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    What Is The Protein Limit For A PSMF Diet? (Wanting To Know)

    Does it matter how high you protein limit is? I weigh 140 can I have 140 grams of protein and have my fats and carbs still at 20 grams?
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    Pancake Recipe

    1/2 c egg whites, 1/2 scoop Protein powder, 1T baking powder, cinnamon, sweetener to taste. Going with a 1/2 scoop pp makes them less like cardboard and gives more of buttery flavor. I use no fat. Don’t care for the cottage cheese in it - would rather have that with some pb powder and sf syrup.
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    Free Meals on Protein Sparing Modified Fast Diet

    What are the perimeters for a free meal? What’s a typical Free meal look like for you?
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    Tips for hunger control on Protein Sparing Modified Fast

    Tips for coping with the hunger? I know its a fast and hunger is to be expected but on day 3 mine is out of control! Does it improve?