Tina Blackmon

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As a category 3 individual, I'm always a little intimidated by the goings on here, but today, I hit a milestone that I thought would be much harder to reach than it actually was.

I've done a million diets and always found that after a while, the progress slowed and the diet just got harder. I'd be eating 1200 calories a day and working out for three hours and only lose a pound a week or less. Then I'd go crazy and throw out the diet and that was it. The weight came back and then some.

I started this plan the first week of May at 395 pounds. I spent two months following the plan and did well, but I was starting to see the slow down I always saw. The second week in July, I took a diet break, but rather than eating a whole pizza, I had a reasonable meal, striving to stay below target each day. It wasn't as hard as I expected, just took a little forethought. Rather than an in-n-out double double with large fries and a shake, I had a single and water, no fries.

It was nice to get to eat "regular" food for a while, but after the week, I'd gained 6 pounds and was ready to see if I was going to start losing at the same rate once more.

After two weeks back on plan, I dropped the 6 pounds I gained and then another 10. It looks like I'm back to losing around 5 pounds a week very excited to have dropped 50 pounds.

Crystal Jacobs

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That's great! I'm category 3 and have about 60 more lbs to lose. Day 3 and I'm down 5 lbs. it's definitely water weight, but it puts me so close to the 100's, and keeps me motivated. It's also fairly easy for me so far!