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Rapid Fat Loss Plans – Benefits and what Works Best?

a bigger woman shrinking to a smaller man showing rapid fat loss

When you subscribe to a PSMF diet, the diet will help you in rapid fat loss and then transition into a healthy eating habit to avoid regaining weight.


Put simply, PSMF is a low-calorie diet where an individual is mostly exposed to protein, vitamins and mineral supplements and a lot of fluid.

It is not a permanent way of eating.

A study by Bakhach et al (2016) revealed that Protein Sparing Modified Fast diets are able to help individuals, adolescents and adults with severe cases of obesity go through rapid fat loss and maintain a lean body mass for a long time without any form of exercise.

Are there any benefits in Rapid Fat Loss?

rapid fat loss obesity doctor checking computerOne of the main advantages of slow weight loss programs over rapid fat loss programs is that they do not affect your body’s physiological processes.

You do not suffer physiological breakdowns and you are not mentally stressed.

However, this will take years and you will keep suffering from the same conditions that keep you up all night.

These include high blood pressure, joint pains, arthritis, severe sleep apnea and many more.

With a fast weight loss plan such as our rapid fat loss program, you will have shed enough weight to regain a normal life in less than a year, in most cases in a few months.

If you choose a slow weight loss program, you will take more than a year, in some instances five or more years.

Within a period of five years, a lot will happen in your body and most of the chronic conditions associated with obesity will have escalated.

To this end, it is inevitable that you undergo rapid fat loss.

What immediate conditions will you rectify by losing weight fast and in a healthy way?

Most people are losing weight with the aim of avoiding heart disease.

This is a good goal, but that will not cure some of the bothering conditions associated with obesity.

In fact, most people do not realize that some of the issues they face are caused by being obese.

You may want to shed weight so as to look petite and presentable. While it is good to have a great physique, you can wait for a couple of years to achieve that.

Why is Rapid Fat Loss helpful?

When you set about losing weight fast, forget about looking good, having those good looking abs, forget civic duties and even obligations, forget all the chatter about thigh gap and duck lips.

In18 months of healthy eating and exercise - 180 pounds lost short, forget about body image.

This will not motivate you enough to want to lose weight fast and in a healthy manner.

While at it, for a moment forget about the big diseases; heart diseases, atherosclerosis and diabetes among others, and forget about getting healthy at any size.

While all these are solid reasons why you would want to lose weight, they do not motivate you enough to want to shed weight immediately.

If you, like me, pay attention to mainstream conversation about fatness and health, the concern is mostly on the big name heart diseases.

What they forget is that an obese person is battling some issues every day; issues that make their life hectic, and they may not be realizing that their size is to blame.

Let us take a case of eating red meat. When you take red meat, your chances of getting cancer increase by ten percent.

However, your chance of getting any type of cancer (without taking red meat) is about 1 in 100,000.

If you increase this chance by 10 percent, it only rises to 1.1 in 100000. This is only 0.000011 percent. It is good to lose weight not to get cancer, but that is still not very inspiring.

Here is why you need a rapid fat loss diet plan to lose weight fast. Do it with a safe program, PSMF.

Your joints will rest easy

Osteoarthritis is a joint disease where the cartilages of our joints wear out.

If you do not have the slightest idea of what this condition can do, imagine two stones grinding on each other. If you ask me, healthy people do not take this condition seriously. It is common when you age.

This condition can, however, be debilitating and your joints will hurt. It is a vicious cycle.

When your joints hurt, you move less and this means your joints will not get loaded.

This will make your muscles weak and force does not get cushioned properly. If your joints are less cushioned, and all the force goes to the joint, the condition will only worsen and you will be in more pain.

Consider the fact that osteoarthritis can affect people with lean muscles; why much damage can be done on the knees when the joints have to hold more weight. It does not take more than a year to damage the cartilages.

The odds of being diagnosed with osteoarthritis are more than six times higher in heavy people than in light people.

Not only do heavy people place more weight on their knees, but there is also a relationship between excess body fat and inflammation.

By burning fat rapidly, you will be able to reduce joint pain and ease movement.


Get a good night’s sleep by beating sleep apnea

mature woman sleeping on bedThis is a condition that affects you every day as long as you are wearing that layer of fat.

It is the exact scenario that will happen when a rock blocks a tunnel. Forget about snoring at night, that you can live with.

With sleep apnea, the upper airway will collapse when you sleep and this cuts off the oxygen supply.

What this means is that you lack oxygen when you sleep over and over.

Imagine what this would do to your physiological processes if it happens repeatedly for one year.

More fat means worse cases of apnea. A number of factors lead to a severe condition.

When your body has more fat, the airway is blocked more and it collapses.

The fat in your upper body will put weight on your lungs and take up space your lungs are supposed to occupy and you end up having less and less oxygen.

