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  1. Cathy

    Diarrhea on a Pmsf Diet? What to do?

    I’d just make sure you’re consuming adequate electrolytes and drink to thirst. It’ll pass
  2. Cathy

    How to increase carb intake during refeed days?

    Thanks. I did buy quinoa at the store this morning. Thanks for the tips, I have never had it. I also bought steel cut oats to make for tomorrow. I ran to the store a bit ago and bought plantains. My husband is Dominican so we are having tostones with our grilled pork for dinner. I also saw that...
  3. Cathy

    How to increase carb intake during refeed days?

    Help....Today and tomorrow are my refeed days. Any suggestions on upping my carb intake while still eating clean? I had a sweet potato for lunch with my eggs and chicken today. Planning on going to buy some plantains for dinner. Any other suggestions????? I come from a keto/carnivore background...
  4. Cathy

    Is it ok to skip free meals on a psmf diet?

    Yes you can avoid or just have one a week.
  5. Cathy

    Where To Find Light Salts For A PSMF Diet?

    thank u, I will check there..
  6. Cathy

    Where To Find Light Salts For A PSMF Diet?

    Unable to find light salts anywhere.. any alternatives that you might use? Thanks
  7. Cathy


    Anyone drink Zevia while doing PSMF? Or is that a no?
  8. Cathy

    Egg Whites

    Uncooked egg white protein is not fully absorbed by the body. Something like 50-60%. Its also more filling to cook them.
  9. Cathy

    Artificial sweetner

    None if you want to really cut cravings but stevia doesn't affect blood sugars nor does Splenda.
  10. Cathy

    What are ECA stacks?

    Ephedrine (bronkaid from behind the counter, cvs Walgreens)
  11. Cathy

    transitioning back to keto?

    You should be ok as long as you don't eat bad carbs and you stay within your calorie deficit goal just up your fat to maintenance macros
  12. Cathy

    Body type

    It's in the book. Do you have the book?
  13. Cathy

    How long can you stay on this psmf diet?

    This is the only diet that has worked for me. I love it!