Starting psmf with supplements


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Hi everyone. I'm starting the diet tomorrow, but I'm concerned about getting the supplements right. From what I understand I need 600 - 1200 mg Calcium, 500 mg Magnesium, 3-5 g Sodium and 1 g of Potassium. Is this in addition to the multivitamin? How are you all getting the 1 gram of Potassium? Are you using Lite Salt and pills? I'm concerned the most about Potassium.

Tony Elder

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I just use "salt lite" or "no salt" which is a salt substitute you can find in the grocery store. It's potassium. 1/4 tsp has nearly 1000mg (1 g) so I just toss 1/4 tsp in my mouth and chase with water each day.


I also make sure that I get alot of vegetables to keep my vitamin level up. I mean how many supplements can you actually take?When I have a cheat day, I make sure to have as many fruits as I can. On a normal day I take a multi-vitamin in the form of a tablet. Every once in three months I take a condensed supplement,that is made up of 70 fruits and vegetables. Apart from that I take herbal drinks that are said to contain various multivitamins. I think this is the very best I can do at the moment. Imagine the price of individual vitamins!

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