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    Is taking slimming tea safe?

    Although tea has some detoxifying properties, it's not the only means to lose weight properly. I tried different sorts of slimming tea brands before but I stopped buying them after I've read about certain tea brands that we need to be wary of, especially those coming from unfamiliar sources. For...
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    PSMF Supplements

    All the recommended PSMF supplements here are great. I have tried most of them but this time, I'd like to try fish oil. I think it's good for us since our brain also needs a steady supply of fat. That means that not all fat is bad. Fish oil has all the good kinds of fat that we need to boost...
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    Electrolytes in your diet

    Wow! This article is such an eye-opener for me! I never knew that electrolytes are really crucial to our body. Now that explains some of the symptoms I've been feeling lately (insomnia and muscle cramps). Based on this article, it could be possible that these symptoms are pretty much related to...
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    Benefits of bcaas

    I haven't personally tried BCAA but if the review says it right, it's a great way to help you get bigger muscles, and I like the anti-aging property and its ability to control your hunger as well. To me, these are certainly great features that would make BCAA worth a try.
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    Is bike-riding a good exercise for losing weight?

    Yes, it's definitely a great and fun way to lose weight! It's good that you love it too. Just be consistent with it and make it a part of your daily routine. Before you know it, all those extra pounds would be going, going, gone! Just monitor how you're doing at least once a week and of course...
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    Yes, setting clear expectations is important in doing yoga, and all other activities for that matter. There are many aspects to yoga that concentrate on ideas like physical, mental and spiritual development. It depends on you personally, as to which of these areas you'd like to concentrate on.
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    Fish oil

    Taking fish oil supplements is a whole new thing to me, so I'm still researching on it. Based on what I've read, it's mostly good for the heart. They also say it's good for skin re-hydration too. Some new research say it's good for the brain. And it's also a perfect addition to a balanced PSMF...
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    How to stay motivated to lose weight

    Yeah, that's a really great and practical way to motivate myself to lose weight too! I'd like to work hard to fit back into my old clothes and finally cut the craving to buy new ones. That way I feel more confident that I can do it. That idea is totally awesome BTW!
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    PSMF Vegetable Sources

    These are really great suggestions as they just have the right amount of servings perfect for a balanced protein-sparing diet. Lettuce, tomatoes and mushrooms are my personal favorites. The tomato juice can also be filling, without that much carbs!
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    Artificial sweetner

    I'm not really a fan of artificial sweeteners. Anything artificial can be really tricky. Splenda isn't really "no calorie" at all, since it still contains some carbohydrate bulking agents with some calories in them. But it's still a matter of choice, I guess. Most people would recommend Splenda...
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    Egg Whites

    Drinking uncooked egg whites can cause salmonella and other bacterial infection. No matter how "fresh" the eggs may be, we really can't tell at first glance. So better be safe than sorry.
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    Chicken Loaf

    Wow! Another great unique recipe find here! This is awesome! I'm gonna try this now!
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    Chicken Loaf

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    A healthy, well-researched diet plan that suits your specific needs is the way to go.

    A healthy, well-researched diet plan that suits your specific needs is the way to go.
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    Diet for Newbies

    Yes, diet plays a huge role in losing weight and keeping a healthy lifestyle. I highly suggest going natural. Cut out on foods rich in preservatives and start eating low-calorie vegetables such as leafy greens, boiled potatoes, beans and legumes. These are just a few samples but you can research...