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OMG! Unbelievable, look at the carbs in cabbage and carrots. Aren't they a little too high? Who would have thought. I actually really like a good coleslaw. It seems I can't even have that. I like to keep my carbs under 30 g a day. I guess I will stick to broccoli and cauliflower. I'm not sure about the protein in avacadoes I thought they had more.I wonder what they ate in the old days, all this counting calories is becoming a bit tiring. However thanks for the heads up, I guess a balance is required for everything.


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At least broccoli and lettuce are safe which is my number 1 choice. And I never thought cabbage and green beans can be that bad this article really helps especially for a beginner like me. And I wish they can have more article like these for me to be able to choose more.


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These are really great suggestions as they just have the right amount of servings perfect for a balanced protein-sparing diet. Lettuce, tomatoes and mushrooms are my personal favorites. The tomato juice can also be filling, without that much carbs!


I don't eat a lot of vegetables, thankfully part of this diet are lettuce, tomatoes, and carrots, which are the only vegetables I enjoy.


Nice! Now I know which vegetables are best with PSMF. This is very helpful for beginners to know the right amount of serving of each vegetable and the number of carbohydrates it has.


Thanks for this info. I really love to eat vegetables compare to fruits, and this one helps a lot to know how much protein my body could get while eating this healthy vegetables. But I think the amount of protein from this vegetables is not 100% accurate because I think It's also depends how you going to cook this. overcooked vegetables I think lose a lot of protein.
Thanks to this Omad. Well before I don't really like vegetable it starting my diet I starting to like it too. Specially if you know what are vegetable can give to your body. And I Started to eat vegetable more than a meat . and good thing avocado is in the list I love avocado for dessert or sometimes I make a shake from that.


Broccoli has been my go to veggie for a long time - I'm glad that I love it! It's incredible though that some of the veggies have such high carb numbers - it's certainly some food for thought if you pardon the pun.


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Wow this is really informative. I love eating avocados, lettuce, cauliflower,broccoli and we love a lot of vegetables. At least I am informed that 1/2 cup of mushroom has zero carbohydrate. My husband loves cooking specially vegetable dishes. I will definitely share this with him. Thanks a lot.

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