Getting Started with a PSMF Diet | Protein Sparing Modified Fasting

Getting Started with a PSMF Diet | Protein Sparing Modified Fasting

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Protein Sparing Modified Fast


Protein Sparing Modified Fasting 

“What on Earth is protein sparing modified fasting?”

“How can I lose weight quickly?”

“I need to go on a diet but I don’t know which one to try.”

“What is this protein sparing fasting diet I keep hearing so much about?”

Are you one of many experiencing the difficulties and challenges of slimming down?

Looking for another alternative?


What is Protein Sparing Modified Fasting?

Protein sparing modified fasting is employed most frequently to help patients slim down fast.  It is considered safe and very effective in rapid fat loss.

This is a low-calorie diet that involves eating high amounts of protein with minimal carbs and fat.

This diet is affordable and easy.

And here is the kicker:

It is quite good at promoting fat loss while preserving muscle mass.

When beginning this diet, here are seven steps to follow:

Determine your Perfect Body Weight

Be realistic. There are lots of people that are not meant to be 5’8″, 116 lbs.

 However, a slim, healthy target is completely sensible.

  • There are a lot of graphs and tables out there to supply guidance. But most folks should have a very good notion of what it is that they need to weigh.
  • For our case, let us suppose our goal is 150 lbs. for our perfect bodyweight.

What is your ideal bodyweight?


Determine Your Protein needs

There are numerous formulas, but the most straightforward one is to establish your protein requirements at (0.8 gs x perfect bodyweight in lbs.).

  • For our example issue, the correct protein ingestion would be 120 gs (150 x 0.8 =120).
  • The protein in the dietary plan will keep your muscle mass and offers a few carbs for your brain (protein could be converted to carbs).
  • You can use our own interactive calculator to help you figure out your protein needs and check out our protein sources to find out what you need to eat.

What exactly are your protein requirements?


Just Use Premium Quality Lean Protein Sources.

For people who eat meat, you are in luck. Any low-fat meat is okay. Skinless chicken breasts, low-fat fish, egg whites, and lean red meat are perfect.

    • Low-fat dairy product is, in addition, an excellent option. Calcium is essential to weight loss, so that is why dairy products should be counted in your plan.
    • Get your essential fatty acids necessary for various biological processes. Taking 8grams per day of fish oil is what you need. Make an effort to maintain the remainder of your diet as fat-free as possible.

What high-quality protein sources are you going to use?

No Carbs

This is actually the tough part for the majority of people. One of many bases of the diet will be to eat as close to zero carbs as possible. There are lots of biochemical changes that happen when carbs are absent from the body.

  • The key to burning fat is going to rely on your ability to keep your carbs low with this diet.  Unlike proteins and fats, carbs do not have to be consumed to support life.

Can you stay away from carbs?


Eat Your Veggies.

This diet allows for a generous eating of the majority of vegetables.

The following are off limits: corn, peas, carrots, and avocado. These vegetables are excessively full of fats or carbs. Stick with non-sweet vegetables including broccoli, lettuce, cucumbers, and peppers.

What are your favorite veggies?


Take your Daily Supplements

The entire purpose of the diet will be to just provide nutrients and the calories you need to live.

Take your Supplements to remain healthy.

What day-to-day vitamin are you going to take?


Have a Strategy For After the PSMF Plan.

Though higher calorie amounts would probably be desired, it is possible to maintain this daily and to continue with it.

  • Nevertheless, it is possible that you just will feel better with some carb sources that are quality. Any source that is naturally occurring would be a fine start. Sweet vegetables, rice, oatmeal, and fruit are great options.  There are many tips to use during and after this plan that can aid in your goals.

What is your Post Diet Strategy?


There are several scientific studies online to support many aspects of this diet. If you do not see the results from the very beginning, do not get discouraged.

The PSMF Diet is much easier to follow after about a week or so.

You should feel less hungry after that first hurdle of a week.


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