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  1. ion

    How long can you stay on this psmf diet?

    I really don't know, I'm still in the curiosity stage and don't know if I will try it, maybe I just need more preparation.
  2. ion

    Inability to lose weight even on this diet?

    There're so many diet programs out there, you should try each of them to know what best for you, well of course it's really hard to see the result immediately and you need months before noticing it, but just keep motivating your mind and body.
  3. ion

    Recipe ideas

    Yeah, this one is simple but delicious and also nutritious, and sometimes I make my own tuna patty, and the ingredients are Tuna, eggs not boiled, carrots, onion, garlic, and some spices, just mixed it and fried it.
  4. ion

    PSMF Protein Sources

    I really like the eggs and tuna, I love to eat this if I have time cook it in the morning. I will just simply mixed it and fried it.
  5. ion

    PSMF Vegetable Sources

    Yeah, that's right, and I enjoy this more if I will make it avocado shakes with cream.
  6. ion

    PSMF Vegetable Sources

    Thanks for this info. I really love to eat vegetables compare to fruits, and this one helps a lot to know how much protein my body could get while eating this healthy vegetables. But I think the amount of protein from this vegetables is not 100% accurate because I think It's also depends how...
  7. ion

    Tips for hunger control on Protein Sparing Modified Fast

    I think drinking more water is enough for that. If you feel hungry, drink, or if you have some fresh fruits, eat it, or make some fruit shakes.
  8. ion

    Any tips to do while you are diet

    four kg for a week, still nothing for you? really? That's gonna be a big development to your body, and actually I think It's unusual and unnecessary for, well if you're beginner. I think you pushing your self. You need to take a rest for a while, four kg is big development, you should just...
  9. ion

    Exercises and eating healthy

    Yeah, that's right, I just want to include the strong motivation. Your mind should work according to these and not against this two factors. Because it's really hard to enjoy your life if your own mind against to you.
  10. ion

    Are You Doing Yoga Exercises?

    Compare to Yoga, Tai chi doesn't need to stretch your body or muscles, or forcing your body to do the proper position. Tai chi is very simple, just act like you don't have a bones or muscles, and part of the elements like air and water, just follow the flow without forcing your body.
  11. ion

    Can someone give me a quick and easy salad recipe?

    I also want to ask this same question to know the easy recipe for salad and thanks for sharing, I learned a lot.
  12. ion

    Pancake Recipe

    Thanks for this recipe. I really love to eat pancakes every morning, but the problem is I really feel tired and don't want to move or cook every morning. It's alright if I'm going to mix the ingredients at night and cook in the morning?
  13. ion

    Recipe ideas

    Just tuna in can, mayonnaise mixed it together and then onion, lettuce, tomatoes and bread. that's it.
  14. ion

    Exercises and eating healthy

    You're right, thanks to the traffic in our country, at least I have a simple exercise everyday. :) In term of foods, I'm still need more preparation and strong motivation to do that. You're right we really need the healthy eating diet, I'm not getting younger anymore, I really need to start...
  15. ion

    What routines do I need to do?

    That's right. YouTube videos about the proper exercise will help a lot. I used to watch some videos before to make my shoulders looks great and actually it's really helpful.
  16. ion

    Exercises and eating healthy

    Yeah, that's right. Exercise will help a lot to develop our body and stay healthy, but honestly, I don't do any exercise right now aside from long walk going to work, and about foods, I'm not really aware and what should I eat. I eat a lot and not really care if it's healthy or not, maybe I...
  17. ion

    Are You Doing Yoga Exercises?

    I choose the tai chi over yoga. I never try the yoga. I'm much more favor in tai chi and I much more comfortable doing that.
  18. ion

    Favorite Snacks while on a psmf diet?

    fruit shakes, specially the avocado shakes. its very refreshing and actually applicable right now, because it's really hot in our country.
  19. ion

    What routines do I need to do?

    Well, you're superman, I know you can do that. :) Diet is really hard to do, because we are not getting younger anymore. much better to start that at young age.
  20. ion

    Diet Chocolate Cake

    I think my boss will be happy to try this. She loves chocolate but she doesn't want to eat anymore because she said she will gain weights again by eating chocolates. I think this one is applicable for her, thanks for this.