of sustanon will be discussed in more depth later.

For now, it is worth knowing that it is possible to get this substance in many parts of the world. And if your country does not allow its manufacturer or sale within its borders, there is a chance that you could import it from those countries. The legality of that action is questionable, however, and will be discussed more fully later.


How Does Sustanon Work?

how does sustanon workSustanon’s esters are designed to increase your production of testosterone in a variety of ways.

For example, the androgen chemicals in these substances will be converted into testosterone by your body to create an immediate increase in testosterone for your muscles and body. That’s because your body has a limited number of natural androgens to produce testosterone and cannot produce more than it is capable of creating.


Introducing synthetic androgens into your body creates a larger pool from which it can draw. As a result, your body will naturally start producing more testosterone for your exercise routines, meaning that you can work your muscles even longer.

However, that increased level of testosterone also means that your body will naturally build larger muscles because testosterone is often used to heal and strengthen muscle masses.


Most of these benefits are also paired with an increase in protein synthesis, a process that helps to increase your muscle mass further.

In fact, increased protein synthesis is probably the most critical and beneficial result of using sustanon. So let’s take a look at this concept to get a feel for how it benefits you and why it is so vital for your overall health.


The Benefits of Protein Synthesis


Protein synthesis is what your body does when it takes protein from your diet and uses it to increase your muscle size and strength. Protein is, essentially, the building block of all muscle tissues and synthesis is a measurement of the rate cells can convert protein into extra muscle.

Multiple studies have showcased the ways that exercise, and a high-quality diet, can boost protein synthesis and make you a healthier and happier person.


In fact, many of these same studies have found that exercise is the best way to increase your rate of protein synthesis and increase your musculature. And steroids such as sustanon naturally increase your rates of protein synthesis, making it easier for your body to convert protein into stronger muscles.

It also helps to boost the production of the chemical known as Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 or IGF-1. Understanding this essential compound is critical to grasping the nature of sustanon.


The Importance of IGF-1


IGF-1 was discovered in 1957 and was originally termed the sulphation factor.

It was discovered that this substance could stimulate 35-sulfate in rat cartilage. This finding was critical because the growth of muscles and other factors were not well known at the time in the medical world. With this discovery, specialists were able to understand better how the body grew and developed and what chemicals were used in the process.


For example, it was found that IGF-1 was necessary for the development of binding proteins, particularly in the bloodstream.

Almost every type of binding protein is carried and promoted by IGF-1, making it a critical element for your strength and overall health. In fact, it could be argued that few substances are more essential for protein synthesis than IGF-1.


And anabolic steroids like sustanon help to maximize the production of this substance in a variety of ways.

For example, it helps to increase nitrogen retention in the blood, which is critical for protein synthesis. Beyond that, sustanon can also increase your red blood cell count to boost the oxygen flow throughout your body. Therefore, your body will be better oxygenated while you exercise and provide you with a healthier flow of oxygen during your most challenging exercise routines.


Interestingly, this combination of increased protein synthesis and IGF-1 can help to burn through the fat in your body and reduce your overall weight.

In fact, a variety of studies have found that taking anabolic steroids like sustanon can lead to an overall decrease in your body’s fat and make you stronger and healthier. These results were noted primarily in experimental groups and often focused heavily on animal-based testing methods.


What are The Benefits of Sustanon?

Man showing his biceps on sustanonWhen sustanon goes into effect in your body, a variety of changes will occur. Each of these changes is designed to provide performance benefits for your body that make you a more effective athlete and bodybuilder.

Understanding these benefits is critical when deciding if sustanon is right for you and your muscle-building needs.


In the following section, I will break down the benefits of this supplement into multiple categories.

These will include bulking benefits, cutting advantages, and even surprising health benefits that you might not expect. In this way, you will fully understand the benefits of taking sustanon and can decide if it is right for your needs.




People who want to add muscle mass to their body often turn to sustanon or other types of anabolic steroids.

These substances help to not only increase your protein synthesis but make it easier for you to bulk up quickly and effectively. Sustanon and other steroids provide this benefit without adding fat to your body at the same time, which is crucial for those who want to look better and get into shape quickly.


The exact gains that you’ll earn when bulking up with sustanon will vary depending on a variety of factors that may not be under your control.

Later on in this article, I will highlight a few result cases to give you an idea of how much muscle you can add to your body with this useful supplement choice. For now, let’s say that you can expect upwards of 30 pounds of extra muscle mass when using this supplement correctly, though your gains may not reach those levels.



Strong athletic man on black background

Sustanon is not commonly used for cutting because most testosterone compounds like it are rarely used to cut muscles.

Cutting is what happens when you focus on turning your muscle mass into a more defined mass. It also involves eliminating fat from your body to create a leaner and healthier look. As a result, cutting preserves lean muscle mass and makes you appear more muscular than before you started.


