SARMS – (Step-by-Step) Complete Beginner’s Guide

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Sarms – Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving Maximum Gains


I think we can agree that:

Getting into shape and building heavy-duty muscles can be a SIGNIFICANT challenge for professionals and amateurs alike.

But, what if there is a something that can help?

Sarms are products that are designed to help us lose fat and increase our abilities to bulk up quickly and efficiently.

You’ve probably heard this term used by people in your gym and wondered what it meant. That’s why we are here to help. In this in-depth examination of SARMs, you will learn what these products do, how they are designed to help you bulk up, how you can maximize your gains when using them, and where to buy them. We have researched over a dozen different articles and studies on SARMs to create a list of the most accurate and reliable information you can find online.


We aren’t going to shy away from hiding any inconvenient truths about SARMs. While we believe that they are beneficial when used correctly, there are many precautions you need to consider and side effects that can impact their usefulness. So please take the time to read through this article to get an idea of the nature of SARMs and how you can use them in your life.


What are SARMs?

Vector illustration of seamless chemistry formulas on the green slate backgroundThe term SARMs stands for selective androgen receptor modulators. Those fancy words refer to a type of synthetic compound that targets specific androgen receptors in your body. When they are introduced into a person’s system, they help to promote a variety of reactions that are beneficial in a variety of ways. For example, they can help increase testosterone production and combat serious diseases.

Before discussing the ways they benefit you, it is worth delving deeper into the ways they affect the body.

Don’t worry, though.

We’re not going to get too scientific or inscrutable with this information. We are merely going to explain the many ways SARMs work in your body and how it affects the chemicals in your body known as hormones.



How SARMs Affect Hormones

You’ve probably heard the term “hormones” before but may not be sure what it indicates. Hormones are chemicals in the body that communicate directly with your cells. Your body is filled with dozens of hormones that perform different duties. For example, both men and women have estrogen in their body to provide them with some feminine features.


The counterpart to these hormones is androgens. These are a class of chemicals that produce masculine traits, such as facial hair, decreased body fat levels, and increased muscle mass. Exercise and diet can affect how many of these androgens are in your body.


Genetics also affects these levels, with some people naturally producing more androgens than others. Men usually produce higher levels of testosterone than women, which is why it is often easier for some to achieve higher muscle mass. However, your testosterone level typically peaks without outside help.



How SARMs Affect Testosterone

hand with pen drawing the chemical formula of testosterone is affected by sarmsSARMs work by targeting specific receptors in your body to make it easier to convert certain enzymes into hormones. Unlike other types of muscle-building compounds, they don’t take over the production of the testosterone in your body. They are designed to help make your production and absorbency more efficient. The actual science behind it can be complex and difficult to understand.


We’ll simplify it a little here.


SARMs streamline androgens production and also avoid breaking down other items in the body into different types of hormones. For example, they block the enzyme aromatase from converting testosterone into estrogen. As a result, you can work out more efficiently and achieve better results.


These effects are also essential for bodybuilders who are worried about the adverse side effects of other supplements, like steroids. We will discuss the significant differences between SARMs and steroids later. However, you should understand that SARMs are not steroids or even in the same class of supplements.



Are Sarms Safe?

Close-up of stethoscope and paper on background of doctor and patient hands illustrating if sarms are safeThere have been several studies on the safety of these types of compounds.

The results have been interesting.

For example, many sites will tell you that they don’t suppress your natural production of testosterone while you use them. However, some studies have found that it can cause a decrease in your testosterone production as high as 43 percent.


That said, this drop was nowhere near as severe as that experienced with steroids. And so far, most people who took SARMs were able to recover and start producing testosterone naturally at a full level. As a result, it is essential to consider this information before you start using them.


That’s why assuming that your androgen levels won’t be affected is such a significant mistake. You need to consider that concern before attempting any procedure that affects your hormones.

The Bottom Line:

That said, they are a safer alternative to steroids for those who want to bulk up quickly.



Is There a Cancer Risk?

Those who have used steroids or other muscle-building compounds may have heard that steroids have a severe cancer risk.

Beyond the effect on your androgen levels, the cancer risk of taking these compounds has been studied.

What did these studies find?

Are these compounds as dangerous as steroids in that regard?

The Results:

The results have been mostly positive. In fact, it was found that some SARMs may suppress the production of certain types of cancerous tumors. This topic will be discussed in more depth later.


However, another study did find that the SARM known as Cardarine produced small cancerous growths in tests on mice.

