PSMF Calculator and how often to recalculate macros?

Terry G

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Do you all re do your psmf calculator as you are losing weight? I’ve been PSMF for 19 days and am down 9lbs. I’m loosing about half a pound a day which is ok (I’d love to lose more- not sure how you 47lbs in a month people do it ) but I’m not sure if I should be re calculating my macros or not. I’m a cat 3. Currently 172.8lbs, 5’0 ft tall. I walk on the treadmill 30 min a day (usually burn 200 cal) and do weight lifting (kettle bell exercises twice a week) my waist is 42inches (I measured around my belly button) Maybe I am doing something wrong with my calculations? Should I not be walking on the treadmill every day? Is weight tearing twice a week slowing down my progress? Mymacros are :pictured below but I just re did my macros at my current weight and it dropped me to 602 cal, 80 G protein and 20/20 carb and fat.
I am religious about my macros and track everything in myfitnesspal, so I’m confident I am not going way over on anything.

Felicia Jacobs

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The more you have to lose the faster you will drop the weight as you get to a lower weight it will slow down. Half a pound a day is still 3.5 a week so right in line with the 2-4 pounds a week.


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FWIW, those "47lbs in a month" people are generally the ones with the most to lose. Medium-sized people (and you are definitely medium sized) lose slower, and the smaller you get the slower it goes. When you hit normal weight, it really drags - it justtook me 6 weeks to lose 9 pounds! You're doing extremely well, please don't be disappointed in your progress.

I redid my macros after I finished my first cycle (10 weeks), and then 7 weeks into my second cycle I had a major body shape change almost overnight (it was the weirdest thing I have ever experienced) so I re-measured and ran the Navy calculator to check my body fat percentage and lo and behold it had dropped to where I was category 2 instead of 3 so I redid my macros again. I'm a couple of days into another diet break after a 6 week cycle but I'm not bothering to redo my macros because I'm still in the same category so protein won't change and that's the only macro that matters.

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