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  1. Mia37


    Best of luck on starting your diet! Keep us updated on your progress or any questions you have along the way!
  2. Mia37

    Bronkaid and Psmf

    Bronkaid is behind the counter at the pharmacy. You usually need to show ID and amount is limited. Thanks meth heads, BTW. I use Jet Alert for caffeine pills, usually cheaper than no doz.
  3. Mia37

    High intensity workout on psmf

    I'd say no as Lyle already suggests very little to no exercise. I do a lighter form of 5x5 every other day and I don't struggle much but HIIT I think would be more demanding when you're at such low calorie level. YMMV
  4. Mia37

    Starting psmf with supplements

    Hi everyone. I'm starting the diet tomorrow, but I'm concerned about getting the supplements right. From what I understand I need 600 - 1200 mg Calcium, 500 mg Magnesium, 3-5 g Sodium and 1 g of Potassium. Is this in addition to the multivitamin? How are you all getting the 1 gram of Potassium...