Of course, the amount given to mice was a very high level that most people would never take. The study also noted that the bodies and metabolisms of mice and humans are very different and that there isn’t a one-to-one correlation between the two.


As a result, there have been no reports of SARMs causing cancer in bodybuilders.

There have also been no reports of anybody overdosing or dying because of taking them. We feel comfortable saying that they are safe when used correctly. While there are some side effects to consider, we will discuss them in more depth below.



Are SARMs Legal?

judge showing book asking if sarms are legalThere is a legal gray area surrounding the availability of SARMs. It is technically legally possible to obtain them from a variety of sources. We’ll discuss a few different options later and give you our top choice of the best provider. However, the FDA has yet to approve these compounds for human consumption or state that they are unfit for human consumption.


As a result, it isn’t possible to buy them in a supplement or pill-based format. For some users, this may be a problem because they are used to taking muscle-building compounds in supplement form. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get SARMs. They are available in powder and liquid format and are sold only for research purpose and not for human use.


As you can see, this creates a somewhat confusing legal area that complicates using them. While it is technically legal for you to buy these products, manufacturers actually can’t sell them or advertise them for regular human use. However, that doesn’t stop you from buying a container of liquid SARM and taking it for your muscle-building routine.


After all, nobody is going to show up at your door and demand that you show them proof of your SARM research. The use of these products isn’t policed or monitored, resulting in an exciting range of possibilities for bodybuilders like you. One thing that is particularly interesting about these compounds is that they are still being studied for possible medical use.



Could They Be Approved in the Future?

Many types of SARM compounds are being studied and tested for potential medical use. For example, they have been considered a potentially useful way to balance hormones and increase a person’s energy levels. They have also been researched as a potential way of treating osteoporosis and muscle disorders that weaken a person.


As a result, it is possible that they could be approved in the future for human consumption. When this happens, you can bet that many companies will try to produce and market them as muscle-building compounds. Until that happens, though, you can still buy liquid and powder varieties for “research” and use them for your own needs.



How are SARMs Different Than Steroids?

Syringe with glass vials and medications pills drugThe million dollar question:

You’re probably wondering how SARMs are different from steroids.

After all, they are often trumpeted as a safer and more effective alternative to steroid use.

What makes them safer than steroids?

That’s a question that requires delving into the nature of both types of compounds, discussing how they work on the body, and explaining why SARMs are safer and more effective.



The Nature of SARMs

While we have already discussed the basic way these compounds work, let’s discuss a few more aspects of their operation to give you a better feel for how they work. First of all, they will only attach to certain parts of the body. They have been designed to stick only to the bones and muscles in your body, rather than anywhere with androgen receptors.


As a result, only these parts of the body will be affected by their androgen effects. This fact makes them more efficient because they focus their benefits only on the areas that you want to build. They are also not designed to increase your testosterone production or replace it. Therefore, they don’t limit your production nearly as much.



How Steroids Differ

Steroids are different because they are more general in their tissue bonding and will stick to any part of the body that has androgen receptors. While this may seem like a benefit, it decreases their muscle-building efficiency. That’s because if you put the same amount of steroids and SARM compound into a body, the former will spread itself more thinly.


Even worse, steroids have the effect of shutting down your testosterone production by artificially increasing your levels. As a result, a person who stops taking steroids is going to suffer from a variety of adverse side effects, such as hair loss, increased feminine features, and even muscle loss. These problems either don’t occur with SARM compounds or are less pronounced.



SARMs are Simply Safer

While it is true that some SARM supplements may cause your body to slow its testosterone production, steroids can halt it completely. Even worse, you may never regain your ability to produce testosterone after you quit taking steroids. That problem doesn’t happen with those who use a SARM. As a result, a growing number of people are turning to these products.


However, we also think it is important to compare these compounds to prohormones. Muscle builders often use these products as a way of increasing exercise effectiveness. How do SARMs stack up when compared to these products?



SARMS vs. Prohormones

Prohormones are some of the first types of body-building supplements ever produced on the market. They are somewhat hard to define because they come in many different varieties. In a nutshell, they work by providing the body with the chemicals that it needs to create testosterone. They differ from steroids because they don’t increase testosterone production artificially but provide the body with more compounds for its production.


They are typically considered milder and safer to use than steroids. That’s because they rarely cause the body to stop producing testosterone completely. However, they do have adverse side effects on the endocrine system and must be taken at a much lower level than SARMs.


