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  1. Tina Blackmon

    Sample Meal Plans Of The PSMF Diet? What Are You Eating?

    I find frozen spinach often quite affordable and delicious sautéed with a bit of garlic and butter and sometimes I add a hint of cream and parmesan
  2. Tina Blackmon

    Sample Meal Plans Of The PSMF Diet? What Are You Eating?

    Could you share a sample day of everything you are shakes
  3. Tina Blackmon

    Should You Workout EveryDay While On The PSMF Diet?

    I was wondering this also. I work out lifting 5 days a week. I don't want to give it up
  4. Tina Blackmon

    PSMF Supplements - Do you include those calories in your macros?

    If you're taking 10, that is 100 calories. So there's a bit of savings.
  5. Tina Blackmon

    What is the best way to get all electrolytes on the psmf diet?

    I add a few pinches of pink Himalayan salt to every bottled water I drink. Pink salt has all the minerals your body needs and then some.
  6. Tina Blackmon

    Intermittent Fasting and Psmf Diet?

    I think I may wait to try it unless it just comes natural to me from doing IF for 3 months
  7. Tina Blackmon

    Bronkaid and Psmf

    Having a difficult time finding bronkaid rn, can you all list a few brand names, also when it comes to caffeine I find a bunch of caffeine products with a bunch of other stuff in the ingredients. Just looking for suggestions for what others have bought, not even sure I will do EC yet, it scares...
  8. Tina Blackmon

    Getting enough protein with psmf

    Chicken, turkey, prawns, white fish and egg whites were my protein sources...
  9. Tina Blackmon


    As a category 3 individual, I'm always a little intimidated by the goings on here, but today, I hit a milestone that I thought would be much harder to reach than it actually was. I've done a million diets and always found that after a while, the progress slowed and the diet just got harder. I'd...
  10. Tina Blackmon

    Psmf Free Meal question

    I ate normal PSMF until dinner and had a high fat meal.