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    weight training

    That's more of a way to get big muscles, if you want to lose weight and be more thin I'd go for the more darcio oriented excersise. I believe that in order for the weight lifting work out to be efective you actually have to eat more so can build more muscle, so that could probably affect your diet.
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    Any tips to do while you are diet

    That's a big weight loss, you should be proud of youself. if you want to improve maybe some excersice, not much heavy lifting, but cardio, that not only helps with your weight but with you heart.
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    Newbie here!

    Hello, welcome, I'm sure you're going to learn a lot in here about thhis diet method and have a more healthy life from now on.
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    How good is lipton yellow label black tea

    Oh, I'm glad it also applies, that's the benefit of being in a place like this, you can learn many a lot about very simple things like tea.
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    the triggers for heatburn can change from to person to person, but generally some of the food included is: Meat, oils, fats & sweets, dairy and grains. Foods and beverages like these contribute to heartburn by lessening the effectiveness of the LES to keep stomach contents in the stomach...
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    How good is lipton yellow label black tea

    Black tea contains flavonoids, a kind of antioxidant that supports weight loss by inhibiting an enzyme called lipase, without this enzyme, fat can't be digested by the body. Since the body can't digeste it, some fat from the food you eat are aliminated from the body instead of being absorbed...
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    how to use apple cider vinegar

    Well, it appears to have several benefits for you, for example reduces inflammation, promotes weight loss, and relieves everything from arthritis to leg cramps, reduces sugar level, fights diabetes and probably one of its more attractive atributes, it can increase satiety, help you eat fewer...
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    Fish oil

    You should take fish oil, several members of my family use it. The oil has several benefits for your body like decreasing the risk of heart disease and stroke while also helping reduce symptoms of depression, hypertension, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), joint pain, arthritis...
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    Ground Meat and Fat Content

    Yes, it has been proved that a simple rinsing process reduced the fat content of cooked ground beef. in like 50% Regarding the draining, I'm not so sure, I don't think I've ever heard about the method being effetive, but I could be wrong.
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    Is taking slimming tea safe?

    There is very little evidence that slimming tea is effective. Usually the weight that you feel is lost is due to losing water. Some teas say the help detox the body, the body does a great job at doing that on its own, so that's unnecesary. The good thing about tea is that containt antioxidant...
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    Favorite Snacks while on a psmf diet?

    Man, my favorite snacks are not appropiate for a diet and that sucks, but i wasn't expecting anything else. I usually go for fruit since it tastes really good and is also very good for you.
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    Do we have to take supplements?

    When you take on a diet is probably that some nutrient you need is gonna be left out since you have to eat specific food that may not contain everything you body need. Tha's what happens to some vegetarians and so, need suplements so the body can have what it need and is not getting from the food.
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    Dry skin

    Drink water several time a day and also lotion, that should help with the dry skin. As I live in a hot country, it happens here a lot so it's a problem we have to deal with a lot. Personally I use lotion in the night and try to drink a lot of water in the day, just not so much in the night so I...
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    Artificial sweetner

    I think the best sweetener is no sweetener, both artificial and natural sugar are addictive and will affect your health and metabolism. However, if the person has some kind of diabetes, artificial sweeteners are better for them. Even natural sweeteners have high calories so that could probably...
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    Exercises and eating healthy

    I jog everyday and around my college since I don't have the time for gym, and that helps me stay skinny, but not tonned and I'm okay with that. Regarding food...well that is more complicaded considering where I live since you eat what you can get, sadly picking is now a privilege in here, but on...