That said, you can also improve your cutting efficiency by taking sustanon and other types of anabolic steroids.

That’s because it is low in calories but high in energy production. It can then enhance your protein synthesis and make it easier for your body’s muscles to achieve stronger and more precise definition. Even better, increased testosterone levels will boost your fat-burning metabolism and further improve your muscle definition.


Increased Nitrogen Retention


Lean muscle mass is difficult to maintain because our bodies can only retain so much nitrogen. And that’s because this element is essential for building lean muscle tissue and keeping it healthy.

In fact, nitrogen makes up nearly 20 percent of your lean muscle mass. Therefore, without a high volume of nitrogen in your body and your muscles, your overall musculature will start to decrease between exercise routines.


Thankfully, supplements like sustanon and other types of anabolic steroids will boost your levels of nitrogen retention even higher.

The definite increase in your levels will vary, but some have found a rise of 5-10 percent. With this extra nitrogen in your muscles, they are less likely to decrease in size between workouts or during lengthy exercise breaks. That’s one reason why people who regularly take sustanon and other anabolic steroids keep such substantial muscle mass levels.


Higher Levels of Red Blood Cells

3d rendered illustration of many blood cells

Red blood cells are secretly one of the most important parts of your overall health. That’s because they carry oxygen throughout your body and provide your muscles and body tissues with the nutrients they need to survive.

Without a high concentration of red blood cells in your body, you are not only going to get fatigued more quickly than normal, but your exercise will be less efficient and effective.


Thankfully, the use of steroids like sustanon naturally increases your red blood cell levels. In this way, you will have access to higher levels of oxygen and will be able to recover more quickly than you could before you started taking sustanon. The exact increase in red blood cells is hard to measure but may be as high as 5-7 percent more than average.


Decrease of Stress Hormones


Stress hormones, known as glucocorticoid hormones, are surprisingly essential for your health. That’s because they prepare the body for stressful situations and make it easier for you to react to them.

That said, modern life creates an excessive level of these hormones, which can be problematic to your health in many ways. For example, these hormones can suppress fat burning, stress your heart, and even destroy your muscle mass.


Therefore, it is critical to eliminate excessive levels of this hormone in your body as much as possible.

Thankfully, the use of sustanon and other types of anabolic steroids naturally decreases your stress hormones. Even better, your increased exercise efficiency will make it easier for you to heavily workout, which is one of the best ways to eliminate stress hormones from your body.


Lowered Diabetes Risk


While many of these benefits are obvious when discussing sustanon, a few may be surprising.

For example, studies have linked low levels of testosterone with the development of diabetes. As a result, people taking sustanon and other types of anabolic steroids may decrease their risk of developing minor or severe diabetes.


That said, you shouldn’t treat diabetes by taking sustanon or other types of anabolic steroids.

Conventional treatment methods, such as insulin shots and dietary control, should be utilized instead. And type 1 or childhood diabetes is unaffected by the use of steroids, as the complete shutdown of insulin production causes this disease, meaning that it cannot be reversed.


Other Potential Benefits

sustanon benefits

The following benefits of sustanon have all been noticed in limited instances during a few laboratory tests and studies. However, more work needs to be done to confirm the depth of their actual influence. Just a few of these benefits include how taking sustanon:


  • Manages low libido


  • Improves erectile dysfunction symptoms


  • Increases energy levels


  • Decreases insomnia instances


  • Boosts the immune system


  • Improves mental focus


  • Helps sharpen mental clarity


  • Lowers the risk of depression


What are The Types of Sustanon?

Sustanon is not a single supplement but a variety of different types of steroids.

The three varieties all share similar ingredients but at different potency levels. One has been discontinued but is still worth examining because it still may be available on many secondary or used markets.


Before going into these types of sustanon, I’ll briefly touch on the history of this supplement and where research into this kind of medication began. In this way, you can have a fuller understanding of the exciting and sometimes weird world of steroids and testosterone therapy.


The History of Sustanon

history of sustanonThe history of sustanon starts in the very beginning of the testosterone replacement therapy movement almost 300 years ago.

The concept of testosterone therapy had its early beginnings in 1786 when a man named John Hunter started thinking about the importance of human testicles and their functionality. Like others, he had noticed the ways animals changed when their testicles were removed. His confusion later led to experiments by Adolph Berthold in 1849. This doctor had to remove testicles from patients for various reasons, and he noticed something strange about them when he finished.


After the testicles were removed from male patients, they started to behave in different ways. For example, they were no longer interested in sex, were noticeably less aggressive, and began to get tired more quickly. This insight led him to believe that this part of the body, long thought to be merely necessary for reproduction, was much more important than he or anybody realized.


But it wasn’t until the experiments of Charles-Edouard Brown-Sequard in 1889 that the first real experiments in testosterone implants began. Brown-Sequard, who was a senior man at the time, noticed that he was growing tired in his old age and felt his mobility decreasing. As an experiment, he started injecting himself with testicular extracts and claimed that he immediately felt both mentally and physically stronger.


