Pancake Recipe


It really becomes more filling with the use of instant mashed potatoes and the texture would have some bite, what's good with this combination is you'll have the natural flavors and sweetness of bananas that's why potato and banana pancakes tastes so much better.
That’s helpful to know - thanks for the explanation! I’ll probably have pancakes this weekend so I’ll give your variation on the recipe a try!
1/2 c egg whites, 1/2 scoop
Protein powder, 1T baking powder, cinnamon, sweetener to taste. Going with a 1/2 scoop pp makes them less like cardboard and gives more of buttery flavor. I use no fat. Don’t care for the cottage cheese in it - would rather have that with some pb powder and sf syrup.
This recipe is kind of easy to prepare and not the usual recipe. I'll have to try this soon and add to my healthy food list.


I love pancakes without eggs and I have been tweaking it every now and then to be as healthy as possible. Sometimes I add some veggie to it to be a bit healthy.

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