Sample Meal Plans Of The PSMF Diet? What Are You Eating?

Beth Johnson

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I just started this week but what I did was breakfast 2 Turkey bacon, 3 egg whites 1egg w/ yoke scrambled, snack a broth (chicken or bone) and celery, lunch chicken breast or salmon 2 baby carrots, snack broth (chicken or bone) celery, dinner chicken breast or salmon broccoli lots of seasonings


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So far it has not been to bad. I know I am only on the second day. We really do not have the money to do a full shopping, so I am eating what we have in the house. I been eating 2 baby carrots but the book said 5. I think the broth has been helping in between meals for hunger. I chose bone broth since it is cold/flu season it is suppose to help with immunity.


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So far I tend to have just cappuccino for breakfast then lunch will be combination of high protein cottage cheese, chicken, tuna, smoked trout and salad greens. Dinner varies however often bbq steak with broccoli or salad greens or chicken. Alternate days I may have 2 eggs plus 1 egg white for breakfast....

I am wanting to combine PSMF most days and keto others including the two free meals I have (category 3)

Tina Blackmon

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I find frozen spinach often quite affordable and delicious sautéed with a bit of garlic and butter and sometimes I add a hint of cream and parmesan


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I do OMAD (One Meal A Day) so just coffee and calorie free beverages until supper, and then I eat my 88g of protein per the calculator and some veggies and fats. Usually ground chicken, chicken breast, lean pork loin or fish (cod, pollock, salmon, halibut and some scallops and shrimp but not too often). Veggies a

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