During his experiments, he claimed that he grew stronger with every injection and that he felt years younger as a result. Of course, it’s evident that such tests didn’t have that kind of effect on him. In fact, merely injecting testicular tissue (from another animal at that) would not affect a person. It is likely that he experienced a powerful placebo effect because he wanted to feel younger. However, his findings helped to inspire future researchers to search for vitality in the testicles and, ultimately, to the source of testosterone.


Where Sustanon Fits In

While testosterone-based medications had been developed before sustanon, it quickly became one of the most popular after its debut. Organon started producing it in the early 1970s as a medication that would provide a potent mix of testosterone esters that would be beneficial for clinical and medical reasons. After its initial release, it was quickly approved for medical purposes in Europe and around the world but not in America.


The potency of this steroid originated in the need to eliminate excessive injections in weak patients.

When used medically, it only needs to be injected once every three to four weeks. This extra strength was a significant advantage when compared to other steroids at the time and made it a popular medication for those in Europe who needed it. Initially, though, it was not regularly used by bodybuilders or athletes.


Later on, it became well among athletes because of its heavy-duty strength. Users could inject it 3-4 times a week and get a massive burst of testosterone and build their muscles more quickly. And while its popularity has waned slightly over the years, it is still used by thousands of people around the world every year, mostly for performance enhancement.


The Varieties of Sustanon


Sustanon 100


Sustanon 100 was the least potent type of sustanon on the market. It came in 100-milligram doses (hence the name) and was primarily used to help people who had naturally low levels of testosterone in their body. For example, it helped managed delayed puberty, impotence, and hormonal imbalances that left a person short of this important hormone.


Unlike the other two types of sustanon, this type had just three ingredients. These included 20 milligrams of testosterone propionate, 40 milligrams of testosterone phenylpropionate, and 40 milligrams of testosterone isocaproate. It was discontinued in 2009 because it was barely used by bodybuilders and had been replaced medically years before that.


Sustanon 250

This type of sustanon is the variety most people think of when talking about or purchasing this product. It comes in 250-milligram doses and consists of 30 milligrams of propionate, 60 milligrams of isocaproate and phenylpropionate, and 100 milligrams of decanoate. These esters are some of the most powerful in the pharmaceutical world and useful for many medical purposes.


As a result, you typically only have to inject this supplement into your muscles around 2-4 times a week. Any more and you could cause issues with an overdose. An overdose is likely to cause excessive hair, a burst of aggression, confusion, agitation, and other problems that may require a medical specialist to treat appropriately.


Sustanon 300


Sustanon 300 has the same four testosterone esters as sustanon 250 but has 50 more milligrams added to it. The extra dosage can be split up in various ways but is usually done by adding 10 milligrams each to propionate, phenylpropionate, and isocaproate. The remaining 20 milligrams is then added to the decanoate to make up the difference.


Other than that, there is no real difference between the 250 and the 300 varieties. Choosing the type you want to use all depends on how potent you want your supplement. The extra 50 milligrams does make this a stronger choice but also raises its price a little bit. Make sure you talk to your doctor about the possible side effects whenever upgrading your sustanon.


One interesting fact is that sustanon 300 is typically the type used to help transition between female-to-male sex changes. The extra potency of this supplement makes it easier for those transitioning to adjust to their additional doses of testosterone. It also helps speed up the transitioning process and makes it smoother and more manageable for those transitioning.


Is Sustanon Legal?

sustanon legalThe legality of sustanon depends on where you are located.

For example, Organon manufacturers this product in countries like Pakistan, Egypt, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, England, Belgium, and Portugal.

In most of these countries, sustanon is not only legal to manufacturer but can also be sold and used without any problem. In others, it is only legal to use when prescribed for a real medical purpose, such as a wasting disease or for those who have low levels of testosterone.


In America, sustanon is currently not available legally.

In fact, it has never been approved by the FDA for use nor has Organon submitted it for approval. Instead, people who use it import it from a variety of countries that manufacture it.

Ordering it from an overseas source like this can be risky if the legal authorities or other professionals catch you purchasing, shipping it, or using it. For example, you could be found guilty of smuggling various types of controlled substances even if you use it just for yourself.


One problem that also affects people importing sustanon is counterfeit products.

In countries like Brazil, Pakistan, and Egypt it is straightforward for some manufacturers to create counterfeit substances that could be no better than sugar pills.

Other forged types of sustanon may contain lower doses of hormones or unsafe levels of items that you should not consume. In this scenario, it is probably better to find a legal alternative to sustanon. This step avoids any chance of legal complication.


However, companies such as Portugal and Belgium are usually pretty safe places from which to buy sustanon.

