Best Psmf Diet Meal Plan and Complete Food List (Updated)

Best Psmf Diet Meal Plan and Complete Food List (Updated)

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Psmf Sample Meal Plan

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PSMF Diet Sample meal plan and Food List

PSMF Diet Food List

  • Really lean leans cuts of poultry high in protein. As are fish, shellfish, and egg whites.
  • Average fat protein examples are lean meat from lamb, well-trimmed steak, and cuts of pork.
  • Fat /nonfat variations of cheese and cottage cheese can be incorporated into your everyday diet.
  • You can softly salt your food, unless you have problems with a health condition that stipulates no sodium.
  • You can use cooking spray to stir-fry or sauté low carb vegetables.


  • Infinite: Water (tap, spring, mineral, seltzer or soda water), decaffeinated
    Drinks, like black coffee, black or green tea, herbal teas. (Limitation
    caffeinated drinks; see below)
  • Small Amounts: Diet pop (limitation to 2 cans or 24 oz per day), routine black
    Java or tea (limitation to a cup/day as a result of caffeine content).
  • Specific use: When lightheadedness is an issue, a broth or bouillon could be utilized to help. Dissolve 1 package or block of bouillon in 8 oz of
    hot water. Drink this and drink another glass of water. It will help improve your blood pressure as well as your blood volume.
  • Avoid: sports drinks, standard pop and tonics, alcoholic beverages, juices, milk drinks, tonic water and “ade”– sort beverages. Read labels carefully. Many “clear” drinks include sucrose, fructose, or corn syrup as sweeteners (these are kinds of sugars).

Artificial Sweeteners

You will want to be careful about anything that contains artificial sweeteners, as it plays a role into your daily limits. An example would be someone who is restricted to 2 packages of Equal, Stevia, or Splenda on a daily basis. This really is equivalent to the servings of the drinks above.This means if a 24-ounce container of Vitamin Water with zero calories is consumed, that would be over the limit. No artificial sweetener can be in addition to it.

Sugarless Jello is permitted, but a just half cup on a daily basis, and make sure you factor in your sweetener limit. This really is one place that it can be cheated. This happens when someone eats a half of a cup of sugar-free Jello every day but still has to have a half of a cup to one package containing stevia in their morning java. This may be stretching it, but not the worst thing ever.

SweetNLow is less limited – You can consume up to six packages of that on a daily basis. This really is mainly because it’s a concentrated sweet.

You are permitted up to two tablespoons of milk or cream (or one teaspoon of creamer with powder) per day. You can use half and half, about one tablespoon, in each cup.

You can have one to two cups of coffee (twelve ounces each) daily.

Why are artificial sweeteners so concerning?  Some artificial sweeteners affect the body in a way much like sugar, where it can cause you to fall out of ketosis.

This would be an example of using too much of them.  My advice is to be very aware of which sweetener you are using and read the labels! Some may have 3 total carbs per serving! Plenty of the packages also include traces of carbs because they’re usually combined with something else to make them powders that would be free-flowing. Some people purchase a bottle of stevia to prevent these problems.

But, they still control it to stay within their psmf diet plan for weight loss. There are deceiving things to be careful with in Stevia.  This is because Stevia is a combination of erythritol and rebiana.

Erythritol is a 0 calorie sugar alcohol, Rebiana comes from the stevia plant. Sugar alcohols can affect your capability to remain in ketosis and are generally found in your carbohydrate count on the food label.

Sweeteners, Sugars, and Other Products

There are many ways in which sugars may show up in your daily psmf diet meal plan. Become aware of the various sugars used in food, for example, there are many types of flavor enhancers. Xylitol, Fructose, and Sorbitol, are classified as sugars with increased calories.

These sugars have been known to cause stomach issues.

If you are unsure of this weight loss diet food plan, consult with your dietitian.

Don’t consume:

Chemical sugars: mannitol, dulcitol, xylitol, sorbitol
Syrups: cane, corn, honey, molasses, sorghum, turbinado
Sugars: granulated, cane, brownish, beet, confectioners, powdered, corn, grape, invert
Other sugar: fructose, glucose, lactose, dextrin, mannose, levulose, dextrose, malt, maltose

Cakes, biscuits, sweets, ice cream, even if they’re “diet” variations.

Quinine water, sweet” ginger ale, tonic water, and fifty-fifty should even be avoided since they have sugar. Drugs purchased at your local pharmacy should be only pills. An example of this is to take DayQuil pills rather than the syrup. Sugar-free chewing gum is permitted but restricted to 4 squares daily or 2 sticks.


Condiments are also an extremely catchy part of PSMF diet meal plan.  You must read your labels carefully – you’ll be surprised what you discover! Along with small quantities of fresh garlic, onion, parsley, and celery, these things could be utilized to improve the flavor of foods. Brand names are utilized to assist you in choosing suitable choices.

butter sprays (sparingly)
Molly McButter
mustard, brown (limit 1 tablespoon daily)
mustard, yellowish (limit 1 tablespoon per day)
tabasco sauce
fat substitute spray (like Pam)
flavor infusions
Liquid Smoke flavorer
bouillon cubes

“no sugar added” BBQ sauce, ketchup, and cocktail sauce (including Walden Farms, 1 tablespoon daily)
“no oil, no sugar added” salad dressings (like Walden Farms, 1 tablespoon daily)
spray dressings like Wishbone (sparingly)
1 tablespoon daily of oil, mayonnaise, margarine, or butter (light flavored)
1 serving per day of A1 Sauce (1 teaspoon), soy sauce (Kikkoman, 1 tablespoon), horseradish (prepared, 1 teaspoon), Worcestershire sauce (2 teaspoons)

Daily Food Strategy

Use just the quantity of food intended for your individual needs. Each day you’ll be permitted:

Morning: 3-4 oz of protein
Day: 6 oz of protein 1 vegetable from list
Evening: 8 oz of protein 1 vegetable from list
Bites: up to 2 ounces of low-fat cheese per day, and bouillon, discretionary additional protein
As needed to control hunger during the first 3 days, eat protein. Beverage at least 3-4 quarts of water daily. Restrict diet soda daily to 2 cans or less. Don’t skip meals.

Specific Directions

Eat just the quantity of vegetables and meat set on your own psmf meal diet plan calculated amounts. To be able to set up routine eating habits, it is necessary to attempt to eat three meals daily at about the same time daily and at regular times. All meats ought to be boiled or roasted under this high protein diet plan. Make use of a stand to maintain the drippings when roasting meats. Measure or weigh all food portions. Buy typical eight-oz measuring cups and measuring spoons to quantify all food and drinks. Meat portions could be weighed on a food or postal scale. Until you become accurate at judging proper numbers continue to weigh and measure your pieces.

Check your eligibility to judge portion sizes by measuring and occasionally weighing your food items. Have more questions about setting up your PSMF meal plan.  Ask a member of our forums and they will be glad to assist.