How long should I do PSMF to achieve my ideal body weight?

It's very relative, and you need to know that you must to maintain a regular diet for your entire life if you don't wanna lose your progress.
But, to have an idea of how long you will take to achieve your objective, it's necessary to know your actual situation and your goals. I believe it's possible to see differences in your body in the first week yet.


It depends upon your consistency and weight (of course, you need more time if the gap between your current weight and ideal weight is big). But you need to maintain it and make it your lifestyle because there's a tendency that you'll go back to your previous diet and gain weight again.


I think it depends on how much you have to loose and and how much weight you want to loose. I also think that everyone looses weigh at a different rate, it may take me a shorter time to loose the same amount of weight. I also think that people who have lots of weight to lose it faster. I think that you should do psmf until you are satisfied with your results. Its all up to you and where you at in terms of your body. I plan to do psmf until the begging of December and then I will maintain.


This definitely depends on what you really want,use it until you see the desired result but don't be in a haste to see changes. The most important thing is that you are active and consistent with the diet to see the needed change and you will be sure be on the way to success with the diet.


Well, given that we don’t have a lot of information to work with, I can’t really say how long it would take you to reach your ideal body weight.

However, what I can say is that it generally isn’t recommended to continue a PSMF diet for longer than eight months. The fact is that while it might be okay to do low-fat diets such as PSMF for a short period of time, your body needs a degree of fat to function properly. Extended periods of low-fat dieting can lead to certain issues, particularly exacerbation of conditions such as gallbladder stones.

Like I said, eight months maximum unless you're under the supervision of a medical professional.
It depends on you, if you will follow the diet you are having you will just count a month if you fully focusing on your dream body. that you want to have. and of course dont forget to take care of yourself there are some cases that the result of their dieting makes them weak because they not having the right way of dieting to make sure and have a good monitor with your diet you have to consult your doctor to know if your body is capable doing the diet you want to try.


We have different bodies so it varies. The progress depends on your vitals and weight. Of course, if you take the diet seriously and with consistency, you will achieve a better result in short time. After, that maintaining it is the next and it will take a lifetime.


This depends on your body because every organism loses weight in its own rhythm, I have lost two pounds after three weeks on a diet.

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