PSMF Protein Sources


I like that there are so many options for great protein sources, that suit just about anyone's tastes. My favorite is probably salmon, given that it has so many other health benefits aside from the protein. The Omega-3 fatty acids are good for so many health issues too - I highly recommend good salmon if you can get your hands on it.


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There are so many high qualit protein sources. You can buy some at very cheap price and other are quite expensive. Egg protein is a high quality protein (eqq whites to be specific) the yolk is also helpful for other nutrients and it helps to boost our testosterone. My favorite source of protein is chicken breast, I love its taste. Second my favorite is protein shakes. It helps me to limit my calorie intake whilet taking a big amount of protein. There are many protein soruces out there, go for the high quality protein not processed protein!

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