Free Meals on a psmf diet?

Lisa Jacobs

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I have been doing PSMF for 2 weeks and am gratefully down 13.2 lbs. I finally used the calculator, because I finally got a waist measurement, and it listed 2 free meals a week. What are free meals? I have looked through and tried to find it but only saw refeed information. Can anyone explain what I am allowed for these free meals?

Tyler H

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A free meal is where you can eat anything that you want dependent on your category. It also works as a mental break from your cutting days.


Wow! 13.2 pounds in two weeks? That's so cool!
You can eat whatever you want on that free meals and you can break the rule. ;)


That's a lot of weight for two weeks.I agree with the free meal theory in dieting it helps to motivate you and keep your cravings at bay. I take tw0 days during the weekend off. During these two days, I fast for 18 hours than I have lunch and dinner with whatever snacks I have been craving. I have to work on this routine more so I save one day for indulging and the other I keep to the recommended normal calorie intake. On both days I have carbs which I don't have during the week.I think the free meal also helps to kick your metabolism which can get tired from the diet and stop you loosing weight.
As you still on a low carb diet for days, I recommend that these refeeds include mainly carbs. It's important to your psychologic and you don't get off the diet.

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