That said, I honestly can’t suggest that you purchase sustanon to import it into America because it is technically against the law. But if you do end up buying some, it is essential to start dosing yourself correctly to avoid complications that could complicate your life. The following section will give you an idea of how to start on your sustanon cycling before diving into a full-time schedule.


What are The Correct Sustanon Doses?

sustanon dosing scheduleDosing sustanon properly is an important consideration because it is critical for ensuring that you get the best results. You also want to avoid using too much and causing a reliance that can upset your hormone balance.

The following section will give you an insightful look at how to start your sustanon doses before transitioning to a regular schedule of injections and intake.


The Dose of Sustanon Will Vary


When using sustanon 250, you take 250 milligrams every time you inject. Most people can safely tolerate up to 750 milligrams per week without suffering from any problems. That translates to three doses a week separated by at least one day between each injection. However, some users may decide to use 1,000 milligrams or a higher dose, a step that I can’t suggest because it increases the chances of suffering from serious side effects.


In fact, I suggest beginners start with just one injection every week. This dosage should be more than enough to get you real results from your exercise. Once you feel comfortable using 250 milligrams every day, you can upgrade to 500 milligrams and adjust your injection schedule. Injecting on Tuesday and Thursday is a good schedule for your injections. This timing should give you enough time to recover and to build up your hormone amounts to safer levels.


If you do upgrade to 750 milligrams per week, shift your injection schedule to Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. This schedule gives you a day off or more between each injection. As a result, you should have elevated levels of testosterone throughout the week that make it easier for you to exercise and build your muscles. If you feel concerned about using too much sustanon with each infusion, you can transition down to lower doses without difficulty.


In a later section, I will give a more detailed understanding of the type of cycle that is typical for sustanon.

This cycle will include when you should add certain kinds of steroids and when you need to start transitioning to a PCT schedule. A post-cycle therapy schedule is vital to master because it can prevent you from the adverse effects associated with testosterone replacement.


PCT Dosing

A PCT schedule should begin after a 4-8 week of sustanon and last at least 10-20 days.

Most of the time, you’ll be taking Clomid and Nolvadex during this period. Clomid and Nolvadex are replacement substances that help transition you back to a schedule without sustanon. In this way, your body can start producing testosterone at a healthy and safe level.


That said, you don’t have to take both at the same time. Some people may only want Nolvadex for their PCT if they don’t want to purchase both types of medicine at the same time. If you want to use only Nolvadex during your PCT, your schedule should include:


  • Day 1: 100 milligrams


  • Day 2 – 10: 60 milligrams


  • Day 11 – 21: 40 milligrams


That said, it is usually best to combine both Nolvadex and Clomid to ensure that you transition more successfully after finishing up your sustanon doses. That’s because Clomid and Nolvadex cover different elements of your hormone balance and provide you with a more comprehensive recovery. Like Nolvadex, it is split up into three stages, including:


  • Day 1: Clomid 250 milligrams and Nolvadex 60 milligrams


  • Day 2 – 10: Clomid 100 milligrams and Nolvadex 40 milligrams


  • Day 11 – 20: Clomid 50 milligrams and Nolvadex 20 milligrams


The best time to start your PCT routine is three weeks after your last injection. You wait this long to give your body time to recover from your sustanon doses. Your PCT treatment should then last at least three weeks, giving you six weeks between your 4-8 week cycles. By following this type of schedule, you can take sustanon indefinitely without experiencing permanent side effects.


What Are The Side Effects of Sustanon?

sustanon side effectsWhile sustanon is used by thousands of people without issue every year, there are still quite a large number of side effects associated with its use.

These adverse effects are usually more of a problem for those who take high levels of this supplement on a regular basis.


However, they can also occur in those who take any level of sustanon.

Most of these adverse effects are quite familiar with other types of steroids and make the use of sustanon a tricky proposition for many to handle. As a result, it is essential to fully understand the possible side effects of this substance when making a purchasing decision.


Pregnancy Complications


If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should stay away from sustanon. That’s because it can cause issues or complications that make it problematic to use. In fact, women should avoid using this supplement completely. Failure to follow this guideline is a problem that I’ll discuss in more depth in the FAQ section below.


Gender Problems


Excessive testosterone can cause women to start becoming more masculine, including the development of a deeper voice and facial hair.

However, stopping this supplement without going through post-cycle therapy or PCT can cause men to get higher voices, less hair, and may even shrink their testicles. Conversely, taking too much may cause an enlarged prostate gland and an increased risk of prostate and testicular cancer.


Problems With Red Blood Cells


In some instances, this type of testosterone therapy can increase your red blood cells to unsafe levels.

This issue can cause sudden bruises to appear on your body and can lead to other types of health concerns. Thankfully, this type of problem typically goes away when you stop taking sustanon, though it may also be persistent and damaging even after you quit.


