What is the best way to get all electrolytes on the psmf diet?

Maria R

New Member
I'm just wondering what is the best way to get all of your electrolytes because I don't feel that I am getting all of them in.

Tina Blackmon

New Member
I add a few pinches of pink Himalayan salt to every bottled water I drink. Pink salt has all the minerals your body needs and then some.


New Member
Potassium citrate powder (not pills), in water. Magnesium Malate.

Sea salt to taste only. (Pink salt is proven to be a very bad source of minerals......it's quite a myth.)

Tyler H

New Member
Potassium chloride is the correct product to use for potassium deficiency (potassium citrate is for kidney stones). I use NOW potassium chloride powder (375mg per 1/8 tsp) and Natural Calm magnesium citrate powder (I prefer this form because I tend toward constipation, especially on PSMF; 325mg per 2 tsp), mixed together in 16 oz water. It doesn't taste great so I use chilled water and chug it. I don't much care for the taste of salt (except on a few snacks that are verboten on PSMF) so I use very little of it on my food and salty water makes me nauseous, so I was having a real problem getting enough, so I ordered pink salt capsules on Amazon, 875mg each.

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