I'm planning on starting this diet in two months.. have some questions

Tyler H

New Member
Hi guys.. Last Summer i dieted for 4-6 months. Was my first time ever to diet , read 2 or 3 of lyle's books , read lots of articles on this site , learned a lot about nutrition in that time period.

Was doing a keto diet , went from 205 to like 175 , still had a litle belly but lost that chiken neck lol ... Around febuary i got sick of dieting and started to bulk up.

Now im back at 205 , i don't look as fat as the last time but i did gain a fair amount of fat.

This time around i'm planing on dieting down for like 8 months. I wanna try to be down at 10% bf if my genetics permits..

So the question is , where do i start ? I know the UD2.0 is for people below 15% bf so which book would get me from say 25-30 to 15 ?

Thanks for your time