The significant difference between the two items, though, is their legality. This point is one that is important to consider if you are thinking of buying either type. While SARM compounds are still in a somewhat gray area, prohormones are technically banned by the US government and many others around the world.



Why Many Prohormones are Illegal

In 2004, President George W. Bush signed into law the “Anabolic Steroid Control Act.” This law was designed to protect people from the dangers of anabolic steroids. However, the law was rather broad in what it considered problematic compounds. As a result, many types of prohormones were banned under this act.


This problem has made it more difficult for people to find legal sources of prohormones. However, there are some types still on the market, such as methylated steroids like Havoc, superdrol, and masterdrol. Muscle-builders often use these compounds to protect themselves from the dangers of steroids. However, they have problems that make them less useful than SARM items. For example, many can severely damage your liver if you take them for an extended period.


Even worse, these substances produce many of the same side effects as steroids, such as balding. These side effects are either absent or less pronounced in those who use SARMs. This fact probably explains why they are still legal. The potential medical benefits are another primary reason they are still available. Unlike anabolic steroids and prohormones, they may have other types of positive effects.



There is No Comparison Between the Two

While the gains from prohormones and SARM compounds are typically on the same level, the latter type is easier to obtain and safer for your body. Using them at a reasonable dose will produce fewer negative effects on your body and still help you increase your muscle mass. That’s why they can be considered a better alternative to prohormones.



What are the Benefits of SARMs?

Now that you understand the safety of SARMs and how well they stack up against steroids and prohormones, it is important to understand their benefits fully. There are a broad variety of reasons that people prefer taking these compounds over others. We will outline a few of the reasons that they are beneficial and give you an idea as to why you should try them out.




Unlike other types of supplements, SARMs won’t cause liver damage. They also don’t cause bone loss or decrease your muscle mass when you’re done using them. Other benefits include a decreased threat of prostate problems, lack of increased estrogen production, and other positive health benefits. Each of these has been tested and confirmed multiple times, making them scientifically-proven.



Boosted Muscle Size

A multitude of studies and tests have found that people who take these compounds while exercising can gain up to 15 pounds of muscle tissue during a three-month period. The exact growth will vary depending on your genetics, your diet, and the strictness of your training. Eating a protein-rich diet and exercising more strenuously greatly increased their effectiveness.



Improved Muscle Strength

Studies have shown that using SARMs can increase your muscle strength by up to 20 times. This study was published in the “Asian Journal of Andrology” and found that people who took these compounds would continue to gain muscle tissue for up to five months. However, the effectiveness did dip after the first three months, which is why most cycles should only last this long.



More Specific Absorption

When compared to steroids and prohormones, SARMs had a more fine-tuned and specific absorption rate. This fact means that they were more efficient and effective when compared to these products. As a result, you aren’t likely to get negative side effects in other parts of your body, such as the kidney or heart, and should recover more quickly when you stop taking them.



Improved Sex Drive

Those who are fighting a decrease in their libido have found that taking these compounds helped to boost their sex drive exponentially. In the same “Asian Journal of Andrology” study mentioned above, it was found that it helped to increase sexual hormone production. This change helped users feel more desire and to achieve more satisfaction during the act than they did before taking the supplement.



Heart Health

In the same study quoted in the section above, it was found that this treatment had positive effects on certain types of heart problems. Unlike other types of testosterone therapy, it did not thicken the blood. As a result, a person was less likely to suffer from severe heart problems when trying to use these products.



May Help Some Cancers

The “Public Library of Science” reported that SARMs might help treat breast cancer. This study found that they could decrease tumor weight by as much as 90 percent. Even better, they can help prevent tumors from ever occurring. Interestingly, the fact that these compounds don’t affect estrogen levels also helps manage breast cancer severity.



Decreased Need for Post-Cycle Therapy

Anyone who uses steroids or prohormones has likely undergone post-cycle therapy. This process will be discussed in more depth later, but it is worth knowing that SARMs decrease the need for this treatment. In the “Oxford Journal of Gerontology,” it was found that some patients hormone and lipid levels rebounded so quickly after stopping SARMs that no type of post-cycle therapy was necessary.



The Benefits are Diverse

As you can see, these compounds are beneficial for people like you. However, there are also some side effects to consider when taking them. While some sites will tell you that there are almost no side effects, that isn’t quite true. We aren’t going to sugarcoat this article by pretending SARMs are perfect. However, we also believe that these side effects are minimal when compared to steroids and prohormones.



