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A regular exercises maintaining the healthy of our body muscle and give us more positive view in life. what are the exercises that you do daily to have a healthy lifestyle? and what are the healthy food that you eating?


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I lift daily with the program that I made; Chest and Biceps for Monday; Back and Triceps for Tuesday; Legs,Shoulders and Traps on Wednesday; Thursday, Friday and Saturday repeats Monday up to Wednesday and Sunday is a rest day. whole abdominal muscles everyday from Monday to Saturday.

Unfortunately, I don't have a healthy diet, that's why right now even though I have some parts of me being bulk and lean my stomach never had 6 packs, only 1 pack.


I am doing normal exercises like jogging and some yoga like Kapalbhati for maintaining my physic. Moreover, as a part of the exercises, I do all the household work like cleaning, swiping that adds to my weight loss amazingly.

Sometimes, I do jogging at home and I run standing on the same spot. It is good for increasing the blood circulation of the body without getting much tired. Also, I eat egg white, sprouts, spinach, fenugreek leaves to add to the protein diet. I take small meals and avoid snacks, burgers and other fast food stuff.

I cook food in olive oil for maintaining low fat diet and I use it in a little measure. Also, in addition to all this, I consume honey with lemon juice regularly. Lemon juice helps reduce fat in the body and builds up immune system too.


I go to the gym twice a week. When i stay at home, ioften do light workouts to maintain my figure. Sometimes when i feel like my body needs workout, i get my weights and lift a little just to tone the muscle. Exercisibg regulates my blood flow and rids me of having cardiac arrest.


I am going to the gym twice a week and I make push ups and jog at home for the rest of the days. About eating... I eat all I desire but I avoid fats and sodas, fried potatoes and fried chicken, I eat a lot of vegetables and fruits.
I go to the gym 6 days/week, and somedays I play soccer too. But I love the gym, and I love to do deadlift, squat, and bench.
I eat without almost no restriction, I just avoid sugar and oil, and try to eat vegetables every day and enough protein.


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You need to be vigilant about your diet and consistent with exercise so that you maximize calorie burn, increase muscle mass, and decrease body fat. I usually get up at 6 AM for a workout. I also visit the gym twice a week. You have to develop the habit of eating the right foods, in the right proportions, at the right times. Everyone knows that they should eat a more balanced diet, containing more fruits, vegetables, and whole grain products.


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I am more on cardio exercises. For the diet, eating less carbohydrates helps a lot since consuming it, especially sweets, makes us crave more of it. I am more on protein and healthy fats. And yes, trying so hard to include more veggies and fruits in diet. If I can't munch on it, I put it in a nutribullet to make a veggie/fruity shake.


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Exercises makes are body well and makes are body strength. If you are a newbie don't take the hard exercises, take the light one like sit ups, planking and etc. If our body is in a good condition our mindset is in good too and these cause our life well. If you want to maintain your daily exercises, just do all the light exercises and eat a nutritious foods not too much but just an average so you can get an good and average life.


I actually don't exercise that much, because I m trying to lose weight and I have found the most important thing is your food intake. The diet I follow recommends that you do minimum exercise because after a point it is counterproductive. I do high intensity exercise a couple of times of week, I also try to do kickboxing and yoga. I switch up my routine so that I don't get that bored. However I agree that exercise keeps your body strong and your mind agile.When I've reached my target weight I intend to increase my exercise.


Eating healthy foods and having exercise is good for our body. It helps us longer our life. It prevent us from having a disease because our immune system are so strong to fight this diseases.


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I try to exercise regularly so I usually work out from 8-15 minutes using workout videos because I am busy it is convenient for me. I also try to eat as healthy as possible and trying to avoid oily or fried foods.


Exercise and eating healthy is one of the secret to have a strong and healthy life.Although I'm busy from my work, I'm doing some exercise like jogging,dancing zumba and aerobics.And I eat healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables,and having low sugar and low fats to my diet.


Sometimes when my wife asks me about the best exercises or diets, I can't help but tell her about the malnourished children in some g-d-forsaken parts in Africa; and how food in those areas have become too scarce that people literally die because they have nothing to eat. I weigh about 150 pounds and truth to tell I really didn't have that much problems when it comes to maintaining my weight. My secret is not really that awesome because the rule that I use is this: I eat to live and not the other way around. The problem really starts when all we think about is eating what is available and many times there just too much to eat. But eating during the proper time can be a dterrent for this like if one follows the usual schedule for breakfast, lunch , and dinner. Eating sparsely in between the schedules can help but only if you are hungry. In this way we are able to utilize food like we use our gasoline for running our cars by filling her up when we need to and not because the car wants to.


I'm doing a regular exercise routine that improve my healthy lifestyle. In fact, exercising regularly will lower the risk of having a disease in your body. Eating a healthy food is important that help us to be stronger and to work every day. That's the benefit to make your life longer and stronger.


I do not really follow any exercise routine, but I keep myself active like using the stairs (vs. elevators), doing squats if I got nothing to do, brisk walk in going to my office (10 minutes), and walking around in my office if I can.
I eat rice meals twice a day and take with me fruits or peanuts so that I can readily munch when I want to. I stay away from junk foods and chocolates.
I try to exercise regularly so I usually work out from 8-15 minutes using workout videos because I am busy it is convenient for me. I also try to eat as healthy as possible and trying to avoid oily or fried foods.
no matter time is short when doing exercise the important is you are getting swet of your body to detoxify and to reduce cholesterol from fat.


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I regularly doing workout and of course having a healthy diet plan is a must. Because what is workout without? It's like you're wasting your time and energy and getting nothing if you're doing that. Every morning I excercise for atleast 30 mins to warm up my body and also my mind. And every 2 days I go to the gym and lift weights.
So I can have a strong and physically fit body. Also healthy eating is very important. I eat 2 eggs every morning as it's proven to neutralized brain and help in maintaining weight. I added fruit and vegetables to complete my meal
Exercising is good for the body but also it is said to be good in the mind also. It has a great benefits for our cognitive processes, emotion and can help the brain from immature aging. So better to have a daily exercise, it will give you a good shape, good health and good mental health. Amazing right?

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