Liver and Kidney Issues


The development of liver and kidney problems is not uncommon with sustanon. Using this substance at levels higher than 750 milligrams and skipping PCT can cause stress in these organs and make them work more heavily. In some cases, you may even cause them to temporarily or permanently shut down. Thankfully, most instances of this problem are quite rare and treatable by dialysis.


Blood Pressure Issues


Those with high blood pressure should probably stay away from sustanon.

This substance and others like it will usually raise your blood pressure. If it is at a healthy level, there is usually not a problem. However, those with high blood pressure may push it up to dangerous levels. That said, an increase in blood pressure may also become suddenly sharp when using any steroid.


Migraines and Headaches


Some individuals who regularly use sustanon and other types of steroids have complained about headaches and migraines in the past.

This problem is common with those who take high levels of sustanon, typically much higher than 750 milligrams. Most of the time, decreasing your dosage should help with this problem. If not, a doctor should be visited as soon as possible to check for more serious problems.


Water Retention


The retention of water is a difficult situation that can make a person gain weight and feel miserable and bloated.

In some situations, individuals who take sustanon may end up retaining a large amount of water. Most of the time, this situation isn’t serious enough to be a true issue. That said, it can become worse over time and cause health complications that can even threaten your life if left untreated for too long.


Diabetes Complications


As mentioned before, sustanon use may cause an improvement in the diabetes symptoms of some individuals.

Unfortunately, it may cause diabetes complications in other people. For example, your increased metabolism may burn through your sugar more quickly and require more frequent insulin shots. In some scenarios, the use of anabolic steroids could cause diabetic comas and other unhealthy reactions.


Non-Serious Side Effects


While the following side effects are not as severe as others on this list, they are still problematic and uncomfortable. If you experience any of these problems, make sure that you contact your doctor as soon as possible:


  • Itching


  • Severe acne


  • Nausea


  • Nervousness


  • Changes in mood


  • Muscle pain


  • Issues with your sex drive


  • Painful erections or ejaculation problems


If you experience these symptoms or any other complications, it is important to talk to your doctor as soon as possible.

They can provide you with the help you need to overcome them and to stay on sustanon. And if this steroid is causing too many health problems, they can find another type that won’t affect you in these ways.


A Typical Sustanon Cycle

Sustanon is like other types of steroids in that there is no single way to cycle it. This type of cycling is done to maximize the effectiveness of this steroid for specific training situations.

The following cycles are some of the most common and useful to try out. Make sure that you fully research each cycle to choose one that is right for your needs:


Newbie Cycle


  • Week 1 – 12: Sustanon, 500 milligrams


  • Week 13 – 15: Nothing


  • Week 16 – 18: A PCT routine


Mass Cycle


  • Week 1 – 6: Sustanon, 500 milligrams, Deca Durabolin 400 milligrams, and Dianabol, 40 milligrams


  • Week 7 – 12: Sustanon, 500 milligrams and Deca Durabolin, 400 milligrams


  • Week 13 – 15: Nothing


  • Week 16 – 18: A PCT routine


Supportive Cutting Cycle


  • Week 1 – 12: Sustanon, 350 milligrams and Anastrozole, 0.5 milligrams every other day


  • Week 13 – 15: Nothing


  • Week 16 – 18: A PCT routine


Advanced Hardening Cycle


  • Week 1 – 12: Sustanon, 500 milligrams and Trenbolone, 500 milligrams


  • Week 13 – 15: Nothing


  • Week 16 – 18: A PCT routine


Bulking Sustanon


  • Week 1 – 6: Sustanon, 500 milligrams, Dianabol 25 milligrams, and Arimidex, 0.5 milligrams


  • Week 7 – 12: Sustanon, 500 milligrams and Arimidex, 0.5 milligrams


  • Week 12 – 15: Nothing


  • Week 16 – 18: A PCT routine


Cutting Sustanon


  • Week 1 – 6: Sustanon, 500 milligrams and Armidex, 0.5 milligrams


  • Week 7 – 12: Sustanon, 500 milligrams, Anavar, 50 milligrams, and Armidex, 0.5 milligrams


  • Week 12 – 15: Nothing


  • Week 15 – 18: A PCT routine


Once you find a cycle that works the best for your needs, stay on it for awhile until you feel comfortable using it. Then, you can transition to more challenging cycles to further increase your muscle strength. Make sure to always talk to your doctor before making any major changes in your routine. They can give you the advice you need to avoid making a mistake and hurting yourself.


Where to Buy Sustanon?

The legal difficulties that are inherent in buying sustanon means that you must buy it from an overseas manufacturer.

Online providers typically advertise it as a muscle-building solution or a research item. That’s because researchers can use it for studies, which creates a loophole that many individuals may exploit when trying to buy it.


These online providers are located in countries like England, Pakistan, and other areas that I mentioned earlier. Even in some of these countries, the legality of sustanon is questionable. That’s one reason why legal alternatives have become such a popular choice for many individuals.


What are The Legal Alternatives?


