Psmf Snacks – 12 Tasty Snacks for a PSMF Diet (Complete List)

Psmf Snacks – 12 Tasty Snacks for a PSMF Diet (Complete List)

Psmf snacks on a plateMost of the time our meals on PSMF are pretty boring and cut dry. However, to make dieting much more enjoyable,  adding in occasional snacks can really spruce things up.
There are a few products to help curb that appetite when you are just craving the munchies, but your calories can add up pretty quick,  so try not to go overboard.

Below are some of my favorite PSMF Friendly Snacks.


Quest Chips

Wild Bills Beef Jerky

Ostrim Sticks

Think Jerky

Sugar-Free Jello

Miso Soup


Pork Rinds


Kim Chi

Deli Meats

Low/Non-Fat Cheese
Cheese Sticks


Snacking Tips while doing PSMF Diet


Snacks can be the difference in failing or succeeding in your psmf diet plan.

When you’re trying to keep your hunger in check, taking a few extra bites isn’t worth it.

Too many bites and you will consume too many calories without realizing it.

Learning to have good snacking habits can keep you feeling good when it’s time for your weigh in at the scale.

When you plan your meals out, giving in to those small snacks during the day can take a toll — particularly in the event that you aren’t monitoring them.

Are you really guilty of catching a donut at your morning meeting or a couple of candies from your desk workers jar?

Being unaware of this type of eating is why it’s so easy to fall into the trap.

Even if it’s a lick, flavor, or a modest bite of a small candy, they all add up.  You can really see this when you start to record your daily counts as well.

Having said that, it’s also important that you do snack while doing psmf. The important thing will be to find out the best way to eat responsibly on high-quality foods.

Keep track of your meal times

Research from a biochemical perspective shows when we’re attempting to keep our weight or lose it, stabilizing blood sugar by eating every 3-4 hours is essential.

You’ll be able to keep track of your calories and your always discharging insulin – which is great.

When you skip meals and snack through the entire day, it can cause you to become exceedingly hungry and overeat at your next meal. Developing a good meal schedule is essential.

Your snacks should be treated like Meals

When we are snacking a lot, we usually dismiss eating practices that are normal.

An example of this would be sitting at the table. An example of this is to be actively engaging in a conversation while digging into a bag of chips.

I think everyone has done this one time or another.

By not actively recognizing what you have, it can lead to overeating.

To appreciate it, take a seat and truly the take the time to place whatever you’re eating on a plate. This will make you treat it much more like a meal.

Understand the calories

Generally speaking, monitoring your snack calories will be very significant.

This is where proper everyday planning will be crucial in the protein sparing modified fast diet. Watch the numbers and keep records of what you are eating.

Use my calculator to make sure you are within your daily ranges.

Make sure you get the Macros

Snacking is meant to ensure you don’t go to dinner starving. This will cause you to get a low blood glucose reading.

Make sure your snacks are doing what they designed for which is to ensure it’s carbs, healthful fats, and proteins.

When … you can not stop

A good method to use if you can’t stop snacking is to brush your teeth.

You will find it harder to eat another snack or sweet after you have had a sweet mint taste in your mouth.

Some other tips include painting your nails, playing on the computer or anything that diverts you from going back in the kitchen.

After any of this, you more than likely will have forgotten about what you were craving.

Some people have had success using an EC Stack with psmf, but this is optional.

Command Your Surroundings

It’s pretty straightforward. Don’t keep snacks in the home in the event that you find that you’re having a serious problem with controlling yourself.

You will not be able to eat something if it’s not there.

If you have a particular problem with a certain food, then you need to stop buying it.  If it’s not enjoyable to deprive yourself of your favorite foods, then it’s not worth keeping them.