The Side Effects of SARMS

chalkboard showing side effects of sarmsBefore you run off to make an order for one of these compounds, you need to understand the possible side effects. These concerns are nowhere near as scary or as life-changing as steroids. However, they have been known to occur in several users. As a result, it is essential that you understand them before you start a cycle.



Increased Femininity

Male users who take products like this may be at risk of increasing their feminine traits. This issue occurs because their testosterone levels are likely to drop until they quit taking SARMs. As a result, they may have a higher voice, larger breasts, or even a smaller penis. Thankfully, these side effects rarely occur, and if they do, are temporary.


In fact, it has been found that most should go away after taking these products and without the use of post-cycle therapy. However, more severe concerns may take a little longer to manage and require the use of special hormone treatments to cure.




When women take these compounds, they are running the risk of developing more masculine traits. These include losing breast mass, developing facial hair, and getting a deeper voice. It is also possible that their genitals could be affected by an increased clitoris size.


However, these problems are nowhere near as pronounced as they would be with steroids. Most women can take a low dose of SARMs over a three-month period without any harmful side effects. Going through post-cycle therapy should help them recover from this danger.



Decreased Testosterone Levels

As mentioned before, your body will produce a smaller amount of testosterone while on your SARM cycle. That said, it isn’t likely to completely shut down for good. Most men and women should have a balanced level of testosterone production after their cycle is over.


However, this effect will vary depending on the type of SARMs product used. We will discuss more of these later to give you an idea of what forms are available on the market. In our research, we found that SARM S-23 was the most significant offender when it came to testosterone suppression.



Vision Problems

One concern that has many people debating the worth of SARM products is the effect it has on vision. Some people have reported that it caused blurred vision that didn’t go away until after they stopped taking their supplement. Most instances of this disappeared after they stopped.


It is worth noting that these reports are not comprehensive. Most people who take this supplement have shown no symptoms of vision issues. The most common compound associated with this concern was Ostarine. If you already have concerns about your vision, it might be wise to avoid this item or to keep away from SARMs entirely.



Assessing These Negatives

As you can see, SARM products are not completely free from side effects. However, most of them are minor and require very little recovery time. In fact, these concerns didn’t even occur in a majority of users. As a result, it is fair to say that most people should be safe to take them.


That said, make sure you fully understand the possibility of their development before taking any SARMs. And don’t hesitate to stop taking them if you notice any of them developing. You may want to talk to your doctor if you see these symptoms or if you have any other concerns regarding your use of SARM items.


Where to Buy Sarms?

Bodybuilding nutrition supplements and chemistryThere are many different places you can buy Sarms. For example, there are quite a few online stores that stock this product. There are also a variety of health shops that should have it. While the ultimate choice of where to buy Sarms is up to you, we strongly suggest that you choose Proven Peptides. Our research has shown that they are the best and most reliable provider of dietary supplements of this type.

Proven Peptides has a high-level of customer service that makes them among the most popular sellers of supplements on the market. They regularly post their Third-Party Certificates of Analysis to indicate that they are a successful company. These certificates are only granted to a company if they show an independent analysis group that they work hard to promote healthy and useful products.

Beyond that, they also offer a full money-back guarantee and speedy shipping that is among the fastest on the market. In fact, you will get your product in just a couple of days. They also suspend their items in a high-quality medium to ensure they stay fresh during the shipping process. Those who want Sarms can know that they can trust this company.



What are the Different Types of SARMs?

Now that you have a pretty good idea of the effects of these products, it is worth breaking down the most common and effective. We are going to list some of the most popular of these SARMs to give you an idea as to which is right for you. However, we are also going to include a list of products commonly mistaken for SARMs that are not.



LGD-4033 Ligandrol

ligandrol lgd 4033

This product is also known as LGD 4033. It is a supplement that has few side effects and helps promote great lean mass gains. Another nice thing about this product is that it has a low dosage level. A study dose is no more than one milligram. An average is about 4-5 while the highest is 10.


It is among the most commonly available and widely used on the market today. However, it may cause headaches, acne, some acid reflux, and low testosterone. Its intensity means that it probably suppresses testosterone production the most out of any other product on this list.




Ostarine Mk 2866

Ostarine Mk 2866

Otherwise known as MK-2866, this product is typically used for those who want to maintain muscle mass for an extended period. It is less strong than LGD-4033, which means you can take it at higher levels. The test dose is about three milligrams while the average is 20 and the highest 50. Most side effects are easy to tolerate.