Your hormonal signals will change and there are chances that your respiratory system will be re-wired.

There is about 25 percent of adults with apnea, and about 50 percent of obese people have sleep apnea.

What is scarier is the fact that if you suffer mild sleep apnea, adding a little weight will escalate the condition up to 20 percent.

This condition affects even children. 46 percent or more of obese children suffer from this condition.

Sleep being a major regulator of the body’s metabolism, having a bad night’s sleep will affect the metabolic health.

This means you may have rapid aging of cells, inflammation, cell oxidation and hormonal disruptions. In the long term, this will lead to a number of chronic conditions.

Start enjoying your food by losing weight fast

This may sound crazy but it is true; people who struggle with weight also struggle with taste.

It may be an issue of wanting tastes more, having cravings, or it may be a problem with the way tastes are created in one’s mouth.

People vary greatly in how they identify different flavors and textures.

There is a hypothesis that says if you cannot taste food, you eat more to compensate. People with high BMI tend to avoid food items that are bitter. Ergo, they will stay away from vegetables which are bitter.

There is still no theory relating obesity and weight.

However, studies have been done on rats and proven that obesity and excess feeding has a direct impact on taste.

Results showed that obesity-prone rats when overfed had changes in their taste cells’ activities. When the rats are given weight loss surgery, they tend to go back to their cravings/wanting behavior.

This means that people with high body fat percentage will have altered perception for flavors.

This can trigger weight gain. There is hope though; tastes are changeable.

When you lose weight and get fit, your perception of tastes and flavors will change. When you enjoy your food, you will be more satisfied and you will eat less.

Improve your immunity by shedding weight fast

3d illustration of viruses attacking nerve cells, concept for Neurologic Diseases, tumors and brain surgery.The good thing when you lose weight fast with a a diet plan that leaves your body healthy such as PSMF is that you keep off other diseases.

The body is not a kind of ATM where fat is deposited and withdrawn to produce energy.

It is an active endocrine gland that produces hormones and also cytokines. These substances have a great effect on your body; they communicate chemically.

Like in any settings, balance is key. In a normal situation, with normal body fat, the hormones and cytokines work well.

However, when a person has excess fat, things are bound to go wrong.

The immune system gets off balance.

With a high BMI, there are increased chances of suffering from gum disease, nose and sinus infections, mouth herpes and stomach infections.

These are caused by a high release of immune hormones which with time lose their ability to spot and to stop the actual infections.

Survive surgery and have a safe childbirth

You never know when you will need to have an incision.

People with a high percentage of body fat are relatively harder to incubate, their wounds tend to open after incision, their operation time is very high and they may develop postoperative complications. Surgery, for them, is a high risk.

Pregnancy and childbirth is a good example. 50 percent of women who are obese have to undergo a caesarean section.

This is compared to the general population of 20 percent. Even when they give birth normally, there may still be surgical incisions to make. This is beside pregnancy complications that tend to go high with obesity.

What Sets PSMF Diet Apart?

There are hordes of weight loss programs today. PSMF Diet tops the list, thanks to the fact that it is safe.

After the end of the fast weight loss plan, you go back to your normal life without a hassle.

How PSMF Diet Works

True to its name, PSMF is a rapid fat loss program that works like a controlled way of fasting.

While fasting means that one abstains from food and drinks for a specific period, PSMF refers to restrictions on food and drinks in a specific way.

Your food source will be calculated protein amounts; calculations will consider your lean body mass to make the program individualized.

The rapid fat loss diet also involves eating lots of healthy, low carb veggies.

These vegetables help you stay full and reduce cravings associated with fasting.

You should consider the help of a doctor or dietitian when you embark on this program.

Basically, PSMF involves removing carbohydrates and fats completely from your diet and eating only lean proteins.

According to Bakhach et al (2016), the diet is able to provide an individual with 800 calories per day and utilizes about 1.5 grams of protein every day.

Nutritionally, this rapid fat loss diet is incomplete. An individual is therefore advised to take supplements of vitamins, salts, and minerals.

Protein Sparing Modified Fast is able to invoke ketosis, a state in which your body does not have enough glucose running in your blood stream and is, therefore, forced to start using body fat to produce energy.

This state is called ketosis.

As the body eats into the fat beneath the skin, you will lose the weight quickly. The protein that an individual takes is to help maintain lean muscle mass. For long-term success, a proper meal plan is key.

Is this a program for everyone?

As mentioned above, the rapid fat loss program works by abstaining from fats and carbs and letting the body eat body fat to produce energy.

This fast weight loss diet plan diet works well for those with 40 or more pounds to lose but do not want to exercise, or they want to witness the change in few weeks, something that exercise will not give.

