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ok so bought the following today in advance of starting tomorrow

- electrolytes
- l glutamine
- inositol
- choline
- magnesium citrate

What's the best way to take? Follow instructions and take as much as suggested?


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Best of luck on starting your diet! Keep us updated on your progress or any questions you have along the way!


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I even don't have better idea how to use them. I am newbie and would like to get some good direction for using them.


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Consult your doctor or nutritionist first. Though these supplements are helpful and vital, there's also this what we call overdosage that we should be wary of. Different people have different needs. Especially if you are taking other medications or supplements since those may counteract with each other.


You must follow the instruction and not take the supplements as you wish, especially is not indicated to make abuse on them because it may have some side effects and harm your health, instead of having a positive result it may have a negative impact on you.

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