The most common of these adverse reactions include acne and headaches. Testosterone suppression should only occur if you cycle for lengthy periods of time. As a result, many people choose this type of SARMs if they want something less severe and more comfortable to tolerate.



RAD 140 Testolone

Like LGD-4033, Rad 140 Testolone is very potent. It is designed for lean mass gains and shorter cycling. Doses max out at 30 milligrams but average at about 10. This dosage means it is a little less potent than LGD-4033, but it is still one of the stronger and most effective as that product.


The one thing that may concern users is that it lacks any human trials. This fact means that there could be more severe reactions that have yet to be confirmed. The most severe problem is likely to be hair loss followed by low testosterone during the length of your cycle.




Andarine S-4

Andarine S4

The low potency of Andarine S-4 makes it an interesting alternative to those who have a hard time tolerating more severe versions. As a result, it is possible to dose as high as 100 milligrams with this supplement. However, most people use one at about 50 milligrams. This lack of potency means it can be taken over an extended period for serious lean mass gains.


However, people who take this product have reported suffering from decreased night vision and a yellow tint to their sight. Other side effects include excessive acne and eventual testosterone suppression. For those with vision concerns, it is probably best to try another choice.




 YK11 is an increasingly popular muscle-boosting product that has been getting a lot of press over the last few years. YK11 is a dietary supplement that works primarily as a myostatin inhibitor. It is designed to help increase your muscle mass, produce more healthy chemicals, and create a healthy body growth that is sustainable for an extended period.







SR 9009 Stenabolic

These products are often considered SARM supplements but don’t meet the qualification. For example, SR9009 may improve your cardiovascular exercise abilities but doesn’t actively work on your hormones.







Cardarine GW-50156

Cardarine GW-50156 is a similar supplement that is not a SARM but which can be stacked with them for bulking purposes.


AMPK and PPAR are also commonly confused as SARMs but are instead exercise mimetics. This fact means they help improve your exercise abilities without actually working on your hormones.






ibutamoren mk 677

MK-677 does affect your hormones but only increases your growth hormone. It doesn’t inhibit anything in your body. While it may be useful for some people, it should not be confused with a SARM.






Making a Choice

Which of these products sounds the most beneficial for you? That will all depend on the benefits you want and the side effects you want to avoid. Make sure to carefully read over this list to get a good idea as to what is right for you and then make a careful and informed decision based on your exercise goals.



What is a PCT?

We have already discussed post-cycle therapy or PCT a little bit in this article. However, it is important to know whether or not it is necessary for you before taking one. We recommend that just about everybody consider some form of PCT when using SARMs. While the need is less intense than with steroid use, it is still a wise decision.


We suggest that you take about the same amount of time off on your PCT that you did when using your SARMs. For example, an eight-week use cycle should be followed by an eight-week PCT. During this period, you will actively take supplements to boost your testosterone levels and help your endocrine system recover. Your cycle will also depend on the SARM you use.


It can also vary depending on whether or not you stack SARMs. Stacking consists of taking multiple types of SARM products at the same time. People usually do this to bulk up or cut more quickly. It is essential to take the time to understand which types you should stack and which you should not.


Below, we will discuss the types of compounds that are safe to stack and which you should avoid. By following this information and carefully balancing your usage out, you can bulk up and get cut more efficiently. We will also discuss which types of SARMs you should use for more generalized weight loss.



What are the Best SARMS to Stack for Bulking?

When stacking your SARMs, it is essential to take into account the type of product you are using and the benefits it provides you. It is also crucial to find ones that don’t interact negatively or promote side effects that you can’t control. Learning how to stack on your own can be a pretty challenging process.


That’s why we’ve compiled a few of the best possible stackable SARMs on the market right now. While there aren’t necessarily a whole lot of considerations for you, there should be more than enough to ensure you get the results you want. Make sure to pay particular attention to this information before making a stacking decision.



S4 and MK-2866

S4 remains a very popular SARM because it has been tested regularly and confirmed by a multitude of different studies. In fact, it is possible to pair S4 with LGD-4033 to get a high level of success. However, this pairing may not be the best for some people because it causes heavy testosterone suppression.


That’s why we suggest MK-2866. It has been shown to pair very well with S4. It also doesn’t worsen the adverse side effects associated with S4. Even better, it won’t suppress your testosterone levels too severely and will allow you to bulk up quickly and efficiently.



