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    Is bike-riding a good exercise for losing weight?

    Of course. It will not just help to lose your weight but also helps in enhancing your endurance. It is a good cardio exercise and will lengthen your breathing capability.
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    Favorite Snacks while on a psmf diet?

    I am also a fan of protein shakes and putting nuts is heaven for me.
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    How do I lose weight?

    Drinking two glasses of water before having a meal is a must when losing weight. It will help the digestive system to work fast which will result in a fast metabolism. Cold water is a no-no because it can freeze what you were eating and will slow down your metabolism. Drinking tea before bedtime...
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    What Breathing Exercises Do You Practice?

    Yeah. I have tried this breathing exercises every time and it never fails me. Whenever I dance, I do this kind of breathing technique to be able to withstand 1 hour of straight dancing.
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    Are You Doing Yoga Exercises?

    I wish that it will have a good effect on me too. I have experience being calm as possible in every situation I'm in and I think it is very helpful.
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    Yes or No to Gym. Unsure.

    Going to the gym requires good eating habits. You will not be able to see results if you only do gym workouts and neglecting eating habits. I believe that most of the time, correct and healthy eating habits will show fast results together with gym workouts. But in your situation, you can try...
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    Best exercise for a breastfeeding mom

    I am a new parent aand my baby is still in his 4 months. I wanted to do some exercises since being a mom requires a lot of energy. I was unable to do exercises since I gave birth because I thought ut could be tiresome. Can someone give me any suggestions on exercises that are not too rigid for...
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    Are You Doing Yoga Exercises?

    I am really interested in Yoga exercises because a lot of people say that it heals your soul. I hope I can be able to try it now but I am still busy doing things. I will look up in the internet about what you mentioned.
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    Do Pilates really work?

    D During our stretchings, we incorporate different ways of stretching and warmups. Some of these were ballet, yoga, and et cetera. I have never done Pilates. But I am willing to try it.
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    Do Pilates really work?

    I have read some articles regarding this workout and they say it is very effective.
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    Do Pilates really work?

    Pilates is commonly used by celebrities. And I am curious on the real results when you do Pilates. Do you have experience doing Pilates? Does it work?
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    Let us all be healthy with PSMF!

    Let us all be healthy with PSMF!
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    Are You Doing Yoga Exercises?

    Yoga is very intimidating for me. But I do stretchings for flexibility in dancing. I wanted to try yoga but I think it would be more fun if I enroll in a yoga class. Unfortunately, there are no yoga classes available here in our town.
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    I have not been in gyms for a long time since I realize that I could do workouts at home and can have the same result. Well, if you are planning to lose weight and want to improve your glutes, I recommend you to watch Victoria Secret 10min workouts on YouTube. It can be vigorous but very effective.
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    What Breathing Exercises Do You Practice?

    As a dancer, I was taught this breathing technique and have been using it since then. Just follow the steps: 1. Simultaneously, inhale and stomach in. 2. Next, exhale and stomach out at the same time. It is not the normal breathing we do daily. But it can help you to avoid being fatigue on a...