#1 Best Legal Alternative -Testo-Max

testo max


If you don’t feel comfortable purchasing sustanon from an online vendor or a potentially shady local dealer, you can turn to legal products.

These legal steroid alternatives are designed to create many of the same results without creating any of the nasty side effects common with steroids.


And even if they aren’t going to bulk you up as quickly as sustanon and other types of legal anabolic steroids, they are completely legal and safe to use. The following four products are the most popular on the market today. At the end of this section, I’ll give you a suggestion for which you should consider using.




If you want to integrate Dianabol with your sustanon or sustanon alternatives, D-BAL is a good choice.

It is designed to work fast and build muscles while containing a variety of powerful ingredients that help to maximize your muscle gains. While this product is a little pricey when compared to others like it on the market, it works well to provide you with maximum bulking effectiveness.


Right now, the only way to buy this product is directly from the manufacturer. It will provide you with a similar success rate as real sustanon but with minimal to non-existent risks of severe side effects. Many customers who used it stated that it helped to boost their strength, increased their sex drive, and much more. That said, a 30-day supply is about $59.99, a bit steep for some people.



Trenbolone bottle

This legal steroid alternative is one of the more reasonably priced products of its type on the market.

It also uses legal ingredients that are designed to improve your strength without causing side effects. If you have ever read about trenbolone or experienced its effects in the past, it is designed to be very similar to this product and to have a similar effect.


It is particularly beneficial for muscle builders who want to increase the visibility of the veins in their body. This look creates a more ripped and robust style for your muscles that makes them look more defined and stable. That said, this steroid costs about $61.99 for a one-month supply for 90 pills. Unfortunately, taking three pills a day may become tiresome for some after a while.



clenabutrol pic

This particular legal steroid is designed to be an alternative for the illegal steroid Clenbuterol. That steroid is designed to burn fat while building up your muscle mass. This design makes it slightly different than sustanon but similar in its effects. The ingredients of this particular product are particularly nice, as they are 100 percent natural.


In fact, it is advertised to burn substantial amounts of fat in just 30 days and to increase your lean muscle mass rapidly. People who are trying to burn excess body fat while burning fat typically use this steroid.

However, it is similar to Trenorol in that you must pay $61.99 for a month supply. Again, this can be costly for some people but is still cheaper than illegal steroids.


Testo Max

testo max

Those who want a substance that is as close to sustanon as possible should try Testo Max. This product is very reasonably priced and very effective. In fact, some argue that it is the most effective type of legal steroid on the market today. That’s because it creates results that are as close to sustanon’s as possible without causing serious side effects.


And while it’s cheaper than most supplements of this type on the market, it will still cost you about $59.99 when ordered directly from the Crazy Bulk website. However, it is one of the few supplements that will naturally increase your testosterone levels in as quickly as two weeks. Expect to see real gains after this time and to feel anywhere from 10-15 more pounds of muscle after a month or so of working out.


Which Should You Choose?


If you want a substance that is as close to sustanon as is legally possible, use Testo Max. It is not only one of the cheaper legal steroids on the market but one of the most effective. While it’s not quite as potent as sustanon, its powerful formula is designed to create one of the most effective legal steroid experiences on the market. Try it out if you want to get the benefits of sustanon without having to walk through some rather sketchy and difficult-to-navigate legal waters.


Preferred Stacking Choices With Testo Max


When stacking with Testo Max, you can follow the same kind of dosage cycle used for sustanon. These stacking choices include Dianabol, Deca-Durabolin, and Trenbolone. These substances are typically used for bulking and produce a high level of benefits that are important to consider before creating a high-quality workout cycle for your workouts.


Let’s take a look at a few of these items to give you a feel for how they benefit your overall Testo Max experience. Remember that you can also use these supplements when taking sustanon. And make sure that you follow the stacking recommendations up above to get the best results. If you didn’t read these suggestions earlier and skipped here instead, I strongly recommend scrolling up and reading through it. In this way, you can experience the best results possible with Testo Max.




Dianabol is an anabolic steroid that is taken in the form of an oral tablet. It is one of the first and most popular steroids on the market today. It can be stacked with sustanon or Testo Max as a way of increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of both.


Its oral nature makes it a lot easier to take than sustanon. However, Testo Max is also an oral product, meaning that you can take it and Dianabol at the same time. It is particularly useful when bulking up because it increases your red blood cell count, but it can also be used for cutting.


Deca Durabolin


This supplement is made up of Nandrolone and the Decanoate ester. Like sustanon, it is produced by Organon and has come out in a multitude of different forms and formats. This type of supplement is particularly beneficial because it is faster acting than Testo Max.


It also has a less active duration, meaning that it can be stacked with Testo Max and sustanon products. Beyond that, its androgenic activity is lower than testosterone, meaning that it lasts longer in your body without running out. That benefit is critical when stacked with Testo Max because it can provide you with longer-lasting benefits.




