Electrolytes in your diet


I always hear about the importance of replacing electrolytes, but I didn’t know just how essential they were until reading the article. For muscles and nerves they seem to have a massive impact.


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Wow! This article is such an eye-opener for me! I never knew that electrolytes are really crucial to our body. Now that explains some of the symptoms I've been feeling lately (insomnia and muscle cramps). Based on this article, it could be possible that these symptoms are pretty much related to some sort of electrolyte deficiency. Now I know that this is something to watch out for and that I'd better include some electrolyte-rich food on my diet.
The articles were excellent very detailed, the articles fit perfectly to this topic about diet. This is what I agree with the articles, I agree that the electrolytes are crucial to our body because of what you said in the articles that electrolytes make the body move, which I think the definition is more simple which I like it, not complicated:). There are also some facts that did not know that will help like the heart is a muscle which is true, that if you take electrolytes, it will help our body to manage irregular heartbeat, and I also don't know that the electrolytes can help in our nervous system. And I never knew that too many electrolytes are bad:eek:. It can cause headaches, hyperkalemia, which is too much calcium in our bloodstream, and :eek:weakness. I learn new about this articles and makes me more insecure about what our body needs to maintain our health.

Thank you for posting the articles, it helps;).

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