Keeping fats low on Psmf


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How do you keep your fats low? I m switching from keto to psmf.
could someone tell me what a normal day looks like?
my macros are 661 cal 20 fat 20 carb 99 protein. thank you

Jake Thomas

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Chicken, chicken, turkey, chicken, turkey, veggies. Foods like turkey, chicken, and tuna (not so much anymore, got burnt out on it) for lean protein and spinach and broccoli is basically all I eat.


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Lean cuts of meat, veggies, no added fat. Besides the Omega, the only fat I get is from the meat I eat.


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See if you can find dry curd cottage cheese. It's pretty much pure protein. Some people find it alarming, as it's quite different from what comes to mind when one thinks "cottage cheese," but it's nice on salads and rolled into egg white omelettes.


What about eating fishes? I'm not the kind of person that eats meat of any sort, I'm more comfortable with fish. Both fresh and babarcue fish, it's more better to me than me.


I loved being out keto, the pounds really fell off. However it's advisable to keep switching things up to keep your body burning fat. For Psmf buy lean chicken and meat cuts, remove the skin off the chicken. I grill my meats instead of frying them in butter or lard, which I would do on Keto. I boil my eggs instead of having them fried.I eat a lot of fish, which is a very lean protein, I tend to grill it or pan fry it with a little olive oil. Use an oil spray instead of olive oil or butter.


I saw a comment in one of the forums here, egg whites and chicken are his recommendation. This contains enough calories that the body needs.


Choose meat which have higher protein and lower fat content, and best example of this is chicken breast (no skin) for all the protein goodness.