Trenbolone is another type of anabolic steroid that pairs well with Testo Max and sustanon. In fact, many believe that Trenbolone is the best anabolic steroid on the market today. That all depends on the exact reasons that you use it, though, as most people use it for bulking. In some instances, it may be used for cutting.


Though the therapeutic and veterinarian lines of Trenbolone have been discontinued, there are still performance-enhancing types available. It naturally enhances the appearance and density of your lean muscle mass. Pairing it with Testo Max should give you the same result that you would get when using sustanon in the same way.


Before and After Results With Testo Max



Just like with sustanon and other types of anabolic steroids, you should try to use PCT with Testo Max. That said, your period of treatment doesn’t have to last as long as it does with anabolic steroids. That’s because Testo Max is not a steroid and won’t affect your testosterone production as heavily. In fact, it shouldn’t shut down your production at all.


That said, it will affect your overall testosterone levels, which can affect your body after you quit. Feelings of nausea, confusion, and agitation are common in those who finish a cycle with Testo Max without PCT. Try to follow a week or two of a typical PCT routine to help your body recover and to prepare it for a new cycle with Testo Max.


Sustanon Results


When it comes right down to it, the most important consideration when buying sustanon is its results. In fact, some people may be willing to overlook the downsides and side effects of using anabolic steroids because the results are potent for their muscle-building routines.


The following section will take a look at two examples of sustanon use and showcase pics that illustrate their results. Then, I’ll discuss whether or not these results are typical for people using this supplement or others similar to it. In this way, you can decide if you want to risk the side effects of sustanon for your workout routines.


The First Result


In one look at the results of sustanon, it was found that the first four weeks of sustanon use could help a person gain up to 20 pounds of lean muscle tissue. Those increases expanded to 30 pounds of lean muscle if you boosted your cycle to eight weeks instead of four. That somewhat slower increase during the second month is because your initial gains will occur during the first month.


To showcase this benefit, they took a look at the increased muscle mass that occurred in bodybuilder Lazar Angelov. This athlete is a bodybuilder respected on social media for his gains and his overall personality and dedication to the sport. Before he started taking sustanon, he was a skilled and respected bodybuilder but by no means the largest in the world. However, the results he experienced with sustanon were shocking.


The before and after photos highlighted in this article are very telling. Angelov went from a fit and firm individual to one with an incredible musculature. His abs were more pronounced, his arms and legs larger and more firm, and his overall strength increased. These results appeared after only a handful of weeks and sustained through the use of heavy exercise and PCT routines.


A Second Study


In this example, the person studied not only put on extra muscle but also lost a lot of fat. In fact, this man (known as Richard) was getting older and inching dangerously close to obesity. His health was getting worse, due to his excessive weight, and he needed to lose weight quickly while building up his overall body mass.


By taking sustanon, he was able to burn 28 pounds of body fat in just four weeks. This process took him from a hefty 322 pounds to 294 pounds. And by working out regularly, he was able to increase the definition of his muscle mass and become more ripped. In fact, his increased muscle mass may have hidden extra fat loss throughout his body.


And his exercise gains were even higher. When he started, he could bench press just 255 pounds. This lift weight increased to a respectable 315 pounds with the use of sustanon. And his leg press soared from 700 pounds to over 1,000 pounds. These benefits continued to rise after his initial success. It is important to note here that he was using Crazy Bulk products that emulated sustanon rather than real sustanon.


Are These Results Typical?


When deciding to use sustanon, it is important to know if these are typical gains or if they are outstanding. And I’m here to say that these gains were not typical, though that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Like with other anabolic steroids, your extra muscle will be limited by the amount of time you spend working out. Simply put, taking sustanon won’t improve your fitness levels.


In fact, the results highlighted here came from professional or dedicated amateurs who were willing to put in the necessary time for building their muscles. They not only took sustanon 3-4 times a week but put in hours at the gym nearly every day. That’s the one element about steroid use that many people forget. Even if sustanon and other steroids promote healthy muscles, they don’t automatically add muscles to your body.


So in that way, I can safely say that the results highlighted here are not typical. Most people aren’t going to put in the kind of work these athletes did to increase their muscles. However, if you are dedicated to enhancing your bulk and more than ready to exercise regularly, you should see similar results. That said, your body frame may also limit your gains, so make sure you set your expectations at a reasonable level.


FAQ About Sustanon

sustanon faq

Q: Who is the best candidate for sustanon?


A: The use of this steroid should be limited to those who are trying to build large muscles as quickly as possible. Its potency means that it is best utilized by those with experience with other types of steroids. That’s because it requires the development of an effective PCT routine, and those who have used steroids in the past should have an easier time developing a plan to accelerate this process.


Q: Should women use sustanon?


A: Sustanon is considered one of the most potent and effective anabolic steroids on the market. Its combination of testosterone esters makes it an interesting and effective way to build muscle mass and get into shape. However, its effect on the production of testosterone is considered too potent for women and is not right for their bodybuilding needs.


