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Even though I eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, sometimes I want a more convenient way to get extra nutrients in to my body. I was introduced to BABA GREENS awhile ago from a trainer at my gym, and since then have fell in love with it! For a couple of months, I have been using this supplement and definitely feel better for it.

Keto Diet

Being on a Keto diet makes it hard searching for a supplement that works together to keep Ketosis. The raw ingredients in BABA GREENS are uncooked and dehydrated to keep the nutrients active. Therefore, making it easier for absorption of all nutrients in BABA GREENS. 

Benefits of BABA GREENS

There is a laundry list of benefits that this supplement offers but I’ll break down a few that I am always looking for in a good dietary supplement. 

  • Helps With Weight Loss
  • Detoxifies your body of harmful toxic substance
  • Greatly improved my energy levels
  • Probiotics restoring the gut flora for healthy benefits 
  • No sugar added

I have found many supplements clump up and fail to correctly mix up as advertised, but NOT an issue with BABA GREENS. Just add water and shake, or blend for a perfect mix every time. Also, I’ve found that mixing with coconut water, fruit juices, and other types of plant based milk makes for a very good taste.

Two Amazing flavors: Juicy Tangerine & Sweet Berry
I bought hem both because I like to switch every day.

Life can be so busy. Sometimes it’s so busy, it’s difficult to make sure I eat a healthy diet and stay on track. I make a smoothie almost every single day for breakfast, sometimes for lunch, too. It’s an easy and fast way to eat my daily antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. By adding BABA GREENS to my smoothies I can reap all the benefits without sacrificing the taste.

Check out BABA GREENS website or go to their Etsy Shop for more information.

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