Lean Protein Sources on a psmf diet


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Chicken breasts, carton egg whites (Costco is inexpensive) and tuna or
Other white fish usually frozen


Chicken breast is the best option and is relatively cheap, although egg whites are the cheapest protein source I can think of.


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Some of us are on a tight budget. Personally, these are my cheapest sources of protein to build muscle. Eggs, canned tuna, and a chicken breast. I usually buy in bulk to get discounts.


I get my lean protein sources from eggs,chicken breast,beans,nuts and fish. These are great sources of lean protein


I really am an expert at this because sometimes I struggle to afford this diet. It can get expensive. In my country the standard of living is very high. So I have to shop around for cheap protein. For me the cheapest source of proteins is egggs. I 'm on eggs 247 till I get tired of them then I have steak. I find mince meat is also good. You can make an omelette and break the monotony of the food I also buy liver and kidney which is also a cheap source of protein in my country.


Shellfish like crabs and shrimps are great sources of lean protein as well as omega 3 fatty acids. Lean cuts of Chicken and Beef are also good sources of protein.

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