You may also consider the diet if you have a significant amount of weight to lose and you have a deadline in the form of a wedding or a graduation.

There are concerns about the sustainability of this diet as a solution for obesity.

During starvation, there are chances that some body organs may be affected. To this end, the program can only last for a maximum of eight months with lots of supplements to keep the body functioning normally.

Does PSMF work? Is there evidence supporting it works?

an orange wrapped around a tape measureProtein Sparing Modified Fast started in 1970.

As a new concept, the method was able to achieve rapid fat loss and was viewed as a good solution for obesity.

However, the patients were not provided with the correct lean protein and thus ended up losing a large amount of their lean muscle mass.

The outcomes were not favorable. This occurred because, as the body started eating into body fats, there was nothing to prevent it from eating into lean muscle mass.

Since then, there have been lots of adjustments to the program to make it better.

After studies, researchers found that by providing high-quality lean proteins and supplements of minerals and vitamins, the body could undergo rapid fat loss without eating into lean muscle mass.

These adjustments made the program successful and popular.

Studies Supporting PSMF for Rapid Fat Loss

Multi-Disciplinary Obesity Treatment with PSMF: 668 Outpatients

The above mentioned study used PSMF diet to get fast weight loss results in 668 patients, 104 men and 564 women who were obese.

These patients followed the rapid fat loss program for a period of between 12 and 17 weeks and later underwent a transition period for between 17 and 19 weeks.

The transition period was to ensure that the patients went back to their normal lives without any health effect, and also to ensure that the patients do not start regaining the lost weight.

In this study professionally supervised nutrition, behavior modification and education were incorporated to enhance success.

According to Palgi et al (1985), the patients would visit a clinic every week where their weight, their blood pressure, breath, urine and ketone levels were monitored.

Afterwards, the patients would meet a counselor to assess their progress and be motivated to keep up with the rapid fat loss program.

This happened throughout all the 37 weeks that the program lasted.

The patients would also be assisted to set their goals and helped cope with all food related problems that they were facing.

Results Attained

The most obese patients and those who followed every bit of the program lost the highest amount of weight.

According to the findings of the research, some of the patients lost up to 40 pounds in a period of less than one year.

As a direct impact of losing weight fast from the diet plan, other health benefits were achieved.

Patients with high blood pressure attained low blood pressure, low blood sugar, lower bad cholesterol and lower triglycerides, among other benefits associated with weight loss.

Given the many benefits, patients were able to stop most of the prescription medications that they were on before they lost weight.

Most of the patients who were on type 2 diabetes were able to regain control of their blood sugar levels, while others that were not eligible for surgeries due to their weights became eligible.

The PSMF Diet: An Effective and Safe Approach to Rapid Fat Loss in Obese Adolescents

In the 1970s, obesity was not common in adolescents like it became a few years after the 70’s and like it is today.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) (2015), brought to light that between 1980 and 2012, the percentage of children between age six and 11 who were obese had risen from a meager seven percent to 18 percent.

The percentage of adolescents between twelve and nineteen years who were obese rose form five percent to 21 percent over the period 1980 to 2012.

Though these statistics were worrying, the PSMF diet became even more popular for losing weight fast.

Researchers wanted to test whether PSMF rapid fat loss diet is a safe approach to obesity in adolescents and whether it could give the same results as it did in adults.

The study involved 12 adolescents. This group of 12 was put into PSMF diet and monitored in Cleveland Clinic following the clinic’s Obesity Management Program.

Just like in the first adult study, the patients were exposed to the diet for more than 15 weeks and later to a refeed program for more than 10 weeks.

The program and the refeed phase were meant to offer rapid fat loss and ensure that the students do not gain weight again.

Results of the Study

According to Bakhach, PSMF can be used as an effective and safe approach to rapid fat loss in an outpatient setting.

According to the study, PSMF is as effective in adolescents as it is in adults.

Adolescents with severe obesity can benefit from the program if only they follow it to bits.

Seeing that the number of adolescents that participated in the study was low, the study should have been repeated to ascertain that there are no significant differences when a large number participates.

Who should use this Fast Weight Loss Diet Plan?

before and after a man after doing rapid fast loss psmfThe motivation behind PSMF diet was to help individuals with a body mass index of more than 30 and need rapid fat loss to improve their health.

This means that it was created for only those who are obese.

It is still used by people who are overweight, those with a BMI of more than 27, and those who are obese.

However, lately the program has been used by those who suffer from type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, hypertension, hepatic Steatosis and fatty liver disease.

Anyone who yearns to shed off weight within a short time can join a safe rapid fat loss program, PSMF diet program.

For success, an individual needs to have willpower and be dedicated to the program.

There are support programs online where patients in this program can get help and connect with other patients to hasten weight loss.

Is PSMF a dull program?

