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    Do you like fitness apps?

    Yes, I love fitness app because it can track and help you in your process of losing weight. Although, some fitness apps requires you to pay so you can fully access and use special features of their application.
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    What are your goals?

    My goal is to Lose weight and have a fit and healthy body, to be more confident with myself and have a peaceful life.
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    I am doing the intermittent fasting...

    Hello Guys! I am trying the intermittent fasting I really want to lose weight so i am trying this kind of eating pattern. I'm 60 kg and my goal weight is 53-55 kg. Can you guys give me Advice or tips and inspiring message?
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    Do Pilates really work?

    I've tried Pilates before and i can say that it really works you just have to be consistent on doing that kind of exercise, I've tried Pilates exercises from YouTube and the YouTube channel does not only share Pilates video but also recipes and fitness tips.
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    Dry skin

    I never experience having dry skin before but i would suggest you use moisturizing lotions and drink more water. Avoid soaps or product that have strong chemicals that might cause to drying up your skin.
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    Can someone give me a quick and easy salad recipe?

    Try Sour cream cucumber. You just need Cucumber, sour cream,vinegar, sugar, pepper and one small onion. Whisk the sour cream with vinegar,sugar,pepper and Thinly sliced onion. After that you can add the thinly sliced Cucumbers mix well until the cucumbers is well coated, Refrigerate for at least...
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    Tips for hunger control on Protein Sparing Modified Fast

    This is my problem too Hunger control and crazy cravings.
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    How do I lose weight?

    Yeah, YouTube really helps there lots of tutorial videos for anything that i wanted to learn or I am having a hard time learning. From recipes,DIY etc.
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    How do I lose weight?

    Thank you, I hope this could really help you on your journey of losing weight.
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    Intermittent Fasting and Psmf Diet?

    I am planning to try intermittent fasting because i really want to lose weight. Seeing that there are also lots of benefits aside from you're going to lose weight, I am excited to try this soon.
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    Pancake Recipe

    I have watch a video recipe from YouTube. A pancake recipe that is flourless ,gluten free and low-calorie consisting of only two ingredients a banana and 2 eggs.
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    Favorite Snacks while on a psmf diet?

    Protein shakes and sometimes i added extra banana, put some oats and yogurt.
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    Is bike-riding a good exercise for losing weight?

    Yes, my friend lost some weight when she started Biking every afternoon as her exercise and she started to eat healthy and cut out junk foods.
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    How do I lose weight?

    I don't really know, but I would suggest that you go for the YouTube channels that in their videos they are the one you can see, and you can see their face in the video Like they are talking in front of you. Rather than the YouTube channels that uses more of edited pictures or templates in the...
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    Exercises and eating healthy

    I try to exercise regularly so I usually work out from 8-15 minutes using workout videos because I am busy it is convenient for me. I also try to eat as healthy as possible and trying to avoid oily or fried foods.
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    Recipe ideas

    Thanks for sharing these. I love chicken recipes specially Honey Garlic Chicken.
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    How do I lose weight?

    I agree with you, and there are YouTube channels that gives inspirational messages that would motivate you through out your journey of losing weight, they will give you tips,advice and recommendations about effective work outs to lose weight and foods that can help and is nutritional for your body.
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    Are You Doing Yoga Exercises?

    I'm not doing yoga exercises but i am interested because I really wanted to be more flexible, relaxed and improve my posture. I'm just doing stretching routines right now. I would try to find Yoga class around our place so i can try it and see how it will help my body.
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    You can try work out videos from YouTube. There are wide varieties or types of exercise you can try, you can have a lot of choices there from dance exercise, Cardio and many more. There are lots of Fitness channels there that explains every exercises so you can do it correctly.