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    Doing psmf for 9 days and have no appetite

    It's loss of lean body mass, that is the issue.
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    Refeed days with psmf plan

    When you blow it, you likely undo the deficit you previously worked to create, leaving you in a state of energy balance. Progress is dependent on the overall caloric deficit. So if those meals trigger you, as someone suggested incorporate foods that won't lead to binges.
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    Starting psmf with supplements

    I just use "salt lite" or "no salt" which is a salt substitute you can find in the grocery store. It's potassium. 1/4 tsp has nearly 1000mg (1 g) so I just toss 1/4 tsp in my mouth and chase with water each day.
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    Structured Refeeds with the PSMF Diet for Beginners Guide

    Should structured refeeds be starchy carbohydrates with moderate amounts of proteins and relatively low amounts of fats? Should I also increase dietary fat up to 50 grams over a 5 hour period. As a ketogenic man, I am obviously inclined to go with the dietary fat option. Is anyone on the same...
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    Psmf Free Meal question

    It's not a refeed. You make sure you hit your daily protein and have 1 free meal without worrying about the composition. Unless you're hitting up a buffet (which you shouldn't be) you should still be in a deficit.