Bronkaid and Psmf

Tina Blackmon

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Having a difficult time finding bronkaid rn, can you all list a few brand names, also when it comes to caffeine I find a bunch of caffeine products with a bunch of other stuff in the ingredients. Just looking for suggestions for what others have bought, not even sure I will do EC yet, it scares me a little.

Crystal Jacobs

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Have you already checked with the pharmacist at CVS? That's where I always find Bronkaid.

Caffeine pills are usually kept near the pain relievers at most pharmacies/grocery stores. You can usually find a store brand, No Doz, or Vivarin.


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Bronkaid is behind the counter at the pharmacy. You usually need to show ID and amount is limited. Thanks meth heads, BTW. I use Jet Alert for caffeine pills, usually cheaper than no doz.

John Heffner

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I always get them in Walmart, you have to ask the pharmacist, they ask for your id and you have a limit per month but it is a really big limit...


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Walgreens has Bronkaid, Primatine, and their generic Primatine by me. Caffeine I just pick up Prolab 200mg tablets off amazon.

Big T

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Walgreens has primatine which has a different version of the E. Just buy straight caffeine pills online or nodooz at Walgreens. It's straight 200mg caffeine

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