Favorite Snacks while on a psmf diet?


Pickles and SF Jello. Not together, of course
I just laughed out loud at the "not together, of course" part - and now I'm kind of feeling queasy about the thought of them together.

I love pickles too, and roasted broccoli. I'm obsessed with it!


Protein shakes are my favorite, in rest, I am not eating or drinking junks, I am trying to take good care of myself!


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I love shakes specially mango flavor or banana but when I feel lazy I'm just gonna have tea ...I love tea with honey and partner with turnip, I eat that plane sounds boring but I like it that way.
Chocolate Cake and milk shake that's my booster when I have a heavy day that make me sick and upset. they said chocolates give you a lot energy and can give you a happy feeling too.


Protein shakes and sometimes i added extra banana, put some oats and yogurt.
You just wrote my answer simply I take protein shakes mostly since my instructor told me about it's benefits it can really be helpful especially for people like me on a weight loss journey. I add a little bit fingers of bananas and a flavoured yoghurt though with the loaded sugar or sweetener,they have been helpful in my journey to losing weight.


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Personally, I prefer protein shake. With the taste of chocolate. I add bananas and milk. Something's most pleasant to me.
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