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Hello everyone. I am looking for chicken recipe. My son's favorite part of chicken is thigh part, or those parts with lots of skin in it. So whenever we buy a whole chicken the breast part is left behind. Does anyone here have recipe on breast part that children will love to eat? We are adventist, so we don't eat pork, so I have to research for chicken recipes. We can also eat beef, but beef meats are more expensive. So if anyone have their own chicken recipe ideas that you can share,please do so. I will wait for responses. Thanks in advance. God bless.


We often shred chicken breast and use it for wraps, quesadillas, in soups, even mixed in with pasta - we love chicken and pesto with penne! Hopefully some of those will be kid friendly for you!


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Thanks for the ideas amelia88. I think my son will love this. Personally, I think quesadilla will fit my taste while my husband will like the soup one. I will try to cook some. Or I will just ask my husband to cook it instead. He cooks much better than me. :) Sometimes I ruin the taste of the food, as I am not good in cooking. Lucky me, my husband knows how to cook. :) Thanks again.
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