GW-501516 and LGD-4033

Stacking these two SARM products requires a careful balance between the two. We suggest that you start out with GW-501516 or Cardarine. It has a solid balance and provides you with a variety of benefits, including improving cell health by creating more mitochondria in your body.


As this product is technically not a SARM, it won’t suppress your testosterone production. As a result, this is a good one to pair with LGD-4033. The strength of these two makes it a great combination. You can also try it out with MK-2866 for slightly less extreme results.



LGD-4033 and Ostarine

By now, most people know how LGD-4033 works for building muscle mass. However, one thing that studies have shown is that it doesn’t burn fat on its own. This fact is frustrating for those who like the way it builds lean mass but who also want to lose fat.


Stacking it with Ostarine helps increase the potency of both types of SARMs. Ostarine will help burn fat off or your body while the LGD-4033 increases your muscle mass. In many ways, this is a dream combination for many users. However, it can cause high levels of testosterone suppression that may interfere with your bulking.



Ostarine and GW-501516

While this combination is typically a little bit better for cutting muscles, it can still be used for bulking. That’s because you can tweak the dose levels of each of these SARMs to bring out different effects. For example, you can add more Ostarine if you want to burn fat or add more GW-501516 if you want to build muscle mass.


As a result, we have found that this bulking combination is accessible for those who are starting out with a little fat on the body. It can help cut muscles and make them more toned. Then, you can tweak the formula to create more muscle mass for bulking. The only problem we can find is elevated estradiol levels. This increase can cause a person to feel depressed or anxious.



Andarine, Cardarine, and Ostarine

If you have the money to spend on these three SARMs, combining them is a great choice. Adding Andarine to this list helps to increase your bone strength and keep you from suffering from fractures. This compound is essential for those who are bulking up because it can prevent injuries and strains that could derail their routine.


The other components help to improve your metabolism and provide you with a variety of different benefits. For example, Cardarine can help to prevent diabetes and balance your blood sugar levels. Those who want to bulk up and who don’t mind spending a little bit of cash should try this combination. It’s one of the best ways to bulk up.



Common Stacking Mistakes

People often try to tweak their stack by switching their SARMs part of the way through the process. We can’t warm enough against this activity. You are putting your body at risk by switching too soon because you are subjecting it to too many hormonal changes. Sticking to one stack is important because it won’t cause negative reactions, such as increased testosterone suppression.



What are the Best SARMs for Weight Loss and Cutting?

rear view of bodybuilder topWhen it comes to weight loss, we suggest LGD-4033 taken orally.

Even if it doesn’t help you eliminate fat (as we mentioned above), it is among the safest and easiest to use SARMs on the market. It also helps avoid adverse side effects, such as balding and acne. We also like the fact that it is potent and helps inspire more success and efficient exercise.


Those who are considering this supplement should take it at least once every day and with an empty or full stomach. Doses don’t need to be that big if you’re just looking for weight loss.

You could take 3-5 milligrams per day for eight weeks. Pair this dose with regular exercise, and you should see that weight burn off quickly and efficiently.


MK-2866 is another excellent choice because it isn’t quite as potent as the other SARM items on our list.

It is also designed to maintain muscle mass and help a person cut what mass they do possess. You are going to have to take at least one dose of this every day at about 6-8 milligrams. Any higher and you will lose the cutting benefits and start building muscles.


Last, but not least, is Testone. This product is the most aggressive and potent cutting SARM products available. It isn’t a good choice for those just starting out, though, as it requires a lot of exercises to maintain the benefits. Dose at about five milligrams per day to get the maximum effect. On all of these supplements, make sure to take them for an 8-12 week period followed by a 4-6 week PCT for maximum results.



Before and After Effects of SARMs Use

While we have talked heavily about the usefulness of SARM compounds, it is worth taking a look at a few different pictures to get an idea as to how they can benefit you. Below, are two before and after comparisons posted by people online. We will take a brief look at each of these pictures and discuss a case study to give you an idea as to how you can benefit from this product.


In this picture, you can see how the user increased the definition in his muscles. In the before shot, he has a little form to his body but is in dire need of tone. By using SARMs and exercising regularly, he produced incredible abs and increased definition in his muscles.


Caption: Picture Courtesy of Organic and Waterless



Here is an example of how SARM products work on somebody who was already pretty cut. As you can see, this user had pretty good muscles in the before picture. However, he was able to craft six-pack abs with a lot of definition. This change shows that even people who are already pretty buff can significantly benefit from trying out SARMs.


