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  1. Teresa

    How often do you do the PSMF Diet?

    down 6 pounds so far and an inch everywhere...I am still struggling to keep my fat and carbs down but working on that. I highly recommend you PRE-ENTER everything you plan to eat/drink into My Fitness Pal or your tracker so you can see how your macros will be and if using something with a label...
  2. Teresa

    How often do you do the PSMF Diet?

    I am cat 3 and doing Monday-Friday (first week) then Saturday I will have a free meal then Sunday will have more of a keto meal (higher fat/moderate protein) then back to PSMF next week. As I have such high body fat I can do this way of eating for an extended period of time.
  3. Teresa

    PSMF Calculator and how often to recalculate macros?

    FWIW, those "47lbs in a month" people are generally the ones with the most to lose. Medium-sized people (and you are definitely medium sized) lose slower, and the smaller you get the slower it goes. When you hit normal weight, it really drags - it justtook me 6 weeks to lose 9 pounds! You're...
  4. Teresa

    PSMF Refeeds - How much do you cheat on them?

    For my refeeds I add tubers such as yuca and sweet potatoes. I eat green plantains, maybe a cup of rice, beans, and try to keep the foods as natural as possible but I did indulge in corn chips last weekend. I still track everything and I’m losing about a pound a week, I’m only 4 pounds away from...
  5. Teresa

    Keeping fats low on Psmf

    See if you can find dry curd cottage cheese. It's pretty much pure protein. Some people find it alarming, as it's quite different from what comes to mind when one thinks "cottage cheese," but it's nice on salads and rolled into egg white omelettes.
  6. Teresa

    Are we allowed to exercise on Psmf?

    I don't exercise and have lost over 50+pounds already.
  7. Teresa

    Protein per sitting with psmf?

    No way I could eat 143g of protein at one sitting. I would definitely spread it out.
  8. Teresa

    Getting enough protein with psmf

    Egg whites, tuna, protein powder. Choose leaner beef if you have to have it.
  9. Teresa

    Psmf long term

    Great article on the long term results of a protein sparing modified fast
  10. Teresa

    Protein powder at costco

    I like premier ones which are low carb and not to expensive and they taste good.
  11. Teresa

    PSMF Recipe Book

    Very helpful! Thank you!
  12. Teresa


    I supplement magnesium and potassium to avoid cramping. If I'm going to be doing something where I'm going to be sweating a lot, I take salt pills that I got from Amazon. You can also put salt in some water (Himalayan, Celtic sea, etc.)
  13. Teresa

    Lean Protein Sources on a psmf diet

    Chicken breasts, carton egg whites (Costco is inexpensive) and tuna or Other white fish usually frozen
  14. Teresa


    Just jump in. It isn't as hard as people think.
  15. Teresa

    Favorite Snacks while on a psmf diet?

    Protein shake made with egg whites blended with ice. Just discovered this miracle today.
  16. Teresa

    Artificial sweetner

    Not Splenda in powdered form. That's mostly sugar. Liquid Splenda (aka sucralose) doesn't generally affect blood sugar.
  17. Teresa

    low fat cottage cheese

    I used to eat the full-fat cc but now I'm reducing dietary fat, I'm concerned the low-fat cc contains sugar from the skimmed milk.
  18. Teresa

    Just finished day 4

    Coffee, turkey bacon, egg white omelet, spinach....maybe hot sauce, cayenne, or salsa to change it up a bit. Bone broth is good if you don't want to make a meal. Egg white "muffins" are good for grab and go.
  19. Teresa


    Are there any fluids other than water than I can drink on this diet?
  20. Teresa

    Question about the book

    I'm confused about how often I'm supposed to do refeeds? How often and how much should I be eating during refeeds?