For example, women who use sustanon may find themselves developing masculine traits. Increased facial hair, a deeper voice, and even a larger clitoris can all occur when using sustanon. Some women may also experience hair loss and balding. Therefore, women should steer clear of sustanon and try another treatment method for their muscle building.


Q: Is sustanon safe for teenage athletes?


A: Teenage athletes attempting to compete at high levels may be tempted to take sustanon. There is also a chance that their coaches or parents may pressure them to take it or buy it to improve their performance. Doing so would be a mistake that could seriously affect the health of the teen and even damage their athletic performance.


While many teenagers look like young adults and may even be emotionally mature, their bodies are still developing. In fact, their hormone levels will be in a state of flux as they age. For example, male teens will experience higher levels of testosterone production to make them more masculine and strong. Adding sustanon to their bodies will interfere with this production and cause potential issues that could affect them for the rest of their lives.


Q: Can sustanon be found in a steroid test?


A: Steroid tests are taken during a variety of competitions, particularly those that focus heavily on muscles. And sustanon, like many types of anabolic steroids, can be detected in these tests. In fact, it is possible to detect sustanon in a urine test several months after you stop taking it. That’s because it can affect the production of your testosterone for an extended period.


Even those who have undergone PCT routines are likely to have elevated testosterone levels that indicate the use of sustanon or other types of anabolic steroids. And if these steroids are detected in your urine, you are likely to be disqualified from a competition. In fact, there is also a good chance that you could suffer from various types of punishment from the league in charge of the tournament, such as a temporary or even permanent competitive ban.


Q: Will sustanon disqualify me from a competition?


A: As mentioned above, the use of sustanon will disqualify you from most athletic competitions. Even if it isn’t focused on muscle building, most athletic leagues frown upon the use of anabolic steroids. That’s because the benefits they provide can help your performance out in a multitude of different ways. Therefore, it is wise not to use these substances during any competition.


Q: Are there legal ramification for using sustanon?


A: In the United States, sustanon is considered a controlled substance. This classification means that you cannot buy it from a pharmacy or directly from a manufacturer. However, you can use it if a doctor has prescribed it to you. While these types of prescriptions are growing increasingly rare, it may still be used for various types of wasting diseases.


That said, bodybuilders across the nation purchase sustanon directly from overseas manufacturers and have it shipped directly to their home. This choice could be troublesome because you may run into legal issues if you are found to be imported controlled substances. While you could claim that you are using it for research purposes (a situation in which sustanon is acceptable to use), there is a chance the legal authorities won’t believe you.


Q: Do people who use sustanon stop producing testosterone?


A: Anabolic steroids artificially increase your production of testosterone while you use it. After you quit taking it, your body will cease to produce testosterone for a period. In this situation, it is possible to suffer from negative side effects, such as a higher voice, decreased testicle size, and even hair loss. In most cases, these effects are temporary, but they can be annoying and uncomfortable to experience.


However, PCT is designed to help your body avoid this issue and to increase its production of testosterone. In most cases, a round of PCT should bring your natural production of testosterone back to normal. This step is crucial because it can help to make your muscle gains more permanent and avoid the inevitable loss that occurs after you quit taking sustanon.


Q: Does sustanon improve my stamina?


A: Sustanon is not designed to improve a person’s stamina but to build their muscles. However, it does increase your muscles’ ability to recover from severe exercise. As a result, most people taking sustanon can exercise for longer periods without getting tired. And that increased resistance to exhaustion may make it easier to build your stamina through cardiovascular routines.


Q Are legal variations truly better than sustanon?


A: The legal issues that surround sustanon often make their alternatives a more attractive choice for many bodybuilders. However, they are usually not as potent as sustanon for a variety of reasons. First of all, they don’t utilize the same kind of ingredients and aren’t designed to be as severe on the body as these substances. As a result, they are usually a little milder on the body and not quite as effective.


However, that does mean that their side effects will be less severe than those associated with sustanon. In fact, you typically don’t have to follow a PCT schedule as strictly with these legal alternatives. As a result, you may be able to cycle faster through these substances and get results that are similar to those associated with sustanon. As always, carefully consider your options before making any purchase to ensure you get the best experience.


Final Thoughts


If you are interested in sustanon and want to try it out for yourself, make sure that you are ready to suffer any potential legal consequences. Production in the United States is strictly controlled and using it can be a complex and difficult situation. These legal issues are particularly troubling if you compete at an amateur or professional level.


In fact, I strongly suggest using legal alternatives to avoid these kinds of complications. While they might not have the same sort of raw benefits of sustanon itself, they are close enough in their potency to make them worth it. That said, if sustanon sounds right for you, it is worth checking it out. As always, make sure that you talk to your doctor about the use of these substances before trying them out for yourself.

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