Health Benefits Of Increased Protein Intake

Lean proteins food background. Red meat, chicken breast and salmon fillet over white timber. Top View.Protein intake is one of the pillars of any diet regimen – especially with the Protein Sparing Modified Fast program. The amount of protein that you consume in your diet, or even on a regular basis, has a direct effect in helping you reach your target weight successfully. If you choose to simply ignore your protein intake then you run the risk of missing your goal.

Diet programs are gaining popularity nowadays. A study published in The Atlantic revealed that no more than three percent of Americans understand and follow a healthy lifestyle. This is probably why there is currently an increase in diet programs.

People have come to accept that healthy living is a must. But although they explore different approaches, there will always be a diet program included in the strategy.

As mentioned earlier, protein intake is a valuable tool in your diet, especially in a PSMF program. Some of the effects of consuming inadequate amounts of protein are the following:

  • It slows down metabolism.
  • It is more difficult to reach your ideal weight goal.
  • It hinders you from building the desired muscle mass.
  • It makes you feel tired and fatigued easily.
  • It leads to heightened mood swings.
  • It compromises your immunity.

Obviously, taking in less than the desired amount of protein during a diet program is a big no-no in healthy living. Here are some of the advantages of taking the right amount and at times, increasing your protein intake.

Improves development of muscle mass

Proteins and muscle go together. When you take on a physical activity, you are purposefully breaking down muscle tissues. The idea behind it is that it would grow back and repair itself better, Exercise woman stretching hamstring leg muscles duing outdoor running workout. Smiling happy mixed race Asian Chinese / Caucasian sport fitness model in city park.stronger, and bigger.

The key ingredient that makes all this possible is protein. Your muscle tissues recruit protein. It is then used to build and repair muscles. This is why it is important to have an increased amount of protein intake when taking up an exercise regimen. As you break down muscle, you need to have enough protein to ensure that it is repaired. This is especially true when you are lifting weights where the load and demand on the muscles are greater.

Controls binge eating

As you increase your protein intake, it also helps you control your hunger and prevents you from giving into binge eating. It also makes you fuller. During the Protein Sparing Modified Fast program, the protein is used to ensure that you only burn fats and not your muscle or organ tissues.

Compared to carbohydrates and other fats, protein can help address snacking or even overeating because it delays hunger pangs over a longer time. It might have to do with what an article from Health Central recently shared. They explained that protein peptides can block MORs that influences your appetite. It then directs the brain to stimulate the gut for glucose creation. All this basically makes you fuller a lot longer.

Results to a better mood

protein intake better moodsIncreased protein intake, especially during the PSMF regimen, can also help you control your mood better. Protein has this unique ability to help balance your hormones naturally. This means you do not need to take any medicines to deal with hormonal imbalance. As such, it controls and improves your overall mood and can even help you alleviate anxious feelings.

It is no secret that hormones such as serotonin and dopamine help you calm down. Proteins help you synthesize these hormones in your body. The more protein you have, the more you can regulate these hormones. As mentioned earlier, it triggers glucose production which in turn can control your body’s sugar level. As you are able to do this, your cravings, mood changes, as well as your irritability is lessened.

Strengthens your bones

An article from WebMD shares that protein helps your body absorb more calcium. This, in turn, helps your bones become stronger and can even lower the chances of osteoporosis. There had been studies that show how increased protein intake can aid in bone healing. As much as it can help prevent weakness and even fractures, the way it increases bone metabolism and calcium absorption make it a great nutrient for healing broken bones.

Your bones are an integral part of your overall health and the stronger they are, the more it can support your overall body. This gives you more fuel to live life to the fullest and get more out of it. You do not have to spend a lot of time with doctor’s appointments and medical procedures.

Contributes to a stronger and healthier heart

There are studies that reveal how protein and heart diseases are inversely related to each other. This means that the higher the protein intake even in a Protein Sparing Modified Fast program, the lower the chances of getting any heart-related diseases. Apparently, protein is a natural remedy for high blood pressure.

In addition, replacing carbohydrate intake with increased protein consumption lowers the bad cholesterols in the body. The more protein that you have in the body, the more you can balance your blood sugar. With this in mind, increasing your protein intake can even help you stay away from obesity and even diabetes.

There are a lot of health benefits when you increase your protein intake. The body cannot use the muscles and organ tissues as energy. You, in turn, command your body to use up stored fats for energy. This is one of the reasons why the Protein Sparing Modified Fast works great for people trying to lose weight.

The idea is to work determine the right amount of protein your body needs. This starts with getting your total body weight then figuring out your fat levels. This would then give you a lean body mass which is important in computing for the right amount of protein and calories you need. Doing so can help you reach your ideal goal, protect your muscles and organ tissues, and allow you to enjoy the benefits of an increased protein intake in your body.

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