How to Get Rid of Jitters in Your Energy Routine: The Power of Cordyceps

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People love coffee. It’s the any-time-of-day-pick-me-up-in-a-cup that no one can seem to get enough of. According to recent studies, 64% of Americans drink coffee every day.  Averaging almost three cups each, or 400-million cups if you total it up. That’s a lot of coffee. Hey, we get it. Coffee is amazing! It’s chock-full of antioxidants, good for your heart and liver, and may help you live longer. But despite coffee’s popularity, many people find it gives them the jitters. Taking the enjoyment right out of it. We’re going to tell you how to get rid of jitters, without giving up the boost.

What’s With the Jitters Anyway?

You may be wondering, ‘if coffee is so great, why do so many people get jittery from it?’

There is a reason coffee is sometimes referred to as ‘jitter juice.’ It’s the caffeine content that gives us the ‘boost’ feeling. Caffeine is a potent stimulant that for some may be too much.

The average 8-ounce cup of coffee can have anywhere from 95 to 165mg of caffeine. Sometimes more depending on the type of coffee.

What’s a caffeine-sensitive person to do! It’s such a cultural staple that many of us can’t imagine going a day without coffee. But the jitters can make it a non-starter.

There’s got to be a comparable energy enhancer out there that doesn’t make you jittery.

There absolutely is. Enter Cordyceps.

How to Get Rid of Jitters

Easing off the jitter juice but keeping the beloved boost in energy levels is 100% possible. There are a ton of natural energy boosters out there gaining popularity right now.

Acai, Matcha, even dark chocolate is getting some love. But perhaps the most exciting are the mushroom supplements! All strains of mushrooms have loads of benefits.

There’s Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Chaga, Turkey Tail, Shitake, Maitake, and Cordyceps to name but a few.

Cordyceps seem to be the darlings of the moment. Renowned for their energy-boosting properties as well as their freaky origin story.

This is the particular strain we’ll be looking at in this article.

So, What Are Cordyceps?

Wild Cordyceps Sinensis is the formal name. It’s a parasitic fungus with over 400 different species, found all over the world.

This is where we get into the freaky origin story. It’s going to get a little weird but stick with us.

Wild Cordyceps is just that, wild. Each species infects a certain type of bug. The spores will land on a bug or the bug’s larvae and proceed to make themselves at home.

As the spore settles in, it turns into mycelium within the bug or larvae. As it grows, the mycelium eats the host from the inside. Consuming everything.

Once done, if conditions are favorable, a mushroom (Cordyceps) sprouts. Right through the bug’s head or the larvae’s body.

Spores are released from the mushroom ‘fruit’, and the cycle begins again. The sprouted mushroom is what would traditionally get consumed. Making its way into some kind of Cordyceps supplement.

We know, it’s a far-out origin story. One that is so weird to think about, but there you have it.

Lucky for us though, most supplements on the market today do not use this strain. The price tag would be way too high.

Wild Cordyceps, CS-4 and Cordyceps Myceliated Grain

Wild Cordyceps Sinesis is hard to come by. Unless you’re in Asia. Even then, that strain tends to be expensive.

When Cordyceps first gained popularity in the U.S. in the 80s, most people couldn’t afford it. But still, it was gripping the country and health-nuts had to have it.

Scientists were able to create Cordyceps cultures in a lab. The only difference, they couldn’t fruit – that is, they didn’t produce a mushroom. This is known as CS-4 and is among the most widely available Cordyceps strain.

Another method uses grain to grow the mycelium, which is called Myceliated Grain. Both made it possible to find high-quality Cordyceps for a fraction of the price.

Today, most supplements on the market will contain some combination of these strains.


The effects of CS-4 are very much like those of Wild Cordyceps Sinesis. Making it a great, affordable substitute.

CS-4 uses a liquid fermentation process. Liquid fermentation is when the mycelium is grown in a liquid nutrient bath. Rather than that whole spore infecting and killing its host.

Once the mycelium is full-grown, the nutrient bath is drained. What you have left is an ultra-concentrated, ultra-pure mycelium.

Myceliated Grain

The Myceliated Grain version uses solid-state fermentation instead of the liquid fermentation. This is the most economical way to grow Cordyceps in the United States. It is also called ‘Mycelium on Grain’, or MOG.

In solid-state fermentation, the mycelium is grown in a plastic bag full of sterilized grain. The mycelium doesn’t eat all of the grain and it can’t be separated from the final product.

This means that high concentrations of grain tend to end up in the final product. Which isn’t a huge deal, it just means that products with MOG may be a bit less potent.

A Rich History

Believe it or not, using Cordyceps for health and energy is not a new idea. Traditional Chinese Medicine has been utilizing Cordyceps for centuries.

Many ancient people around the world have harvested fruiting fungi, making fungi an integral part of our global cultural story.

In Ancient China there was a time when Cordyceps was only made available to the Emperor. Herbalists saw it as an adaptogen and immune-supportive herb- one that supported the kidney and lung systems, promoting overall endocrine health.

They understood long ago that Cordyceps was effective in treating many ailments, including cancer, TB, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, diabetes, and even erectile dysfunction.

What’s the real zinger getting Cordyceps all the attention these days? The natural energy boost it delivers!

Cordyceps for Energy

Scientists today have actually confirmed some of the claims about this wild fungus. Most notably how it affects our energy levels.

There are three primary ways that Cordyceps boosts energy levels.

