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    PSMF Protein Sources

    There are so many high qualit protein sources. You can buy some at very cheap price and other are quite expensive. Egg protein is a high quality protein (eqq whites to be specific) the yolk is also helpful for other nutrients and it helps to boost our testosterone. My favorite source of protein...
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    Random Tips and Methods

    It's not good to cheat on your workout or diet plan. You must to stick to it. Because you will be the one who will benefit of it.
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    Health benefits of increased protein intake

    Our muscle, hormone and tissue are made of protein. When you workout your goal is to damage your muscle to enable them to grow, and we need protein for it. Taking protein after workout can dramatically boost the recovery of our muscle. Eating increased amount of protein will also help you to...
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    What are your goals?

    Within the eight months on sticking on this diet I lost almost 35kg of my weight. That time mt goal is to lose weight. amd I just achieved it. And my goal now is to build a muscular body. I want to stick to a my diet plan and improve it.
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    How to stay motivated to lose weight

    First thing to remember to keep your self motivated to lose weight is to ask yourself why you started doing this. You don't do this because you just want to impress the people you want but rather you are doing this beacuse you need to be healthy and prove to others that you can be a better...
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    How do I lose weight?

    Losing weight is very hard it took me several months to loose my belly fat. Drinking a lot of water is a must for loosing weight becuae it speed up our metabolism by up to 30%, it can also help you to eat less. Personally I drink 12 or more glasses of water everyday. Tip no.2 is EAT HEALTHY...
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    Favorite Snacks while on a psmf diet?

    I love eating protein bars because it's very tasty and nutritious as well. But when I ran out of protein bars I just take protein shake. I always add banana, peanut butter, and almond nuts to it to make it more delicious and more nutritious. Eggs is also one of my favorite snack because it's...
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    Egg Whites

    It's better to cook them first becuase raw isn't completely absorbed by our body. Also it's very disgusting for me haha. Also it may cause pain in your stomach becuase you may get bacterias from drinking it.
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    Creatine for post workout.

    The best time to take creatine is 30 minutes before workout. Because it helps muscle to produce more enerygy supplementing with creatine can provide additional ATP energy, which improve high intensity excercise performance. But taking creatine right before post workout shake is good. Because it...
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    How do I lose weight?

    When I was 20 years old I weigh 70 kg with height of 5'7. I watched body transformation in youtube from obese to fit guy. Then I decided to start exercising. Everyday I go out and I jog for 30 mins or more. I also do cycling and gym. And it's important to have a diet plan of course. I created a...
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    Is bike-riding a good exercise for losing weight?

    Of course, I am a amateur cyclist. Before I started cycling. My weight is 70 kg with height of 5'7 at the age of 20. Very over weight right? Haha. Then I started to go for cardio excercise such as jogging and cycling then after 4 months with proper diet and rest I lost 18 kg. You can do it too...
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    Recently, I my friend told me about 30 days push up challenge which he had already accomplish. And I see a changes in his body. So I tried it too. I do 200 push up on my first day and I add 20 Pushups per day to increase the intensity. If I sore I will not do it because it may harm my muscle. I...
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    Every monday and saturday me and my dad always do jogging and sprint. It's our hobby and it also help in maintaining a healthy well being as well. Jogging can help in many ways. It will increase your stamina and endurance, so you won't get tired immediately. It helps in losing fat. It helps in...
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    Exercises and eating healthy

    I regularly doing workout and of course having a healthy diet plan is a must. Because what is workout without? It's like you're wasting your time and energy and getting nothing if you're doing that. Every morning I excercise for atleast 30 mins to warm up my body and also my mind. And every 2...