Importance of multivitamins during a PSMF


I agree with this article 200%. I'm on a low carb diet version known as slow carb put together by Tim Ferris. This is a very effective way to lose weight. Its kind of like PSMF and allows beans and legumes in moderation. You eat lean protein, vegetables and some fat. You keep your carb intake at 50 g a day. However for a couple of months I stopped taking my multi-vitamin, boy did I get sick! I had a cold every week, no joke guys. I thought my body was in shut down, I would wake every morning sneezing especially if it was cold, until around ten o'clock. I then started taking a multi-vitamin called Trevor and I realized that if I want to continue with this lifestyle, I need to make this a core part of my diet.


I've been in the habit of taking a multivitamin daily for some time now, and I definitely feel like there's a noticeable difference. Plus, I've got the peace of mind of knowing that I'm covering all my bases when it comes to nutrients I need. Sometimes getting the right amount of certain nutrients is impossible without eating tons of particular foods, so a multivitamin is reassuring for me.


That's right! Multivitamin is very helpful to our body while doing exercise or losing a weight. It's also good for me because I take a daily multivitamin, that helps my mind and body significantly reduce levels of stress and anxiety. I feel replenished when taking multivitamins. Therefore, I take multivitamin daily and eat healthy foods every day.