Caption: Picture Courtesy of Iron and Tweed



While these pictures are a great way to gauge the effects of these supplements visually, it is also worth examining a case study in more depth. Below is a situation in which a person tracked their progress with SARMs and detailed how well it worked for their needs.




In this study produced by ERIS Fit, the user found that their bone density increased by seven percent during their trial period. They found that they had an increase of nearly one-and-a-half inches on their thighs and a one-half inch increase in the size of their calves. They also found that their muscle aesthetics improved and became more defined.


While he was somewhat disappointed that he didn’t gain massive amounts of muscle mass, he did find the overall process beneficial. He also found that it was essential to consider a variety of factors before progressing. These factors will define whether or not your muscle gains will be maintainable or if you will lose them more quickly.



Genetic Potential

Studies have found that people who use SARMs to progress past their genetic limit are more likely to lose muscle mass. That’s because their body will naturally try to regress back to that genetic limit. Those who have a naturally high level of potential muscles are more likely to maintain their extra muscle mass for an extended period.


However, it was also found that those who carefully cycle their SARM use may be able to maintain it far longer. This process includes using post-cycle therapy to balance your hormone levels after you are finished. Those who used this method could retain muscle masses outside their genetic limit for far longer than those who did not.


Age will also play an effect on this process. The body will naturally lose muscle mass as you age. While you can build much of this back with exercise and supplement use, you can’t reverse the aging clock. As a result, a 50-year-old bodybuilder will have a harder time keeping their muscle mass than someone younger. However, other factors are more in your control here.



Training Intensity

After achieving your peak muscle mass with SARMs, did you stop exercising as hard? Then you are likely to lose some muscle mass. That’s because larger muscles require higher maintenance than smaller ones. This fact means that you are going to have to maintain a pretty consistent exercise intensity to maintain that extra bulk.


In fact, taking SARM supplements to achieve this muscle mass can complicate the process by temporarily suppressing your endocrine system. This situation is where post-cycle recovery comes into play. Following this process, and keeping your diet and exercise routine strenuous, will improve your chances of maintaining your muscle mass.


As a result, you’re going to need to maintain a protein-heavy diet that helps promote muscle growth and health. You also need to find time to workout at least once or twice every day. Commitment is the most important part of this process. Those who simply don’t have the time or patience to maintain their muscle mass on SARMs won’t.



Post-Cycle Therapies are Necessary

While a PCT routine may not be necessary to regain your testosterone production after using a SARM, it is essential when trying to maintain your muscle mass. Using SARMs is not a miracle cure that automatically promotes muscle growth. You need to have a PCT routine prepared well before you quit taking your SARM doses. You also need to stick to it religiously to avoid losing muscle mass.


While a good PCT regimen may not completely stop you from losing a little muscle mass, it can slow your decay down exponentially. Even better, it can help you avoid harmful side effects and to recover more efficiently. As a result, you can prepare your body for another SARM cycle and get ready to build even more muscle mass.


However, there is a point when SARMs won’t help you anymore. If you cannot put on any more muscle mass or have reached a peak limit, you must stop taking these supplements. At this point, a high-quality diet and regular exercise should be more than enough to maintain the kind of physique that you want.



Important Takeaways

The gains a person makes on SARMs will vary depending on the work they put in and their dedication to the process. It also varies depending on concerns beyond your control. By following these careful steps and using PCT properly, you can avoid muscle loss and look great for years. You can also help yourself ease out of using these items and rely on your natural strength to maintain your physique.



Other FAQs on SARMS

frequently asked questions about sarms

Q: Can you hide SARM use from doping committees?

Those who are considering competitive sports or muscle-building competitions should not use these compounds. They can be detected in doping tests and are considered a banned substance. While they do leave your body after you stop using them, this can take some time, and a small residue of the compound may be present in your blood for months.


As a result, it is best to avoid using these if you plan on competing. Even if these products can produce massive gains that help you compete at a higher level, they could also end your competitive career forever. Even if you’re allowed to participate again later, your reputation will be ruined. SARM compounds should only be used by those who fully understand the possible consequences.



Q: How long before SARMs work?

When you start taking these products, you should notice a real difference in your performance and capabilities within two weeks. While you won’t be fully cut, you should find it easier to exercise. You should also be noticing clear muscle gains. In some cases, large gains before two weeks are possible. It is also possible that you may not notice gains for three weeks to a month.


Stay patient when using these products. Also, avoid increasing your dosage until you notice actual changes. Increasing your dose too early can cause your body to acclimate to it too quickly. This issue creates the danger of increasing the adverse side effects without boosting their actual benefits.