No. Though it involves starving your body, you will have fun with free meals and refeeds as explained below.

Free Meal on Protein Sparing Modified Fast Diet

Free meals while on a fast weight loss plan refer to a break from your fasting where you take a meal not abiding by the same rules as your PSMF diet.

Here, you can take anything that ignites your taste buds.

These free meals are considered crucial, as they allow your body a physiological break.

Due to the mental grind that a rapid fat loss program can expose you to, the free meal enables your mind to stay focused in the right direction; knowing there is a break that is coming gives you motivation to endure the rapid fat loss program.

So pick a day and enjoy a hot meal with family or friends.

Though you are allowed to eat whatever you like during the break, it is important not to go overboard as you will be defeating the purpose of what you are doing.

In this case, try not to take advantage of the break by overeating or taking unhealthy foods, as this will take a toll.

How often you take your free meal should be determined by your goals.

While some may plan to have a weekly free meal, some will have a free meal after ten days.

It is up to you to decide what works best with you.

The most important thing is that you do not miss the meal.

When PSMF is guided by a physician or a nutritionist, they can help you choose the most appropriate time for the free meal.

Individuals with a strong willpower and are more dedicated to the course will find it easy to stay for long periods without the free meal.

A free meal basically helps you manage your appetite and to keep your physiological processes up.

To this end, you should take healthy foods and not junk.

If, for instance, you love salads, you can take a healthy salad as the first course before taking the main course.

This will help dull the appetite a bit.

As a rule of thumb, your free meal duration should last at most an hour.

You should not be surprised if you stepped on the scale and realized an increase in weight.

This is mostly caused by the water retention property of carbs. This does not mean you give up on your diet.

Why are refeeds important?

a picture of beans showing why refeeds are importantA person who has been on a caloric deficit will understand that it is not fun.

PSMF works on caloric deficits to ignite rapid fat loss.

The concept is easy; you take in less and take out more and end up losing weight.

While on PSMF, it reaches a point where your body changes and does not work efficiently, as the metabolism slows down.

This hinders the body from going into a starvation mode.

When the metabolism goes low, a refeed comes in handy.

The meal you take will kick-start your metabolism and help you endure the rapid fat loss diet.

The refeed also helps you break the monotony of eating broccoli and lean protein. You can include a few of your favorite foods on the refeed day.

Refeeds do not only help you physiologically but also physically.

You will have a meal to look forward to as you carry on the PSMF diet program.

This way, you will have the motivation to eat the chicken breast, broccoli, and brown rice.

Physically, leptin levels in your body will rise and your energy levels will shoot up.

In short, it is a way of regulating your system while on a fast weight loss diet plan.

With a refeed, your glycogen levels will rise and this will help you in your workouts.

In fact, if you are always working out when on PSMF, you need to have frequent refeeds.

Lastly, a refeed will reduce cravings associated with rapid fat loss.

A refeed should help you reach given macros for the day and not add a couple of thousands of calories.

To this end, you need to be cautious of the food you take.

When on a fast weight loss plan or program, you cut up to 30 percent of caloric intake every day.

This means you will be taking about 1000 calories. During refeeds, you consume up to 30 percent more calories. This will increase your calorie intake up to 1700 calories per day.

You will be at a surplus, in terms of calories, but the benefits you get will be worth it.

For the day, you want to hit carb, fat and protein levels when calculating your macros.

You need about 1g per pound of protein, take as fewer fats as you can for the day, less than 50g, and the rest of calories should come from carbs.

Carbs are encouraged as the main sources of calories for the refeed day, as they give you the energy boost you have been lacking.

If you take foods rich in carbs, you will feel full fast and the foods are fulfilling. You will not feel deprived after you eat carbs and you will enjoy your meal.

During refeeding while on rapid fat loss diet, incorporate foods such as:
• Pasta
• High grain meals
• Potatoes
• Fruits and starchy vegetables
• Pancakes and other hearty breakfast meals

Conclusion – Rapid Fat Loss

Any rapid weight loss program is not for the faint of heart.

Yes, it gives results, but you have to be dedicated to attaining those results.

It has free meal days, but those can be once a month.

There are refeeds, but then again, these can be once every two weeks. In short, you will feel starved during the rapid fat loss, but nothing good ever comes easy, is there?

The success of a fast weight loss plan will mostly be determined by your dedication, but you cannot be dedicated to something you know little about.

Ergo, you need to understand how to calculate your lean muscle mass and your calorie intake.

You also need to be logical when planning for PSMF diet as too much intake of calories during free meals or refeeds will set you back a few steps.

Alternatively, you can seek the help of a nutritionist who will guide you through the fast weight loss plan or program.

Among your goals, while planning your diet should be to keep your physiology intact, and ensure no body processes are interfered with.

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