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    Diarrhea on a Pmsf Diet? What to do?

    Magnesium alone can cause diarrhea and so can your calcium Citrate.
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    What Are The Best Foods To Eat On The PSMF Diet?

    I'd say if you are stilled stalled after a couple weeks to tweak your macros. And my biggest advice is to take weekly photos of your progress instead of using a scale.
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    What Are The Best Foods To Eat On The PSMF Diet?

    Oh that's nothing. Be patient and don't get discouraged. Just keep being strict with your macros. Being keto for only a few weeks your body is still adjusting from carbs to fats for energy.
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    What Are The Best Foods To Eat On The PSMF Diet?

    How long have you been stalled?
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    What Are The Best Foods To Eat On The PSMF Diet?

    How long have you been eating keto? Are you stalled?
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    Egg White Bake PSMF Recipe

    Egg white bake. It’s just a cup of egg whites, bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes. Sometimes I make it with spinach and my meat allowance or sometimes I put in erythritol and cinnamon. It all depends on my mood, but it is my go to meal of choice most days.
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    What Is The Protein Limit For A PSMF Diet? (Wanting To Know)

    As long as your maintaining a calorie deficit, you’ll loose weight regardless
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    PSMF Refeeds - How much do you cheat on them?

    Get yourself a good tracking app like Cronometer which will tell you the macros (protein, fat, and carbs) in the food you want to eat, and a basic food scale (under $10 at somewhere like Walmart) and set of measuring cups and spoons (dollar store) to weigh and measure your food. This is nowhere...
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    Hi Jarviskyle. What kinds of supplements would you like help with?
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    Advice for a newbie please

    It can be tough, but hang in there. I have lost over 50lbs following Elizabeth's protocol. I feel so much better and all the hard work as been worth it!
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    Advice for a newbie please

    Hi Liza! Welcome! As far as the schedule for your free meals and refeeds, did you use the Psmf calculator on this site? It will give you your schedule for the free meals and refeeds. As far as the EC Stack, here is an article with a link to caffeine to order online...
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    Tips for hunger control on Protein Sparing Modified Fast

    I make my own chicken broth soup. Lower sodium broth, chopped celery sticks, and a bit of lean white meat rotisserie chicken shredded in it. Microwave til warm and cooked. Kinda easy, low carb, filling.
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    I've always just used beef bouillon cubes. Each one is 5 calories and 960mg salt. I don't really worry about potassium since chicken and broccoli already have a ton of that anyway.
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    Bronkaid and Psmf

    Have you already checked with the pharmacist at CVS? That's where I always find Bronkaid. Caffeine pills are usually kept near the pain relievers at most pharmacies/grocery stores. You can usually find a store brand, No Doz, or Vivarin.
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    That's great! I'm category 3 and have about 60 more lbs to lose. Day 3 and I'm down 5 lbs. it's definitely water weight, but it puts me so close to the 100's, and keeps me motivated. It's also fairly easy for me so far!