Q: How are SARMs stored?

When you buy one of these products, make sure to keep it in its original container. Placing it in other sealed plastic containers could cause it to spoil more quickly. One bottle should be enough to last you several months, and it should be good for over a year if kept at room temperature. Placing it in a temperature-controlled closet is often a great step.



Q: Can you overdose?

Overdosing on these compounds is a complex situation. While it won’t cause the kinds of problems you see when overdosing on illicit substances, it may increase the prevalence of your side effects. For example, you may find your hair thinning more quickly or notice your vision blurring heavily. Take only the recommended dosage and only increase your intake very slowly and over several weeks.



Q: What is a good starting dose?

The answer to that question all depends on your goals. People who want to cut usually start out by taking about 10-25 milligrams or so every day. Those who are looking for heavier muscle gains may shoot for 50 milligrams. Taking more than 50-70 milligrams in a day is not recommended. Doing so will increase your risk of developing more serious problems.



Q: Can women take SARMs?

Most women should be able to take these items without suffering from noticeable side effects. However, they should take them at a lower dose than men. That’s because it can cause an increase in testosterone production. This concern can cause their voice to lower, promote facial hair growth, and decrease the size of their breasts.


Take about 20 milligrams or less if you are a woman interested in trying them out. Most women should easily tolerate this small amount. If you notice any adverse side effects occurring, stop taking them immediately and go into post-cycle therapy. This process should help you recover and keep you from becoming excessively masculine.



Q: Will SARMs make me bald?

As mentioned before, these compounds may have some effect on your hair production. Some men notice that they suffer from thinning hair when they stop taking these substances. However, they may also found that their hair production is increased.


The effect can be somewhat unpredictable and doesn’t necessarily affect everyone who uses this substance. For example, those who already suffer from male pattern baldness are more likely to see this problem increase. However, those who already have high levels of testosterone may see this problem worsen.



Q: Is powder or liquid better?

Many people prefer raw powder because they can use it to fill up their pills or tablets. This process helps to make it easier to dose properly or to use these products with friends. They are taken orally and break down more slowly over an extended period.


Others prefer liquid form because it can be injected into the bloodstream. Those who want a quick dose of SARM products often turn to this method over powder forms because it is the fastest way to inject it.


Both approaches have their benefits. Taking the powder in a pill form helps to slow down your metabolism of SARMs and makes it last longer. However, injecting liquid helps it start working more quickly.


That said, inserting the fluid into a vein does increase your risk of developing infections or other serious problems related to the needle. If you do decide to inject, make sure to keep your needles sterile with alcohol or other products.



Q: Should I use post-cycle therapy when I quit?

As you cannot take SARMs indefinitely, you will have to cycle off of them at some point. Post-cycle therapy may be useful for those who are experiencing severe side effects. For example, if you notice yourself becoming more feminine or losing hair, post-cycle treatment can help restore your body to natural testosterone production.


Thankfully, it should be easier for most people to recover from SARMs than steroids. You will typically have to take a SERM or selective estrogen receptor modulator, an aromatase inhibitor, and PCT supplements during this process. You will then have to wait a few months before taking any more SARM compounds.



Q: Are SARMs natural?

These products are created by artificial means to interact with your hormones in a multitude of ways. They aren’t natural but are easily tolerated by the body. This unnatural production explains all of the side effects that can occur when you take them. After all, they are a type of drug and will affect the way your body operates.


However, those who take them in a safe and controlled manner can minimize or even eliminate the side effects. While they are not natural and are by no means perfect, they are the most efficient and safe supplement that a person can take to improve their muscle mass quickly and efficiently.



Final Thoughts – Sarms

By now, you should have a pretty good idea as to whether or not they are right for your needs. We have given you the most in-depth source of information you are going to find anywhere on the web. With this detailed information, you can make an informed decision and search for a compound that you believe works best for you.


More importantly, you know about the potential dangers and side effects of using these products. While we stand for the safety of these items and believe they are beneficial, we also cannot hide the fact that there are some negative issues associated with their use. If these negatives are too severe or problematic for you, you may not want to use them for your routines.


However, if you find that the positives outweigh the negatives and are ready to get ripped quickly and efficiently, don’t hesitate to buy some. Like others who have used them in the past, you are likely to find yourself getting more muscular than ever. Make sure that you understand how to cycle off of them when you’re done to avoid most of the adverse reactions.




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