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  1. logitech19

    Making progress after seeing the doctor today....

    Yeah, it's even better when they actually see you in person because they think that the picture is edited or something, lol, and they say out loud, "how did you get so fit?" and other people in public just look at you, as well, lol.
  2. logitech19

    Which do you prefer, exercise and training apps or a personal trainer?

    I don't really want to spend more on a personal trainer since I can mostly take care of my own routines by myself, so I just use apps and videos online to help me along the way. It's been effective, anyway, so I still continue doing it.
  3. logitech19

    Brand new to this- advice please

    Definitely, fruits are a great stepping stone towards eating healthier food and you can even enjoy them as they are, as shake, or as part of a dessert. It also helps to make your meals creative so that you'll be enticed to eat them.
  4. logitech19

    How long can you stay on this psmf diet?

    Yeah, it helps having controlled days where you get to it the food you want since it allows you to have something to look forward to to continue your diet rather than just strictly prevent yourself from eating anything else and then you eventually lose the motivation to continue your diet...
  5. logitech19

    Brand new to this- advice please

    For anyone still fighting cravings, try looking for a healthier alternative that you can eat guilt-free from time to time. Of course, fruits and vegetables (or just fruits if you don't like vegetables) are great, but there are options available for other things like chocolate and other cravings.
  6. logitech19

    Getting enough protein with psmf

    I just eat chicken breast fillet and egg whites, with occasional tuna just for the protein content. I'm the type of person who don't mind eating he same type of meat, although cooked in different ways, so it isn't that big of a problem for me.
  7. logitech19

    Lean Protein Sources on a psmf diet

    Chicken breast is the best option and is relatively cheap, although egg whites are the cheapest protein source I can think of.
  8. logitech19

    Doing psmf for 9 days and have no appetite

    Even if you aren't feeling hungry, it's important to meet your nutrient requirements daily, although it won't hurt to miss by a few every once in a while, but still, getting enough protein is a must.
  9. logitech19

    Keto diet works for me!

    Keto has been shown to really work in terms of losing weight, although other health effects resulting from eating the keto diet haven't been fully explored yet. Still, I recommend to always try any diet first to see if you can sustain it and actually enjoy eating the food and to check for any...
  10. logitech19

    How to stay motivated to lose weight

    Yeah, it's very easy to lose motivation when you're just basing it off on the numbers on the weighing scale. Personally, I feel more encouraged seeing my body in the mirror at the shape where I want it to be and other people complimenting me for it.
  11. logitech19

    Process to make yourself fit

    Well, if you're not obese, light diet and exercise are enough to keep yourself fit as long as you do it regularly. Even just the "beginner workouts" can already help a lot in keeping you fit, coupled with eating a balanced diet. If you are overweight, however, you have to put a bit more effort...
  12. logitech19

    Intermittent Fasting and Psmf Diet?

    Intermittent fasting and any form of diet is great and can really help your weight loss plan a lot, although it's best if you just try it first if you can adjust to the fasting and not feel any negative effects.
  13. logitech19

    Artificial sweetner

    I don't really use any sweetener, although if I really want something sweet I just add some fruits which help provide natural sugars instead of the artificial ones.
  14. logitech19

    Tips for hunger control on Protein Sparing Modified Fast

    I drink a lot of fluids, even just water helps alleviate the hunger you're experiencing, and avoid the acidic drinks and food.
  15. logitech19

    Any tips to do while you are diet

    Four kgs in 1 week is already a big change. Weight loss is not instant, especially when only doing a diet. You can complement diet with exercise depending on your experience and weight level and there are various workout videos available on Youtube where you can choose from a routine that you...
  16. logitech19

    What routines do I need to do?

    Swimming is a really good cardio workout, although just regular jogging or speed walking is enough to improve your cardio and lower extremities, and you don't have to find a bike or swimming pool to do it. Other than that, you can just do bodyweight exercises at home if you don't want to go to...
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    Avoid eating foods high in fat, including deep-fried food and dairy products with full-fat. Tomatoes and citrus fruit also cause acid reflux, so you might want to avoid spaghetti or tomato-based sauce pasta. Coffee and chocolate should also be avoided.
  18. logitech19

    Keeping fats low on Psmf

    Choose meat which have higher protein and lower fat content, and best example of this is chicken breast (no skin) for all the protein goodness.
  19. logitech19

    What routines do I need to do?

    A practical way to focus on your stomach and thighs would be cycling paired with your diet, as it really works out your lower extremities and is a good cardio workout.
  20. logitech19

    Ground Meat and Fat Content

    Yeah, doing so will remove the excess fat from the meat for a leaner meat, although you can always opt to buy the leaner varieties in the first place.