Getting enough protein with psmf


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What are you guys eating to get your protein in without going over your fats? I have no issues eating 0 carb but I'm having trouble staying at or below my fat macro when I hit my protein goal. Usually 220-250g protein and 100+g fat. The psmf calc has me at 257g protein 20g fat and 20g carb. I eat chicken breast and tilapia and can control my fats that way but that gets old after a while so I'll go for some beef and that's where the fat stacks up....any ideas of what else to eat that's 0 carb and low fat? Sorry if this has been brought up before, I looked and couldn't find any relevant posts

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I've been trying to keep egg whites to a minimum because it takes about a dozen to make a meal for me lol! And the carbs in them sneak up.... am I being OCD over the carb issue or nah?


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I've been pretty consistent with fish, chicken breast, and hamburger. Was just looking for ideas to replace the hamburger to get less fat basically

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Chicken breast for lunch, dinner, and even for breakfast sometimes haha. Its easier for me than eating egg whites with broccoli for breakfast. Or I'll eat non fat greek yogurt with flavor drops or some protein powder mixed in. Costco canned chicken is nice for a quick meal.


Protein is essential as it enables you to feel fuller longer.It slows down digestion making it less likely that you will want even more helpings of what you are eating.Proteins are food such as milk,cheese ,egg, pork, yogurt,lean beef, beans, white-meat poultry and soy.


Lean meats are high sources of protein. Have you tried whey protein powder? I haven't and I'm curious of its effectiveness.


I'm going to assume that that calculations were correct, but 257g seems a little high to me depending on your activity level and body weight. None the less, I can see how it would be hard to hit that number, but it's doable.

For starters, protein supplements are pretty much a must, powders in particular. Don't get those pre-made protein shakes because they're loaded with unnecessary sugars.

Another thing, fish is your friend. Most fish are very low fat and pretty much all protein. Canned tuna and sardines, salmon, hake, tilapia, all are very good lean sources of protein.

Also, learn to cook a variety of meals using the same ingredients. For example, chicken breast is lean and packed with protein, but it doesn't mean you always have to eat the same grilled chicken breast for dinner. Try pan frying it, oven roasting, boil it and make a salad. Variety is the spice of life.


I just eat chicken breast fillet and egg whites, with occasional tuna just for the protein content. I'm the type of person who don't mind eating he same type of meat, although cooked in different ways, so it isn't that big of a problem for me.


I agree chicken is a good source of protein, you can make it low fat by removing the skin. All types of fish are also good. Very low in fat and very very filling. Egg whites I also raise my hand to. They are negligible in fat and a good source of protein. I highly recommend turkey though. This is the best source in my opinion. You can have it as breast or mince and this should do the trick. Just mix and match diffrent things like lean mince or turkey omelette and you should be fine.
Chicken is my suggestion you can make different recipes, no limit i think. to make it more healthy you just have to remove the skin of chicken to less the fat that you will get from chicken. There is a lot of source of protein. Seafood is the best source of protein too. there are some site in google that will give you list of food with high protein.

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