Mixing PSMF with Keto


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Hi !
Newbie here- used to doing ketogenic diet and extended fasting. Diabetic and hypertensive. Was having very slow weight loss and high morning sugars so in my research stumbled upon this forum.
I find this forum really useful and I am trying to understand all this refeed, free meal, diet breaks etc .
Some questions that I am still trying to find answers for -

I do the PSFM diet for 6 to 12 weeks - '' Can i do it longer ?''
I eat 2 free meals per week - '' What could these be ?'' - can i eat my favourites like Subway/ MacD?
Break after 6-12 weeks - ''How long is the break?''
Maintenance diet to be followed in the break - How many days of this ? As carbs mentioned are way too high!

Thanks for any help that I may receive.

Grateful for any help received.
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