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    Which do you prefer, exercise and training apps or a personal trainer?

    Well in that case I think it really depends on your budget because either you use apps or personal trainer the effort and dedication will also comes from you, two of them is useless without your own will power to go on and dedication to continue reach your goal. Exercise is a kind of thing that...
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    Any tips to do while you are diet

    Wow! I think 4 kg is a good result but if you need some more advice to make it 10 kg I have one, and this is a fruits option and vegetables but you have to eat 4 times a day but not in a volume foods. Lets say four apples, 4 bananas and some cabbage good for I day, divide it to reach dinner...
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    What Breathing Exercises Do You Practice?

    I only practice the Taichi way of breathing, it is like the breathing of a new born child. Imaginary like we are breathing on our stomach but we are using the lower part of our lungs to gather more oxygen than regular chest breathing of most people. And it really helps me a lot because I am an...
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    Do we have to take supplements?

    Yes if your body really needs food supplements in order to perform very well. It is a very big help when it comes to people who is having deficiency in vitamins and other minerals that our body needs.
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    There are so many basic work outs that you can do at home using your own body weight and you don't have to use gym materials. Examples are push ups, sit ups, pull ups, bicycle, jogging in place and many more it depends on how creative are you. You can create your own style as long as it is in a...
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    Yes or No to Gym. Unsure.

    Well not all people who did exercise became physically fit, because it depends on the response of your body to exercise and not on food you eat. Because many people having no proper food diet and still achieve the shape they wanted in gym. But there are people also having healthy diet eating...
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    Are You Doing Yoga Exercises?

    I am a Taichi practitioner for almost 10 years its just like yoga but in motion because yoga is stationary. The art of Taichi really improves my strength my movements and almost all of my body functions. We believe in " CHI " in other words this is called life force in other belief this is...