1. Improves Insulin Sensitivity.

Our cells can become resistant to insulin.

This means we aren’t taking in enough glucose to keep us going. Keeping our energy levels low. Cordyceps extract has shown itself to help improve insulin sensitivity.

Being more insulin sensitive helps increase glucose uptake. Leading to better physical performance and increased energy.

2. Boosts ATP Production

In our bodies, adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, is a big deal.

ATP captures chemical energy that’s created from food and releases it. Once released, that energy plays a part in every biochemical reaction in our bodies.

Cordyceps supplements have shown they can help increase ATP production. Boom – boosted energy levels with no caffeine jitters!

3. Improves Lactic Acid Metabolism

Lactic acid is a kind of waste product our bodies produce when we do heavy exercise. Cordyceps increase the body’s ability to process it faster, which studies now back up.

In one example, Cordyceps supplements were given to healthy people aged 50-75. They took CS-4 supplements and did moderate exercise. After twelve weeks, researchers found something interesting – the subjects’ lactate acid threshold had increased by 10.5%.

Because of this, Cordyceps supplements are the natural choice for former coffee drinkers. They deliver that energy boost without any of the jitteriness.

There’s more. Not only do Cordyceps boost energy levels, but they may also help you lose weight.

Cordyceps for Health

The energy-boosting and weight-loss benefits of Cordyceps is only the tip of the iceberg.

It seems like every day there are new studies coming out. Showing that good mushroom supplements can support your body in many critical ways.


Researchers are finding that Cordyceps is flush with antioxidants.

Antioxidants fight off cell damage by neutralizing free radicals in the body. Left unchecked, free radicals contribute to aging and disease. Studies so far have been conducted on mice, but the results are still promising.


In test-tube studies, scientists have found Cordyceps inhibits the growth of cancer cells. These tests used human tissue, so the results are directly applicable.

The cancers that were inhibited include colon, liver, lung, and skin cancers.

Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is a culprit behind many diseases for humans. From autoimmune conditions to arthritis.

New studies done on human cells show that Cordyceps may help reduce inflammation. Part of this may be because of its interaction with ATP receptors.

These are but a few of the beneficial properties scientists have confirmed.

Bring on the Mushrooms!

Isn’t it all kind of exciting? Science is corroborating things that Traditional Chinese Medicine has known for centuries.

In the world of health and wellness, fungi rule.

Naturally, we have some suggestions on supplements to check out. Each one contains Cordyceps Sinensis and several powerhouse friends.

These supplements are high-quality and can support you on a variety of special diets. They are all gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, 100% organic, and American made.

Om Energy +

mushroom superfood

This whole food supplement packs an energetic punch, without the jitters. With clean, sustained energy coming from:

  • Organic Cordyceps Militarist
  • Organic Cordyceps Sinensis
  • Organic Reishi
  • Organic Lion’s Mane
  • Guarana seed extract powder
  • Organic Yerba Mate leaf extract powder
  • Organic Monk Fruit Extract,
  • Turmeric rhizome extract powder

It will help you feel alert and focused with the added benefit of boosting your immune system. Chock-full of antioxidants and plenty of Vitamin C.

This supplement is a powder. Something that can make its way into your morning routine with no problem. Mix it up with water or juice or blend it into a smoothie.

One serving of this stuff gets you 2,000mg of mushrooms.

Om Fit

mushroom superfood

This one is great for anyone doing endurance training, which if we’re being honest, is most of us Americans. We never stop going.

Aside from the bustle of day-to-day life, Om Fit is great for athletes.
This supplement brings you the power of:

  • Cordyceps Militaris
  • Cordyceps Sinensis
  • Reishi
  • Lion’s Mane mycelial biomass and fruit body powder

It will support your aerobic stamina and aid you in recovery from heavy exertion. Expect improvements in respiration, endurance, and vitality.

Also, as a powder, you can mix it in with water or juice, even your coffee or tea! If that’s not your jam, mix it into a smoothie or your next meal.

Each serving gives you 2,000mg of mushrooms.

Om Restore

mushroom superfood

When you work hard, you need to recharge hard. Om Restore will support you in that. Whether you are an athlete or simply in need of a little natural energy boost.

This super-charged, proprietary blend of organic mushrooms includes:

  • King Trumpet
  • Cordyceps Militaris
  • Reishi
  • Antroida camphorata mycelial biomass

This is also a powder formula. Making it super easy to add to your diet. Like the others, you can mix this with pretty much anything you fancy.

Cordyceps As Part of a Weight-Loss Plan

Cordyceps and other mushroom blends are excellent, safe, natural energy boosters. But supplements are just that – meant to supplement a healthy lifestyle. Without that, even the best supplements will have limited scope.

If weight-loss is your goal, maybe you’ll be open to switching up your diet too. We’ve seen loads of success when people switch to a PSMF diet.

Short for Protein Sparse Modified Fast, PSMF is a very low-calorie diet. It’s designed to help you shed weight, fast. The long-term goal is to shed excess fat but keep muscle mass.

Making lifestyle changes like this means making a commitment to your self-care. However, the rewards are well worth the effort.

Commit to a Healthier You, Today

Well, there you have it. You now know how to get rid of jitters without a crash!

Are you curious about the supplements we recommended? The PSMF diet? Or just have some general questions? We want to hear from you. Connecting with others can help make big changes feel less challenging.

On our website, you’ll find tons of great resources to support you on your wellness journey.

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