Structured Refeeds with the PSMF Diet for Beginners Guide

Tony Elder

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Should structured refeeds be starchy carbohydrates with moderate amounts of proteins and relatively low amounts of fats? Should I also increase dietary fat up to 50 grams over a 5 hour period. As a ketogenic man, I am obviously inclined to go with the dietary fat option. Is anyone on the same diet choosing carbohydrates and why?
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Beth Johnson

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Doing the carb refeeds as in the book has helped me get use to the back and forth that's also caused by life. Holidays, celebrations, etc. I can work my psmf days around those carb days and no one looks at me funny for what I'm eating. They just comment on how good I look or "how can you eat that and still be so thin" and I get to just smile and walk away.
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